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“Follow your joy by using your unique gifts and abilities; a year from now you may wish you started today “

Today we would like to direct your attention to a wonderful quote on your world made by Albert Einstein that says: “Everyone is a genius, but if you judge a fish on how well it can climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid”  We think that this quote is a great way to introduce the topic we would like to direct your attention to today: your unique talents.

Each and every one of you has a specific skill set that is uniquely designed to help you achieve your goals.  Each and every one of you are a very valuable piece of the puzzle.  No one can fill your “shoes”, you are the only one who can accomplish the tasks that you have set out to achieve.  Your role in this “play” is irreplaceable.  Many of you look to others and desire to have the same skill sets or the same abilities as another; not realizing that your own skill set is as equally important.  Another person’s skills will not help you to accomplish what you came here to do.  You came here with everything that you would need to accomplish your goals; so just be yourself, everyone else is taken.

Many of you are beginning to notice that you are acquiring new abilities and new talents.  We ask that you embrace them and nurture your new talents; for these are appearing at just the right “time”, exactly when you are ready to cultivate them.  Some of you are now noticing that you can begin hearing the guidance of the higher realms, some of you are noticing that you can now feel another’s energy, some are now able to “see” into the higher realms if only just for a fleeting moment.  Know that the more you accept these talents and these gifts, the more they will develop.  Each path is unique, your gifts and abilities will unfold in just the right “time”.

No two paths are the same, and so therefore no two skill sets are the same.  You came here for a very specific purpose, to shine your light as brightly as you could. You are all drawn to where your light is needed most at any given time.  Everyone has their own unique piece that fits into the puzzle here in this grand experience.  No two pieces are the same.  No one else can shine your light better than you can.  Each of you are so very important.  So by comparing yourself to others, you are doing yourself a great injustice.  You cannot compare how fast a cheetah runs to how strong an elephant is.  Both are designed for two very different things; however both of their skill sets are of great value to them.

There are many who wonder, what am I supposed to be doing?  How should I know what my skill set is for?  By following what brings you the most joy.  We have said this many times before, it really is just that simple.  That’s how you find what you are supposed to do.  Some love to paint, while others love to write, while others love to heal.  None of these skills are better than another.  All of these services are needed and they bring joy to many others because you are choosing to follow your joy.

Some are finding it hard to follow their joy because it will lead them down a path that they have learned to never walk.  There are some who feel pressured by “outside” influences to “be” a certain person, or to “do” a certain profession, or to behave a certain way; anything outside of this expectation would be considered a “waste of time”.  For instance there are many who love to cook, or sing or garden but they have grown up in a world that has taught them to stifle their dreams to ensure “stability” in their lives.  But from our perspective there is no greater stability that can be ascertained than by following what one is passionate about.  One who tries to follow another person’s dreams will never be able to achieve their own.

There is a fear amongst some that if they follow what they truly love to do, that they will have no way of “making a living” or “providing for their family”; we are certainly not suggesting that you walk away from your commitments however know that the best way to receive abundance is by doing what brings you the most joy.  Do you really think that you would incarnate here with a true passion and desire for something and not also be equipped with the tools to achieve it?  Doing something that you dislike, which does not feed your soul simply for the “need to survive” will never allow you to really blossom.  You will never truly experience the pure elation that your soul feels when following your dreams if you continue to suppress what you are passionate about.  Your unique gifts and abilities are directly connected to what will allow you to live your dreams.  There is no greater feeling of bliss that can be experienced by a soul who has allowed themselves to exist in the synchronicity of the divine flow.  A full leap is not necessarily required; why not try taking just one step?  Many often say that they will “one day” do the things they love when they have more time; but a year from now you may wish that you started today.

We hope that this message has in some way inspired you to follow your joy and live the life of your dreams.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides.

“Know that the cosmos is as diverse and intricate as each one of the souls who choose to incarnate in them”

Today we would like to focus your attention on the diversity that exists amongst this vast multiverse.  We have been asked to expand upon worlds that are unlike your own.  Of course there are an infinite number of worlds which exist.  Some are similar to your own however many more are far different from the one you exist in. We will touch upon worlds that do not have “free will” in the same sense that you do, worlds that do not exist in physicality, the 5th dimension, worlds that do not exist in duality but rather triality, and still other worlds that exist within worlds.

Let us begin with “non-free will zones”.  These worlds are a bit different from yours.  When you incarnate into a world which allows for free will there is much more room for creativity once you are incarnate.  In the world in which you live, you decide upon certain lessons which you would like to focus on; these may include but are not limited to lack, separation, judgment, acceptance, self-love, trust, and health just to name a few.  You also plan out who the “main characters” will be in your life.  Often times you chose souls who you have grown accustomed to; you have had many lives together and you continue to incarnate together, each time playing different roles in order to gain the most from the experience.  You form a “blue print” or an “outline”  for what kinds of experiences you would like to have;  large lessons that you would like to explore, however there is a lot of improvising that goes on in a “free will” incarnation.  You have the ability to amend your soul contract at anytime.  If you chose to no longer focus your attention on a particular issue or lesson you have the ability to choose another experience. You always have the ability to make a new choice once you are incarnated into a “free will” world.

