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The Process of Ascension

Quite simply put it is the natural process of evolution of your soul, reverting back to its most natural form in the higher dimensions.  Ascending can and does have many meanings.  It is a very tricky thing to explain; especially to a newly awakened human who has never before heard any of this before and has been engrossed in the lower belief systems.  So what we wanted to say is that it simply is the elevation of your beliefs, your overall vibration and frequency.  Right now on a scale of 1-10 many of you are vibrating at about a 2-4.  This can fluctuate but very little in order to remain in the 3rd  and 4th  dimensions.  By consciously choosing to ascend you consciously make the decision to increase your overall vibration.  Now with keeping that intent in mind, you do not need to know how to ascend; because on a subconscious level you are already quite aware how to do so.  But as you focus your intent on increasing your vibration, naturally anything that is not of the higher vibration will come to the surface to finally be cleared and dealt with.  Because as you move into the higher dimensions you no longer have the limitations that you put upon yourselves here. You have a much more expanded sense of awareness and you begin remembering much of what you came to forget.

Right before you ascend, in the days and hours leading up to your ascension you will remember many of the things that you came to forget.  You will think: how could I have forgotten all this.  Many of the questions that you have for us now that are so very hard for the linear human mind to conceive will be revealed to you right before you ascend.  It will not be scary, in fact it will be quite the opposite, it will be quite enjoyable and you will understand much more about the process. Concerns that many of you have when you first learn about the ascension are: will my family go with me, am I going to be all alone, will I have a home, what will come with me and what will stay?  You will be able to answer many of those questions on your own leading up to the time of your own ascension. They will be downloaded and learned along the way in little packets of information that you specifically wanted to know at certain points along your journey.  Finding all of the information out at once would be too mind-blowing and you would not be able to integrate it or even comprehend it.  So it is meant to be given to you in spurts along the way.  But to calm your minds, many of the worries that you have here will not follow you there.  It doesn’t matter which dimension you ascend to, many of your everyday concerns are no longer a concern in the higher dimensions because you are more connected.  Well we would say that you are more aware of how connected you have been the entire time and so worries of lack, of money, of health, of being separate do not exist in the higher dimensions.

You will find yourselves being free of much worry, yes you will all have new things to work on and experience and grow from but it will not be in such a dense, forgetful, harsh environment anymore.  The pendulum will not be able to swing so wide anymore.  The huge range of possible emotions that you can feel here will not be so volatile in the higher dimensions. There is much more peace and the peace of mind of going with the flow will ease your mind.  You will know much more than you do now about creation, and about your own power.

The time is short before many of you begin to ascend into the higher realms.  You think that you are ready to leave now and wonder why you can’t expedite this process.  Be careful what you wish for, the arduous journey back to being a fully conscious being can be filled with many pitfalls along the way.  You are going along this path as fast as you possibly can while still being able to integrate all that is being surfaced for you to clear.  You will ascend in just the right amount of time, not a second sooner or later.

Also we would like to point out that this particular ascension is quite different from any other that has gone on before it.  This is so unique, that those of you who are privileged enough to be an active part of the ascension are incredibly grateful on a soul level for the experience.  You are not only changing your world but you are having an effect on every soul in the universe!  That is how profound this is. Now in regards to why this ascension is so different from any other, there are several reasons.  For one, this is the first time that conscious beings and the planet are ascending at the same time.  This has never happened before.  Also you are not ascending through the death process; you will be taking your human bodies and transforming them biologically to be able to remain in the higher dimensions.  This is very special.  You are also making this biggest vibrational leap there is to make!   Going from the 3rd dimension to the 5th dimension is the largest gap in vibration.  In other words the rate at which you are vibrating to remain in the 3rd dimension is so different and so much slower and denser than that of the 5th.

Those of you who decide to ascend into the higher dimensions will have a choice as to how far into the process you would like to go.  Some will choose to remain in the 4th dimension while others will choose to only stay for a short while before moving again into a higher vibrational frequency.  And still others may choose to go onto the 6th dimension where there is no longer any physical form.  As you go higher in frequency you lose the denseness of physical form until there is no form what so ever, just light and energy.  This is because the vibration is so fast, so high that it cannot be contained by a physical form any longer.  Remember that one is not better than the other.  One choice is not higher than another.  It is just a different experience and those who choose not to participate are no less deserving than those who do decide to ascend.  All souls will eventually ascend but remember they have eternity to do so.

