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“The Aging Process is Not Necessary”

Today we would like to focus your attention on the aging process. There are many ingrained beliefs related to the aging process and we would like to help shed some light on the subject at hand. There are many on your world who believe that to age is inevitable; that it is a guaranteed certainty. However we would like to inform you that this is actually not the case.

You see the human body was meant to regenerate constantly and therefore never actually ever experience the process of deterioration. However this belief and understanding has been long since lost with the destruction of both the Lemurian and Atlantian civilizations. The human body still repairs and regenerates itself from illnesses however your beliefs will always determine what your experience will be. There are many who are searching for the antidote for the aging process, all the while never really realizing that it cannot be found in a bottle or a pill, it can only be found within. This is what we would like to help you to better understand.

Did you know that you actually generate a brand new physical body every 10 years? The cells which made up your bones, muscles, organs, and tissues 10 years ago have all been replaced. So why then does the human body still age? Because your beliefs say that you will. Let’s take a simple example of a scar that you may have had for as long as you can remember. The cells continue to regenerate and eventually they are all replaced, so why then do people still have scars? It’s because you continue to create one! Your beliefs say that you have a scar from this particular incident when you were a child. The new cells will be created to form the scar. Know that it is well within your power to create cells that do not have this make up, the decision is always entirely up to you.

The civilizations of both Atlantis and Lemuria were well aware that the body was meant to last for a very long time. Life spans were around 500 years of age before a body began to deteriorate. Their bodies were built just like your own, however they did not have the belief that their body was to age. We would say that as of right now the average life span of a healthy human is approximately 75 years of age. This is considerably longer than even just a few hundred years ago on your world, however it is a far stretch from several hundred years of age. Your collective beliefs about how long a human “should” live are also changing, you now are finding it acceptable to live double the lifespan that a human lived just several hundred years ago; and your life spans are lengthening with each new generation. Many will claim that it is the technology and healthcare that now allows a human to live a longer life, however we will tell you that it is your changed perception and beliefs that has allowed for such technology and healthcare to be created.

There will come a time on your world when you no longer age. For now we would say that more and more of you will live to be much older than any others in your “recorded” history. Living to be 150 will simply be the norm in a not so distant future. For now, technology and science will continue to work together to slow the aging process down, however know that it is the collective belief system that propels these scientific advancements, not the other way around. Know that there will surely come a time when you yourselves will be able to prevent the aging process simply with your own beliefs.

You may wonder why a human would have to die at all if the body continues to regenerate. This is a wonderful question and we would say it is to allow you to “reset”, to allow you to exit this reality and reincarnate into another experience with a different “set up”; which allows for new challenges, new experiences, and new relationships.

Know that in the higher dimensions not only do we not age but we do not experience the death process as you do here in the 3rd and 4th dimensions. Rather instead of the “death” of the physical body, we simply remove our focus or our “energy” from that reality when we are through with all that we want to experience. We simply shift our focus to one of the many other realities that we are a part of. We do not see the “death” process as being a sad occasion in the higher dimension; rather it is customary to have a celebration. This may sound odd to those of you here in the lower dimensions because you experience such great sadness from the perceived loss, however when you are in the higher dimensions you know that you are never disconnected from any being. You are free to connect with them anytime you like. We would say that it is similar to how you view a college graduation. The student has learned all that they had set out to in that field of study and is now ready to take on another experience. You celebrate the achievements of the student, you do not morn for the loss because you know that the student has accomplished a great task and they are ready for the next “chapter” in their lives. Just because they will no longer attend college does not mean they cease to exist. This in a way is very similar to how we view the “death” process.

So how exactly can you change your beliefs about the aging process? Well quite simply put, expect not to age. There is no reason why you should. We smile because humans have a tendency to make many things much more complicated that are really quite simple from our perspective; however we realize what a tremendous leap in consciousness it would require to simply stop the aging process on your world “overnight”. However we would suggest that you begin to look at your beliefs about the aging process. Look around you and you will see many humans of the same “age” and yet there are some who look much younger and others who look much older. Why is that? It is their beliefs which determine how they will experience the aging process. Some age quite gracefully, never experiencing diminished cognitive abilities; while others experience signs of aging long before you would consider them old. Science will eventually learn that the aging process has nothing to do with your genetic lineage, or inevitable deterioration of the cells, but rather the minds expectations.

What are your beliefs about aging? Do you wish to change any of them? How old will you be when you expect to experience the symptoms of aging? Do you expect to have wrinkles when you get old? Do you expect to have gray hair, and walk with a cane? Or do you expect to continue to feel vivacious, filled with energy from your “youth”. Know that your beliefs can never be kept secret; they will always show on your face for all to see. Just how long do you expect to be young?

We hope that this message has in some way served you.

In love and light we are your Angelic Guides.