There are worlds however that do not operate under the same “rules”.  This of course is by choice and that alone allows for free will.  The difference lies in the actual flexibility of the incarnation.  When the soul “maps out” what they would like to experience and who they would like to experience it with there is no deviation in these “non-free will” incarnations.  These lives are in a sense “scripted” by you.  Of course you still have the free will to choose what you would like to experience before you incarnate  and in fact the planning is much more in-depth because there is no flexibility when you incarnate into these worlds.   However once the soul is incarnated it is very much like a role in a movie.  You are both the director and the actor, yet you do not get to improvise along the way as the actor.  Your “script” is what you will experience.  We will agree that it is quite impossible not to have free will, however in these incarnations the free will of the soul is only available when they are choosing what to experience, once they have made their decision then that is how the life will play out, to a “T”.

Another world that we would like to touch upon is Triality.  You are all familiar with duality in which there are polar opposites.  You experience two extremes to every experience.  You are free to experience your reality from any perspective that you choose.  The range of emotions which are available in duality are far greater than those in other realms.  This allows for a tremendous amount of growth for the soul and allows for much more creativity in each incarnation.  However there are worlds which are not limited to just 2 extremes, there are worlds where each soul has the ability to experience triality.  It becomes a bit difficult for us to explain triality with the words that are available to us, our messenger does not have the physics background required to fully explain a world in triality; but in its most basic form it is an experience that allows for one more point to be introduced into the experience.

Within duality there are two polar opposites to be experienced.  Your world is also based on “time and space”.  In triality there is one more element that is introduced; which is “depth” for lack of a better word; but not in the manner that you experience it here in your world of duality.   Your world is based on linear time and space, point A to point B, always moving “forward”; two points which if connected create a circle. Your universe is based on the geometric shape of the sacred circle.  You find the sacred circle all over your universe, your planets, your stars, back holes just to name a few.  The next step in creation is moving from 2 points on the circumference of a circle to 3 points which then create a triangle. When the points are in symmetry with each other, they create the equilateral triangle.  A being whose world exists in triality is based on the geometric shape of the triangle.  The 3 dimensional version of the triangle is the tetrahedron, a solid object contained within a sphere, which express the trinity. It has no diagonals; it has no shortcuts between its defining points. Although it appears to be a 3 dimensional object, it is really multi-dimensional, and represents consciousness on higher planes of reality wherein all manifestations are aware of their existence within the trinity.

We understand that the explanation of this world may seem a bit confusing; however triality can be summed up to be a world in which all beings who incarnate there are aware of the trinity that is expressed through the mind, body and spirit as all are consciously aware of their connection.  They do not experience the veil of forgetfulness as you do here in duality.  Their experiences are based on how to consciously balance all three aspects of their true self in physicality.   In a sense it is what you are all moving towards.

There are also worlds that do not exist in a physical reality.  These incarnations are in the higher dimensions.  The faster that you vibrate the more difficult it is to hold a physical form.  The 6th dimension and beyond no
longer hold what you would call a physical form.  The vibration is far too fast to be contained within a dense physical structure.  We understand that it is hard for those of you existing in a physical world to remember what it was like in the higher dimensions which are void of physical form; however just because these dimensions do not contain physical form does not in any way mean that they are void of everything. They are not just black holes which contain an endless amount of “nothing”.  We simply create in other ways.  Physical form is just one of the infinite ways to express creation.  You cannot “see” sound and yet it exists within your world and many of you find a lot of enjoyment from it.  There are also many spectrums of light which are not “visible” in physical form and yet they are there impacting your world.  You cannot “see” the speed at which someone is vibrating and yet it has a large impact on your energy in your world.

Although you appear to live within a physical world, there are many “things” which you do not perceive with your physical eyes; however they have a large impact on your physical existence.  These non-physical worlds have a plethora of experiences; we have only scratched the surface in our brief examples of what is possible in the non-physical.  Some of our creations are based on geometric shapes, numbers, energy, sound, vibration all of which are just as “real” as your physical reality.  We would say, from our perspective, these worlds are far“more real” than the illusion of physical reality.  The one who perceives the experience is the one who determines what is “real” and what is “not real”.

There are also worlds which exist within worlds.  A perfect example of this is Inner earth, which is also known as Agartha.  This is in a sense a world, with in a world.  Agartha exists within your planet Earth and resonates with the 5th dimension.  There are several “entrances” to Agartha from the surface of your planet however the rate at which you are vibrating will determine whether you will perceive this world or not.  It is physical, it does exist in the center of your planet, and there are inhabitants who live in this world.  This world has a central sun, the sun is not a star like your own sun, however it does give off light and energy to its inhabitants.  There are streams, rivers, grass and a sky.  Those who exist in Agartha grow their own food and they only use renewable resources which can be found within your planet.  There are those who are similar in appearance to you, as well as animals which co-exist peacefully in this inner world.