In order to physically ascend a soul must make the decision to increase their frequency.  The way that you do that is by releasing your limiting beliefs, fears, judgments and negativity. Each time that you do, each time that you release a limiting belief you raise your frequency and more limiting beliefs and fears will come to the surface to again bring to your attention what is not in alignment with the higher frequency that you are holding.  Remember that your reality and what you experience is only governed by your own beliefs, good or bad.  You create your reality.

Now the tricky part of all of this is that all of you agreed to forget your true power, your true divine heritage.  You agreed to believe that you are just human, and that this body that you believe yourself to be is all that you are.  You agreed to forget that you are a being of energy, a being of frequency, and a being of light; so that you could have this experience.  So you could feel what its like to feel separate from everyone and everything. In actuality you have never been separate and it is quite impossible to be separate it is just a grand illusion.  You are all one, we are all one.  You are us, and we are you.  That is yet another belief that you agreed to before you came here.  You knew that this life in particular was of the highest importance because this is when you were tasked with remembering what you came to forget!

The process of ascension is remembering all that you are, who you truly are and what you truly are; seeing through the veil of forgetfulness that you all agreed to so that you could all have this very different experience.  For many of you, you have been here many many many times, so that you could experience just about everything; the good and the bad, the light and the dark energies.  These were just roles that you agreed to play so that you could experience everything. You have experienced the lowest of the low and the highest of the high.  This is the dimension of duality, so you can experience the full spectrum.  Now you have all had your time to experience what you came to experience and its time to remember who you really are.  Those who choose not to ascend, simply want to continue to learn in this dimension and they will go and incarnate into a similar reality in the 3rd dimension until they feel they have played long enough.  For those who decide to ascend, they have achieved all that they wanted to, they have had all the experiences they came for and they want to return to the higher dimensions again.

This process of releasing your limiting beliefs is not easy, and you knew that it would be very challenging before you came down here.  But this is what you are all learning, how do you go through the process of forgetting everything and allowing the experience of fear, hate, anger, limits and negativity consume your being and then shed all of those beliefs consciously and remember who you truly are?  This is what you are all teaching us! This has never been done like this before!  This is such a remarkable time to be here!  That is what the ascension is.  None of you are doing this alone although we know it can feel that way at times.  You have a team of guides and angelic beings by your side every step of the way, picking you back up every time you fall, wiping your tears when you feel that path is too unbearable.  We cannot do it for you, but we do everything we can to help you.  Your recognition of us only makes it easier for us to help.  We can never interfere with your free will.  This is our only rule that can never be broken.

Many are afraid of the “end times” which are approaching.  Know that it is only the end of one cycle and the beginning of another.  There never is an end, only a transformation of what was, into what it will be.  Whether a soul decides to ascend or not is entirely up to them and there is no judgment about either decision; as all souls will make the best decision for themselves and their overall soul growth. The ascension is an individual process, not one in which all souls must ascend at once or be left behind, each soul will choose when it is right for them. Be in peace.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides

What do beings create who are not in physical reality?

If every conscious being in all realities create their outer reality from their thoughts, then what do beings create that are not in a physical reality?  This is somewhat tricky for us to explain to you but we will do our best.  Each level of reality or consciousness can be divided in terms of dimensions.  Of course there really is no division actually but for ease of translation sake we will go with that term.  Now each dimension has its own laws if you will.  There own physics, rules, and abilities.  The only way to experience these different dimensions is to simply change your level of consciousness and therefore your frequency at which you vibrate. Higher vibrations can always see lower ones if they choose however lower vibratory rates must increase their vibration to view the higher dimensions. 

Now as we were saying, each dimension has its own rules.  Your dimension and particular reality is one that operates in physicality.  However there are many other realities which do not and therefore have no form as you know it.  They can sense each other by energy waves or patterns but do not perceive each other with the “5 senses” as those do not exist.  Now as for your question regarding:  what do they create if they cannot create in physical form: They create energy.  They create in the same manner as you do in that their thoughts create their reality however their reality just happens to not be physical.  Now we understand that this is quite a challenging concept for you to understand and we sense your questioning mind trying to understand.  But you are trying to understand from your physical perspective for you don’t consciously remember what its like to not have form, to not be encased in a body.  Energy is much more malleable and in that sense those not in physical reality are much more free to create. However you do have the very unique opportunity while being in physicality to consciously create and then see the creation in physical movement.  Those in non physical reality create their reality in energy patterns which are then perceived by their own energy fields.  Energy can take many forms such as sound, waves, vibration and patterns to name a few.