“Adventures of the dream state”

Today we would like to focus your attention on the “dream state”.   In some ways this topic is connected to our most previous message about parallel realities.  The topic of the dream state is yet another very large one which has many facets to it but we would like to help you to understand a bit more about what you do in the dream state and how you can use it to your advantage.  Many of you are taught to believe that when you sleep you are in a sense not “doing” anything; that your dreams are not “real”, and that you cannot achieve anything while you sleep.  It is our intention to shed some light on what it is you truly “do” and what you are really able to achieve while you are in the dream state.

It is when your body goes into REM sleep that you truly become unteathered from the limitations you place on your conscious mind.  Your soul is free to “leave” the body every night or at any point which REM sleep is achieved.  Of course you still have a part of your consciousness that is still “watching” over your body, however much of your focus is no longer on your current perceived reality as you know it.  In the higher dimensions you allow yourselves to focus on more than one dimension or reality at a time, hence the word multi-dimensional.

Many of you have experienced the feeling of falling when you are starting to fall asleep.  This is usually when you are just about to reach a deep sleep or the REM sleep.  Know that this simply is your soul entering back into your body, the feeling of falling occurs when the soul or consciousness enters the body a bit too abruptly.

Now when you have reached the REM sleep state, your consciousness is then free to move about.  Many of you have heard of people having the ability to do what is termed remote viewing.  This is simply the ability to expand your consciousness beyond just your physical body.  You allow your consciousness to focus on a reality detached from your physical body.  Know that all of you have this ability, as you do it every night.  Those who have the ability to do remote viewing simply remember the experience, while most of you do not.  When you awake you are oftentimes left with fragments of remembrances or as you like to call it “dreams”.

Dreams can be many things; interpretations of your current reality, they can be your physical mind’s way of trying to understand on a conscious level what you were doing while your conscious mind was sleeping.  Dreams can be symbols from your higher selves trying to send messages to you; they can also be premonitions of realities that have a high probability of manifesting in your current reality.

We have spoken of worlds which are much different from your own, some of which are so different that it would be too foreign to put into words. Your conscious mind would not be able to process the information with the “filters” that you have intentionally placed on your mind in order to experience the lower dimensions.  With that being said some of your dreams which seem incredibly bazaar and have no logical path to them are often times your conscious mind’s way of trying to bring information forward that it does not have any preconceived basis for.  It’s very much like trying to explain what a color is to someone who has been blind their entire life.  There are no words or symbols that would allow you to explain what a color is if that person never used their vision before.  This is in many ways what your conscious mind is trying to do.  Your mind uses pictures to communicate.  When someone says elephant, you picture an elephant, correct?  However some worlds don’t have physical form, so there are no “pictures” that will accurately describe these worlds.  You’re free to visit any of these “foreign worlds when you sleep and in fact many of you do.

Also know that there is no time in the higher dimensions; well we would say it’s more accurate for us to say that we don’t use time in such a limiting way.  So you are free to stay here as long as you want.  So for instance you could have been in your “dream reality” for years, however you have only been asleep for 8 hours.

Much can be achieved while you are asleep.  Often times you review current perceived problems that you are having in your physical reality; you in a sense “problem solve” with your guides and even the higher selves of those who you are having the problem with.  Much can be gained from your dream states.  It is so important for you to get the proper amount of sleep.  You also can heal your body while you sleep much faster than you can while you are “awake”.  This is predominantly because your conscious mind is no longer in the way, so you are free to repair all bodily functions much faster.  Your sleep state allow for your  body to “reset” on a daily basis.

We spoke about parallel realities in our previous message.  While in your dream state you have access to all probable realities at all times. Many of you use the dream state to “check in” or view many other lifetimes.  Some of you will be shocked to learn that you often times are visiting not just lifetimes on this planet but lifetimes that you have all over the universe.  We say “have” instead of have had, because from our perspective these lives are all going on concurrently.

We would like to point out that a dream in which you saw yourself in a situation that you want to experience in this reality is simply another “probable you” living out that exact circumstance.  It is a glimpse into another probable reality where your goals and vibrations are in sync. Know that by simply holding that reality as your intention, you can ascertain that information from the other “you” on how to manifest that experience in this reality. By holding that intention and therefore a similar vibration of the experience you want to create, you bring it into being.  Because that reality is your wish, you manifested it in another probable reality.  It has already happened; all you have to do is manifest it here in this vibratory reality.  Your soul already knows how, because it has already experienced it!

Many of you check in with old friends and loved ones who are not in your physical world. Although you do spend a fair amount of time in your dream state learning and reviewing, know that you also spend time teaching as well.   Remember that you are all teaching us many things that we could not learn in the higher dimensions. So you oftentimes “report” for lack of a better word, back to us what your experiences are like in the lower dimensions of Earth.  You are able to experience emotions that we have never had.  Although we can empathize with your emotion; we have never felt it personally. We would say that our perspective is very much like when you watch a movie, you can empathize with the characters and feel emotions evoked from the movie however the character’s experiences are not your own.