Earth is not the only world which has inhabitants which live in the inside of the planet, in fact most planets in your universe house a population of souls in the inner realms.  Some of you will be shocked to learn that many of your planets in your solar system house souls with in their center.  Your scientists are so caught up in trying to find life on other planets that mimic your exact living conditions, never realizing that this is only one possible environment for life.  There are many other possible environments that allow for life, both physical and non-physical.  However there will come a time when your scientist will “catch up”.

Now we will touch upon what life is like in the higher dimensions of existence.  Life in the higher dimensions is quite different from your own.  We have already touched upon what the dimensions above the 6th dimension are like when we spoke about the non-physical worlds.  Many often wonder what the 5th dimension is like.  Questions that are often asked are do people still work?  Do you still have a family? Do you still have children?  Do you still live in homes?  Do you still need to eat?  Do you still have a body?  We would like to touch upon what our perspective is of the 5th dimension.  The first difference that you will experience in the 5th dimension is instantaneous manifestation. Your thoughts no longer have a delay.  Your focus will manifest instantly.  The reason for this is exclusively the rate at which your thoughts are vibrating; the faster the vibration, the less “time” that is experienced.  Within each dimension there is a frequency range; for simplicity sake we will use the example of a scale from 1-10.  Not all who exist in the same dimension together are vibrating at the same exact frequency; one can be at the very low-end of the frequency required to experience that dimension and another could be at the very high-end.  This explains why many of you are able to still view others around you and notice that their vibration may seem far denser than your own and yet you are both existing in the same reality.

With that being said the lower belief systems must already be released in order to enter into the 5th dimension.  Many of you now exist within the 4th dimension.  The 4th dimension is what is known as a transitory dimension in that you have the ability to play by the “rules” of the 3rd dimension or to play by the “rules” of the 5th dimension.  When existing in the 4th dimension, time is more flexible than it is in the 3rd dimension; or shall we say the illusion of time is much more flexible.

Along with instantaneous manifestation in the 5th dimension, there are other differences in experience as well.  A more notable experience is the overwhelming experience of peace, tranquility and love.  Many of you are beginning to tap into these blissful states even if it is only for a few moments.  As you elevate in frequency you will experience longer periods of bliss.

Many wonder if they will still need to “work” in the 5th dimension.  We would say that yes, you do still have “jobs” however everyone is doing a “job” that they love to do.  There are those who love to sing, dance, garden, paint, cook, build, collect, teach and so on.  No one is forced to do a job that they dislike simply for survival.  Everyone contributes to the higher good of the collective; everyone is free to share the gifts they find most enjoyable to give.  The need for money no longer exists because manifestation is instantaneous.  All of your needs are met and there is no longer a drive to “consume” just to showcase your possessions to others.

Certainly 5th dimensional beings do still procreate, they still have family units and they still enjoy friends.  We will say that you will have even more friends in the 5th dimension because no one is seen as an “enemy”.  5th dimensional beings have the ability to communicate telepathically and therefore there really never are “strangers”, just simply friends that you haven’t met yet.

5th dimensional beings do still live in homes; they look a bit different from yours.  They are built for sustainability, and are more environmentally friendly.  Remember there is no longer the need to have excess just for show, so everyone is happy to have exactly what they need.  Much less time is spent on maintaining your basic needs for survival, and there is much more time left for you to explore the experiences that bring you the most joy.

We have only touched upon a fraction of the diverse worlds that exist within this vast multiverse.  Know that the cosmos is as diverse and intricate as each one of the souls who chose to incarnate in them.  We hope that you have found this message to be enjoyable and that we have in some way served you today.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides.

“The Cascading Ladder to Ascension”

Today we would like to focus your attention on what we would like to call “the cascading ladder to ascension”.  Many of you are “forerunners” on the path to ascension; in that you have chosen to go first into unknown territory to lead the way “back home” for those who are not as sure of the way to enlightenment.  You are the ones carrying the torch for those who will soon walk a similar path.  For those of you wondering if you too are a “forerunner”, know that you would not be drawn to this message if you were not.

For those of you who are leading the way, you may sometimes feel as though you are left to forge this path on your own; that because you are the ones who have volunteered to lead, that you do not have anyone who is there to lend you a helping hand.  To this we would say, yes, you have chosen to descend into the lower dimensions for your own soul growth but you didn’t “leave home” without a “ladder” to climb back up.  With each step that you take, you are climbing the ladder which leads you back to the higher dimensions from which you came.  Know that for each one of you who have volunteered to lead the way back home, there are legions of other divine beings who volunteered to remain in the higher dimensions to help you achieve your goals.  You each have an infinite number of divine beings eagerly awaiting the chance to take your hand and help you every step of the way.