Where do the realities reside that do not partake in physical reality?  Are they amongst us in physical reality but they do not perceive the physicality around them or are they somewhere else entirely? Many realities overlap each other and in a sense are within your reality.  For” where” does not really exist, there is no space in all actuality.  There is nowhere else for them to be except right here.  Your concept of space is an illusion.  It’s not real; it’s just simply one of the rules of this reality that you agreed to perceive. It’s not real.  So to answer your question, all realities are right here.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides.

“What’s Love Got To Do With It”

“What’s love got to do with it”  Today we would like to speak about love, we humorously have chosen the title from a famous song on your planet.  We find this title to be quite appropriate for our discussion today because we want to focus your attention on the misconceptions of love on your planet and the misdirection of where you are trying to find it.  There are many forms of love as you know them, the love you have for your child, the love you have for your spouse, the love you have for your mother and father, the love you have for your friends, the love you have for your animal friends just to name a few.  All of which humans would say that the “love” they have for each one of those relationships are different.  And it’s true that humans do experience a form of love.  However what we want to speak about is true, unconditional all-encompassing love;  for many have forgotten what it’s like to feel that kind of love, the love that is so abundantly available in the higher realms.  You were showered with unconditional love continuously when you were in the higher dimensions.  You are still being showered with that love however it’s much harder for you to feel it in the denser realities.  It is what all of you are continuously yearning for.

Millions upon millions of souls are searching for something to bring them that feeling of unconditional love that was so very abundantly felt in the higher realms.  Some try to attain that feeling by purchasing an endless amount of material possessions; only to find that they still feel empty in spite of the massive amount of “things” they have amassed.  Others search for that love in other people; trying to find the “perfect” person who will complete them and bring them that feeling of unconditional love.  Still others are continuously searching for the next big thrill, something that will bring them that feeling of elation that they so badly want to recapture.  Part of the experience of coming to 3d &4d Earth was that you would slip behind the veil of forgetfulness and you would not remember much of who you truly are, or what you truly are capable of. However one thing that you have not been able to forget was the blissful feeling of the unconditional love that we are speaking of.  It’s what drives you all.  Everyone is searching and yearning for the same thing, they are just searching for it in different ways.  You have continued on your never-ending search in the lower dimensions trying to fill that void in some way or another.

Now we do not mean to dishearten you by pointing out what you have been searching for without giving you the map to finding the treasure that you seek.  We wanted to begin by pointing out that what often times humans think of is love, really isn’t love at all.  True love is unconditional, it knows no boundaries.  Love is pure elation and bliss. Many search for their “soul mate” the one who will bring them true happiness and complete their being.  Nothing can complete you or bring you happiness, true joy comes from within, it is who you are, it’s not something that you need to acquire; you already have it because it’s what you are made of.  The divorce rates in your world are so very high because humans have placed unrealistic expectations on the other person.  After the newness of the relationship wears off, they are simply left to deal with the feeling of an empty void because they are looking for it in another person when really it has been inside them the whole time.

We wanted to speak about the topic of love to direct your focus back to “within” yourselves.  In a world that is consumed with consuming, it’s time to find the inner peace that you are really craving.  We all want the same thing, we want love.   It cannot be found in another person, in an object that you desire, in food that you consume.  Yes all of those things certainly can add a tremendous amount of joy into your lives, but only if you have found the joy and peace with in yourselves first.  These things cannot bring you the joy if you don’t already have it.  Winning the lottery can bring you riches but what good will they be if you are still miserable.  But many on your world say “but if I had that money then I would be happy, the lack of money is what is bringing me misery” And to that we would say your misery is bringing you lack.  You must first find the love with in yourselves before you can truly be able to achieve the happiness and peace that you are yearning for.  It can never be attained from something outside yourself; only from within.

We hope that our message about love today was helpful and in some way has brought you some clarity.  In love and light, we are your angelic guides.

“The universe never brings you what you want, it brings you what you expect”

“We are your angelic guides and would be happy to shed some light on the topic of manifestation.  Many of you are familiar with the “law of attraction” by now, and we are so very happy to see that you are now also aware that you are the creators of your reality.  Many get confused when it comes to how to manifest their reality to their desired circumstances and experiences, and this is what we would like to touch upon today.