Yes, the path that you have chosen is not always easy, but know that you are always accompanied by many guides and angelic beings along your journey.  Just as you jumped at the chance to help light the way for those searching for the way back home, we too were thrilled to take on the task of helping you to do so.  We in the Angelic Realm are so very eager to help you on your path if you will but ask.  Remember that we can never interfere with your free will; and therefore we are not able to offer our assistance if you do not ask.  The path you walk may sometimes feel dark, but we are never far away shining our light as brightly as we can for all to see, however only those who are willing to look will see the light.

Each of you are standing on a proverbial ladder, and we are standing by ready for each of you to begin to climb.  As each of you awaken to your true self you begin your quest for answers to your many questions that flood your mind.   The answers can always be found within.  However, as you now have most likely experienced, as you elevate in frequency and vibration from releasing limiting beliefs which no longer serve you, you are then met with more beliefs which no longer resonate with your higher vibration.  Each rung that you climb gets you a little bit closer to the higher dimensions from which you came.  But with each rung that you climb you then reach out your hand to lift those who are behind you by sharing your light and spreading your joy.  Just as you continue to reach out to those who are coming up from behind to help them up the ladder of ascension, we too are reaching our hands out to you to pull you one step closer.  And such is the beauty of the cascading ladder to ascension; a ladder in which as one reaches up to the next level, you pull all others behind you up with each step you take.  By following your heart and searching for the answers to your many questions, you set an example for those who are “following” in your footsteps.  You don’t have to say anything to others, your message is clearest when you lead by example.

Know that, just because you are choosing to have an experience in the lower dimensions, does not in any way mean that you are not helping those of us in the higher dimensions to elevate our own consciousness.  We are all one, and as one grows, we all grow.  You are all teaching us so very much.  About what you may wonder. You are teaching us how to descend into the lower belief systems and be so fully immersed in them that you forget who you are, you forget that you are a divine being a light and of frequency; and that you are the creator of your reality.  The circumstances around you are not the cause of your thoughts, but rather your thoughts are the cause of your circumstances; then you to begin to remember and release each limiting belief one at a time.  Those of us who have never incarnated into the lower dimensions have never had the privilege of such a challenging experience.  And this is why we say, you are teaching us, as we are guiding you.

There is no end to this “ladder” as you will always continue to grow and elevate in consciousness.  There truly never is an end destination, only “pit stops” along the way.  But your soul is always yearning for more experiences that will allow it to continue to grow, and such is the beauty of this experience.  For just as we in the higher dimensions are helping to guide you up the ladder, there are still others that are helping us to elevate in consciousness as well.

Many feel exhausted by this journey, and are disappointed to hear that their journey will continue on, however know that your experiences in the higher dimensions will soften.  Only in the lower dimensions do you experience the belief in separation, lack, fear, anger, judgment and various other dense beliefs.  As one journey ends, another begins.  Those illusions will not follow you into the higher dimensions.  You will be free to experience peace, joy and unconditional love in abundance.  The learning experiences in the higher dimensions are quite different. Your journey will not be this arduous for much longer, we hope that this brings you solace.

Many wonder when they will be able to meet us, when they will be able to see us, or when they will be able to hear us.  To this we say it is entirely up to you; for we are not coming down to you, it is you who are coming up to greet us!  We are always here, waiting for you to look up and when you do, you will find many loving arms out-stretched to lend you a helping hand on “the cascading ladder to ascension”.

We hope that this message has in some way served you.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides.


“The progress of humanities evolution can be measured by how you treat the animal kingdom”

Today we would like to speak about the animal kingdom and the integral part that they play in your ascension process.  To many of you, your animals are part of your family; they sleep in your bed, they live in your homes and you think of them as being a member of your family.  We would like to focus your attention on just how much humanities views have changed over the years and why we view this as being important.  It shows a huge shift in consciousness; humans are beginning to acknowledge at the animal kingdom as being the sentient beings that they really are.

The animal kingdom is ascending; their consciousness is elevating along with yours.  They also are playing a key role in helping all of you to grow and shift your own consciousness.  Animals are conscious beings, they feel emotion and if you listen they will communicate with you.  Many assumed that because animal’s act on instincts that they do not think, that they cannot feel any emotion.   But this logic is quickly becoming outdated and no longer resonates with the elevated consciousness on your planet.  After all humans act instinctually as well and you certainly have the capacity to think and feel emotion, correct?  These old beliefs are being replaced with energy of the new world.  One in which each life is valued and seen for the divinity it holds within.  Humans, for countless years assumed because they were at the top of the food chain that they were then given the right to do what they wanted with all other creatures that inhabit this beautiful Earth.  But you are all learning that you will not have this beautiful Earth for long if you continue to treat it with such disrespect.  It shows a tremendous amount of growth and expansion of the human consciousness to see all life as one; to see all life as an integral part of the whole.  As you begin to love yourselves, you are able to truly love others.

Much has changed in how humans treat and think about animals.  100 years ago, animals were considered nothing more than possessions; the property of humans.  No thought was ever given as to how the animals felt.  Nothing was done to prevent the suffering of animals.  The owners considered their animals as possessions of wealth and relied on them for their livelihood.

Years ago humans may have allowed their pets to come inside but primarily they slept outside and ate the scraps from the dinner table or were left to fend for themselves. Then you began viewing domesticated cats and dogs differently because they provided companionship and unconditional love.   Presently, many certainly live in your homes, they sleep in your bed, they often times are treated better than you treat yourselves.  We see this as being a wonderful gauge in how humanity is growing and evolving.  But we are not just seeing this change amongst your “domesticated” animals but with wild life as well.

You have set up countless foundations and networks to help the animals who are in need of your care; you have created a tremendous amount of awareness for both the wild animals and the domesticated animals as well.  You have set aside large amounts of land to protect the animals and their wild habitat.  And this is a reflection of the massive change in thinking around your world in regards to how you view the animal kingdom.

Yes, we would agree that animals on your world are still being mistreated; they are being abused, and poached due to the incessant greed of others.  However we do see a considerable amount of change.  You are noticing how “out of alignment” these acts are to your elevated consciousness.  These animals that have willingly agreed on a soul level to experience such tragedies are allowing humans to see what needs to change.  As these beings experience such pain, it allows you to realize what you no longer want on your world.  These experiences will not be able to follow you into the higher realms.  Cruelty to any being cannot with stand the higher vibrations, it cannot exist in the presence of love.

These past 100 years on your planet have seen some of the biggest changes amongst humanity in your history.  Your technology has helped to bring you closer and allowed for immediate connections between humans all over your globe.  But the biggest area of growth that we have observed is the amount of light your world now holds within its many members.  This is true for both humans and the animals that inhabit your world.  You all are able to hold much more light, “in light” of your profound willingness to change the “status quo”.  Many old souls have willingly accepted the call to help this planet and its population to ascend back into the higher realms, but we are not just speaking about people.  We are also referring to the animals as well; do you really think that humans are the only being’s that are old souls?  Many on your world are still under the assumption that animals do not have a soul.  To this we smile, because it is quite impossible for any consciousness not to have a soul.  A soul is not something that you can have or not have.  That would be like saying “I don’t have a human”.  You can’t not have a human, it’s what you are, not something you need to obtain.  Does this make sense?  All consciousness “has” a soul, or rather we should say, is a soul.

Animals in many ways have remained more connected to their divinity than humans have, in that they haven’t ever disconnected from source.  You never see animals kill for sport, or just for the fun of it. They kill for survival.  You never see animals display greed.  Have you ever seen a polar bear kill 25 whales at one time “just in case”?  No, they take what they can use at any one time because they know there will be more when they need it.  They take what they need and leave the rest for others.

As you have begun to change your mind-set about animals and what role they play on this planet, their role is changing.   As you are helping them, they are helping you to elevate your own consciousness and ascend into a higher vibrational realm.  You are as valuable to them, as they are to all of you.  They have come to play a key role in your ascension process. They ground much-needed light into your earth as these times of change heat up.  If you allow them into your hearts, they will expand them much further than you can imagine.  Many of you have experienced firsthand the peace that an animal’s presence can bring.  Look into a cat’s eyes as they nap in the sun, they do not worry about the future, nor are they concerned about the past.  Animals have an uncanny ability to live in the now moment; just as you as lightworkers are leading by setting examples for others, animals are also showing humans the true beauty of being in the divine flow of the now moment.

We would also like to point out that your pets are direct reflections of you.  They reflect their human’s.  Oftentimes you can look at someone’s cat or their dog and see similarities in behavior and personality.  This is not by chance, rather they are acting as a mirror for you.  When you see a dog that is spastic, often times the owner has a lot of pent-up energy that they are not properly allowing to flow through them.  When you see a pet that is stand offish or has anxiety about being around others, this again is a reflection of their human.  This is a service that your domesticated animals are performing for you.  It allows you to see your beliefs and energy in action.  We guarantee that as you change, your pets will change as well.

Many of your domestic pets have agreed to take on the stresses and worries of many of their humans.  They do this as a service to help clear the energy and lighten your load, just as you as lightworkers have agreed to transmute the denser energies of the planet for those who will come along this path after you.  Many of you are shocked and horrified when you see the mistreatment of animals that are kept in inhumane conditions and are treated unfairly.  These animals are also performing a great service by allowing the human heart center to grow in compassion for others and are therefore touched and ultimately changed by the injustice of their fellow sentient beings.

Just as all of you have come in with soul contracts and “blueprints” which helped to map out some of the experiences you wanted to have, animals also have soul contracts.  They have “agendas” of what they too would like to experience and contribute to the whole of this reality.  You began this journey as equals and you will ascend together as equal sentient beings.

We hope that this message has served you in some way.

In love and light, we are you Angelic Guides.