The first human reaction to learning that they are the creators of their reality is really a mixed bag of emotions that range anywhere from elation, hope freedom, to blame, and confusion.  You look at many situations that have been less than positive and think “I didn’t create a circumstance which caused me to lose my job or why would I create lack, or stress or pain?”  And this we can tell you is certainly not by your conscious choosing however it is a choice that you have made subconsciously to hold onto to beliefs which attracted those circumstances.  If you do not believe that you created those circumstances, then you also must believe that you do not have the ability to re-create a different, more positive circumstance.  By taking responsibility for all of your creations and life experiences, you become empowered to change your life experiences for the better.

These experiences which you would call negative, are not there to punish you, not by any means.  These experiences are here for you to be able to see what beliefs you are subconsciously holding onto.  Your inner reality is always reflected in your outer reality.  If you don’t like something about your reality then you are free to change it.  What beliefs are responsible for creating your experience?  Do you want to keep the belief or would you like to release it and replace it with a new belief.  You see, by creating a void from removing one belief, a new one must be ready for you to replace it with.  There cannot  be, no belief at all.  So what would you like to replace it with?

Some of you find it hard to replace a negative belief because it is so ingrained in your belief system. Many of you now have taken on the role of paving the way for the many others that will thankfully follow in your footsteps.  You have agreed to transform the dense beliefs of lack, greed, war, violence and various other lower density beliefs so that you could transmute them, not just for yourselves but for others.  Many of you have come into this life with beliefs which are deeply rooted in your ancestral lines.  You are performing a great service for members of your family by removing these beliefs and replacing them with lighter more loving beliefs.

Humans have a tendency to be a bit impatient when it comes to manifesting, especially now that you are living in a world that has the ability to bring you knowledge in an instant.  But in the slower vibratory rates of the 3rd and 4th dimensions, your manifestations take a bit longer to come into physical form.  Now for many of you that is a blessing, it is a great way to practice managing your thoughts.  Imagine if you were able to manifest all of your thoughts instantaneously.  It could be quite disastrous.  However as time is speeding up or the illusion of time shall we say is speeding up, you are noticing that your thoughts are manifesting with greater ease and a quicker response.  You are shifting and growing and because of that you are able to hold higher and higher light quotients within your vessels.  This has been accomplished with a lot of hard work on your behalf and you should all be commended for your dedication.

Now where the confusion lies in regards to manifestation is when you are truly wanting and hoping for something and making it your primary focus you were under the impression that, that is all it takes for the experience to manifest into physical reality, it’s not as simple as “positive thinking”.  Now certainly your emotion behind your hopes do play a pivotal part in the physical manifestation of it coming into fruition, however if you do not truly expect and believe that it is possible, then it will never manifest.  Let us explain by giving an example, if you are truly wanting to move to a beautiful new home, and you are making it you primary focus and you are thinking positively about how you will feel when you move into this home but never really taking action that would be indicative of someone who expects to move, then what you are really saying is that “I would love to live in this new beautiful home that I hope to move into when the circumstances are right, because it would really make me feel great”  That is just like looking into a mirror and expecting it to show you a thinner version of yourself because you really want to lose weight.  You have to take the action that would allow the experience to manifest. The universe is a blank canvas and you are its painter, only you can decide what it is that you want to paint.

Now if that same person who truly wanted to move into the new beautiful home began taking steps in their life, like hiring a realtor, looking for homes, finding a mover, packing their belongings, in addition to really feeling the emotions of what it will be like when they move into the home; this is what really allows the universe to bring to you what it is that you want.  Because your actions are aligning with your desires; your actions will always speak louder than your words.  Do you see the difference?  It doesn’t have to be a large step, but begin to take action towards the goals that you want to achieve, by taking one small step you allow the next step to appear.  Being committed to the outcome and truly knowing that it will manifest because you are the creator of your reality; that is how you begin to manifest in physical form.  The “how” is what many of you get hung up on, the mind wants to know how it will manifest the experience before it begins to take action.  However that’s not how it works, the “how” is not of importance, only the end desired result matters.  Let the universe do the figuring out of “how” it will manifest.  By determining how you think it should manifest, you cut yourself off to the infinite other ways that it could come into your life, many of which may be easier and far less time-consuming.  Allow the easiest and most beneficial path to manifest for you to achieve your desired result.

Happy manifesting, in love and light your angelic guides.”