““Karma is not meant to be a punishment, but rather the balancing of experiences for the soul”

Today we would like to focus your attention on the purpose of Karma.  There are many on your world who misunderstand what Karma truly is.  There are those who look to another whom they see as committing an act which “deserves” punishment and say that the person will have to pay the “price”; karma will get them in the end.  While we see this as being true in one sense, we also would like to explain from our perspective what the role of karma is in your reality.

You are living in duality; the nature of your reality is one in which there are opposites; black and white, hot and cold, good and bad depending on the perspective of the observer.  There are other universes that do not operate under the same preconceived conceptions.  In other words there are worlds which offer the experience of triality, there are others that offer the experience of no free will; which only allows the soul to choose its experiences before the incarnation, once incarnated there is no deviation from the set of experiences the soul wishes to have.  There are other worlds which do not operate in physical reality, and still others that would seem so foreign to you that we simply do not have the words available to explain them to you.

Now in your world you have all agreed to experience duality, which requires there to be two sides which are polar opposites of each other to any given situation.  From our perspective karma is not a punishment to be dished out to those who have committed offenses, which then deserve to have “bad” things happen to them because of what they have done. No, we see it rather as a desire for the soul to balance out all experiences.  For instance if a soul has lived a particularly “dark” life, then it may choose to have an experience of the exact opposite to better understand and learn from both sides.  You have all had many lives in which you wanted to experience lack in many ways, and you then chose to experience abundance in other lives.  In one life a soul may have chosen to experience health but chose to take it for granted, while in another life the soul wanted to experience illness so that it could better understand the value of health.  In one life a soul may have chosen to be homeless and experience extreme poverty where they had great detest for the wealthy, and yet in another life they chose to experience extreme wealth in which they looked down on the poor.  The soul wanted to experience both sides.  Remember that there is no inherent value placed on any act that deems something as good or bad, it is simply your perspective that label’s it so.

There are those of you who may in some way be disappointed that those who have done “harm” to others will not in some way be harmed in return.  But this is not necessarily true, we are not saying that they will not experience some sort of suffering for their actions, what we are saying is that the reason why they will experience suffering is to balance out their soul’s experience not as a form of punishment.  Many have been taught that if they commit “sins” against God or against another their punishment is to go to hell; however we see hell as being no more of a place than heaven is.  It is all a state of mind.  There are some on your world who are experiencing “hell” in their waking lives right now.  This is of their choosing of course and they can leave anytime they want.  Heaven is only a thought away.

Remember that it is impossible to do something to another without it affecting you directly; good or bad.  It makes no difference, again, the universe is neutral and does not decide what is good and what is bad, it only brings back to you what you send out.

Many of you in this life have a “laundry list” of things you wanted to work on, karma you wanted to balance, beliefs you wanted to replace; and the reason for this is because this particular cycle of incarnation is ending.  You have been here so many times before, you have worked on so many different issues along the way, but never have you set such high goals before for just one lifetime.

Some of you wonder why this life seems to be so challenging; “if you are an old soul, then why is it that you haven’t mastered more of these challenges that you are facing by now?”  The reason for this is not because you have not mastered these challenges but because you are now a master and you can face these challenges with greater ease.  You have volunteered to serve others by showing them how it’s done!  By overcoming these obstacles that you have put on your path you can show others how to remove these limiting beliefs; however if you came in here with nothing left to work on you would not be able to set an example for others to follow.  Never before have you had a life so “jam packed” with obstacles to remove from you path.  It’s not because you haven’t done enough, it’s because you are the ones who can handle walking the more difficult paths!

We thank you for your courage and the tremendous service you are providing for others who desire to change as a result of the examples you have set.

We hope that this message has in some way served you.

In love and light we are your Angelic Guides.


“You would not be able to experience the light if you did not have someone willing to play the role of the dark”

Today we would like to focus your attention on the topic of judgment.  This is a challenging topic for many of you, which is why we would like to try to shed some light on the subject.  Many of you are in the process of trying to release judgment; the judgment of yourselves, as well as the judgment of others.  Really it stems from the same root; it is just simply two branches of the same tree.  To judge another, really is quite impossible.  We say this because any judgment you hold for another is something you judge with in yourselves.  Remember that your inner reality is always reflected in your outer reality.  It can be no other way.

So let’s further discuss the topic of judgment.  We will begin with the judgment of self.  One of the most difficult things for humans to achieve is self-love.  This is quite a large issue amongst all cultures around your world.  You are all so very hard on yourselves.  Your minds go wild with “what ifs” and ”if only’s”.  Most of you are actually much more tolerant of others than you are of yourselves.  We ask you, why is that?  Why are you so very hard on yourselves?  Why do you demand such perfection?  From our perspective their really never are mistakes, just one decision over another which allows you to experience different realities.

It is so very hard for all of you to love yourselves just the way that you are.  You often find yourselves wishing you were, taller, thinner, better, stronger, faster.  You focus on what you don’t like when there is so very much for you to love about yourselves.  By focusing on what you do like about yourselves, you allow for more of it to be experienced.  What you focus on expands.  We implore you to just take one day out of your lives which you do not allow yourself to judge yourselves harshly and watch just how different you feel.

Many of you hold a constant fear of what others will think of you.  You worry that you won’t fit in, or that you will somehow make a fool of yourselves.  Judgment is isolating.  But know that when you are feeling judged it is stemming from your own beliefs, not theirs.  Your beliefs are always reflected back to you.  You create your reality and the experiences in it.   If you believe you look beautiful, then you will only experience situations that allow you to feel more beautiful.  Maybe someone may not think that you look beautiful, but they will not be part of your experience because it is not what you are pulsing out. Like attracts like. Your beliefs are always reflected back to you through your reality.  Your outer reality and the experiences in it is always a very good indication of what beliefs you are truly holding onto.  If someone criticizes the way you do something, then you are holding that same fear of being criticized for that very same thing.  Your beliefs will always be reflected back to you, usually through others to show you that you are holding the belief.

Now when we said that when you judge another you are essentially judging yourselves, we mean just that.  We are all one and in reality there is no separation, it only seems like there is in this illusion that you are choosing to be a part of.  When you find yourself judging another, you can be sure that you are holding on strongly to a belief about what you are judging them for.  Truly allowing yourself to be neutral on a topic and to observe the situation from a detached point of view is what we would say allows for the most amount of freedom; freedom for you and freedom for the person and situation that you are observing.  Remember that judging something as good is still judging.

Now remember that neutral does not necessarily mean that you are indifferent to a situation; that would imply that you simply don’t care.  No, that is not what we mean when we are referring to remaining neutral.  We are asking you to practice being a neutral  detached observer.  One that is not partial to either side and does not have any preconceived judgments about which side is “right” and which side is “wrong”.  This form of neutrality allows you to simply observe a situation for what it is, with no sense of attachment to the outcome.  For once you master neutrality, we can assure you, you will never have a “bad” day again.  How could you if you no longer judge something as bad?

You may be wondering how you can remain neutral in a dualistic reality.   We would say that an integral part to achieving neutrality is: understanding.  How so?  You look at a situation and it is hard for many of you to view it from a detached perspective because of the judgments that you hold in your hearts.  We understand that from your perspective there are many atrocities still being committed throughout your world.

We say that understanding is an integral part to becoming neutral because without it, neutrality would be impossible.  We ask that when viewing any situation you remember that all parties involved have willingly agreed to participate in the experience.  Now it may be hard to accept for some of you that some would agree to be a “victim” but on a soul level they have.  There is nothing that can be done to you that you have not on some level agreed to experience.  Remember all of the experiences that you are having in this reality are for the overall soul growth and the learning that will be gained from the experience.  From our perspective none of this is really actually happening. From our perspective it is as if all of you have agreed to play many different roles in many different types of movies.  You can choose to watch a sad movie for a form of entertainment.  You watch the movie and you are enveloped in the drama but you happily walk away from the movie knowing “it wasn’t real”.  It was just pretend.  The actors are actually all fine and no one really got hurt.  They agreed to play those roles for the entertainment of others.  They are all fine in real life but in the movie the actors may have suffered.  We see no difference between you watching a movie and you “playing your roles” that you have agreed to in your lives here on Earth.   So by knowing that all parties have agreed to play these roles, it is a bit easier to view the “story” or the “movie” from a more detached view-point.

Remember that you would not be able to experience the light if you did not have someone willing to play the role of the dark.  All of you have had many lives old souls, not all of them have been what you would term “of the light”.   We ask that you honor their decision to play in the dark, because they too are performing a service in duality.

We hope that this message has in some way helped you.  Please try to lighten up and love yourselves, you are divine creator beings and deserve the very best.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides


“The power that created your body, is the only power that can heal your body”

Today we would like to focus your attention on the powerful healing abilities your body already possesses.  There are those of you who are suffering from various forms of illnesses.  These range anywhere from the “common cold”, all the way to “terminal” illnesses.  Know that nothing happens on the physical plane before it happens on the spiritual plane of existence.  What do we mean by this?  We mean that nothing can occur to you in the physical before it is manifested first within your minds and therefore on the spiritual plane of existence.  Our objective today is to discuss what you can do to heal yourselves from any ailment that you are suffering from, big or small.

We will start at the beginning shall we?  We want you to think about how a human body is created.  It begins with just 2 tiny cells and it grows into a fully functioning human body in just 9 months time.  Really it is quite miraculous to watch.  Your bodies are so ingeniously designed that they can break down your food and determine what it needs and what cannot be used by your body immediately upon birth.  It innately knows what each one of your trillions of cells need each and every moment.  It processes a tremendous amount of tasks at any given time, from the beating of your heart which allows oxygen filled blood to be replenished throughout your entire body all the way to deciphering a multitude of chemical signals in the brain created by your emotions thousands of times per day.    Do you really think that a being that is capable of doing all that without so much as a conscious thought would not also be designed to heal itself and bring itself back to a constant state of balance?

This is where our true focus for today’s discussion lies.  Your bodies are designed to keep your body in a constant state of balance at all times.  So why do people get sick?  When your beliefs become unbalanced, your minds and therefore your bodies all become unbalanced which allows for weaknesses to appear where there should be impenetrable strength.  Know that there really never is a contagious virus.  There really never is an illness that you can get when your body is in a state of balance and harmony.  In the highest state of balance your bodies remain at ease and in harmony.  It is only when you allow toxic beliefs to enter your minds that disease and sickness can penetrate your body temple.

So what should you do if you are already sick?  You need to bring your body and mind back into balance.  Humans have become incredibly busy and never allow themselves the time the body needs to reset.  Sitting outside in nature, or going for a walk among the trees or sitting on the shores of the ocean are fantastic ways for your body to come back into alignment.  Another method that works well is to sit quietly and listen to peaceful music.  You can also allow yourselves to envision all tension being released from your minds and bodies while you sit in a peaceful state.  Yet another suggestion that we have is to spend time with the animal kingdom.  Many of them are wonderful healers and are incredibly in tune with the divine.  You could also do things that bring a smile to your face or make you laugh.  The act of laughter alone brings a higher vibration to your body and is tremendously healing for this reason.

Many times your illnesses are a very literal translation of the beliefs that you are holding onto which are out of alignment with your true higher self.  Let’s give a few examples: when a person’s back “goes out” it is usually directly related to their beliefs and actions being out of “alignment” with their higher self; they are creating resistance in the form of their spine going out of “alignment”.  When a person experiences a sore throat it is often times directly related to their need for communication, or that they are resisting the communication that they need to make with either their selves or another.  When a person experiences kidney or liver troubles it usually has to do with the resistance of processing their beliefs, because remember the kidneys and the liver are responsible for processing waste for your body.   When a person experiences cancer this can be due to cancerous or toxic thoughts that have been allowed to take root in the mind for so very long that it creates cancerous cells within the body temple.  Now we know that this is a sensitive subject because there are many who will read this and they themselves or a loved one have been affected by cancer or a terminal illness.  It is one of the leading causes of death among the human race.  But we say this not to flare tempers but to direct your attention to the cause so that it can be eradicated.  You are powerful creators of your own reality; if you do not take responsibility for the experiences in your reality then it is impossible for you to be able to change your experiences for the better.  Know that the cancerous thoughts do not necessarily have to be your own.  Sometimes those who are suffering from illnesses such as cancer are very sensitive souls and are often empathic and they are taking on the toxic thoughts and processing them for others.  But this, none the less makes no difference, your bodies are still more than capable of restoring balance back from any state regardless of the cause.

There are some instances where the soul has agreed to incarnate with a certain defect or illness.  This is always for the purpose of soul growth and never as a “punishment” for another life lived in “sin”.  Often times the illness allows for opportunities for tremendous soul growth that otherwise would not have presented themselves if it were not for the illness.  However the illness can still be overcome and this may be one of the reasons why the soul has chosen to incarnate into the physical with the illness; to overcome the challenges that it has put purposefully in its own path.

When an illness is experienced in your reality it can be seen as a benefit.  How so?  Any experience, whether you see it as good or bad is only a reflection of your beliefs.  The illness has manifested in your reality to show you what is out of balance, and you therefore can pin point the belief that is responsible for the ailment and then choose to remove the belief if it is something you no longer wish to experience.

The power of the mind is tremendously effective and very influential in the outcome of the ailment.  There have been those that have died from nothing more than a mere paper cut because they believed so strongly that they were not going to recover.  And there are many others who have literally come back from “death’s door” against all odds because they believed so strongly that they were going to overcome the ailment.  We are sure many of you are familiar with the placebo effect.  For those of you who are not it is when a group of patients complaining of the same ailment are split into two groups.  One group receives a sugar pill with no medicinal properties and the other group receives the “medicine” that is thought to cure the ailment.  Neither group is informed of which pill they are given.  Really what is curing the ailment is none other than the beliefs of those taking the pills regardless of the properties of the pill taken.

Many look to medicine to cure their ailments; but know that the medicine is only the vessel that allows the mind to be convinced that the ailment will be removed successfully.  There truly is no medicine that can heal your body if you do not believe that it will.  Your beliefs are that strong.  Yes some forms of medicine can change the chemical composition of your physical vessel however the effects are governed by your beliefs.  Two patients with the very same illness with very similar immune systems can each take the same medicine; one patient can do fantastic and heal rapidly and the other patient can take a turn for the worse.  The only difference is their overall beliefs.

If you cannot or do not take responsibility for the cause of the sickness then how can you ever be responsible for healing the sickness?  Your minds are more than capable of healing any illness that you are suffering from provided your beliefs are in alignment with the healing of your body.  You are approaching a time when there will no longer be sickness experienced on your world.  The higher dimensions do not support such experiences.

We hope that this discussion has served you in some way.  Be well!

In love and light we are your Angelic Guides.