Now certainly you can make suggestions before falling asleep of what you want to accomplish, as many say “why don’t sleep on it”.  This is because many problems are solved while in the dream state.  You have access to much more knowledge while sleeping and in a sense you are much more aware and free then while in your “waking” reality.  You are not bound by your perceived limitations while you’re sleeping and therefore you are able to achieve much more.  By directing your intentions of what you would like to accomplish in your dream state you give your subconscious a much more detailed objective while you sleep.  We would suggest that every night before you go to sleep, be very clear of what you would like your consciousness to work on.  This could be anything from finding a solution to a perceived problem, to healing an illness, to helping to develop talents or abilities.  You could also request that you are able to remember more of your dream state and some of the travels that you made.  You can also ask that you receive guidance about decisions you must make here in your physical reality. Anything is possible and you will be amazed at just how much you can get done while you are “asleep”.  From our perspective it is your dream state in which you are the most active.

We hope that this message has in some way served you. We wish you many sweet dreams,

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides.

Parallel Realities

Today we would like to focus your attention on the topic of parallel realities and the impact they have on your reality.  It may be a shock to some of you to learn that there are parallel realities; however there are some of you who are on some level already aware that they exist.  What we would like to touch upon today is how you can use them to your benefit.  This topic is a very large one and we will be just scratching the surface of the many realities that exist right alongside of you at any given moment.

Firstly, know that there are an infinite number of parallel realities being played out concurrently alongside your own reality.  Because you live in a world that is based on a preconceived belief of linear action, you also were taught to believe that you are on just one solid timeline your whole lives.  Event A is followed by Event B and so on; however this is not so.  You are constantly jumping from one timeline to the next many times throughout the day.  The vibration at which you choose to resonate with determines which reality you will experience.  But know that every decision that you possibly could make always plays out in infinite ways.  Each “you” believes that it is the “real” you and all of the others are simply just possibilities.  This really makes no difference as your soul is always aware of the infinite versions of reality which you are concurrently experiencing.

Some parallel realities look very similar to your current lives, and others are very different.  Let us give an example to try to help you wrap your minds around just how many infinite versions of “you” exist.  Let’s say that you wake up in the morning, you are supposed to meet your friend for coffee before walking to work together.  You of course have many options regarding this event; for instance you can choose not to go, you can choose to meet for coffee but not attend work that day, you can also choose to do both.  These are just 3 simple options among many others that you can choose from.  All of these scenarios are playing out in another reality; you are the one who chooses which reality you will consciously experience.  Now think about all of the decisions that you can choose to make throughout the day, where you go, who you speak to, what you do, and so on.  Now imagine all of the different choices you could make throughout your lives.  Now think of not just this life but all of your past and future lives and all of the choices that you can make.  All of these infinite versions of reality are playing out and their purpose is to allow your soul to experience all probabilities.

There are some realities where you choose a different career, a different location, a different spouse and so on.  These are the realities which look very different from the one which you are conscious of.  Other parallel realities only have subtle differences.  There are an infinite number of versions of Earth.  There are some in which World War 3 occurs, while there are others which you have chosen to already ascend as a collective, as well as an infinite number of other diverse variations.  Many other versions have a very different “past” or history, while others are similar to your version.  Know that you always have the ability to shift your attention to anyone of these versions.  You do it all day, everyday; however you usually are not shifting to realities which are vastly different from your own.  It’s not that you cannot make drastic changes to your reality, certainly many of you already have.  However it is not done in an instant, at least from your perspective.  Imagine how confusing it would be if you instantly switched to a very different version of Earth, one where you did not choose the same spouse or live in the same home or work at the same location.  It would be too dramatic and it would pull you out of the “illusion” that you are choosing to focus your attention on.  After all that is all this reality really is; a very elaborate illusion to allow you to play a very intricate game where you are able to forget who you truly are, where you have come from and all of your gifts and abilities, in order for you to gain a tremendous amount of soul growth from this very unique experience.  Because this is the only reality that you are consciously aware of, many tend to lose sight of just how unique and different this experience is.  There really is nothing like this in the higher realms; that’s what makes this illusion so interesting.

Many will wonder why they are not consciously aware of these other realities.  In the higher dimensions you are always aware of all parallel realities; however the 3rd and 4th dimensions are the only ones which will allow you to focus your attention so intently on just “one” reality that you are no longer aware of all of the other realities which exist concurrently.  This was part of the fun; this experience offered such a vastly different experience than any you have ever had the chance to partake in.  This was part of the allure.  A simple comparison could be the joy you have in reading a mystery novel which captures your attention to the very end.  Once you have read the book, you know how it ends; it’s just not the same when you try to read the book again; you can’t just forget how the story ends.  This experience on Earth allows you to “forget the ending” so that you can have the pleasure of experiencing the journey.  In the higher realms you always see how all situations play out before you actually partake in them.

You can use parallel realities to your advantage now that you are aware of their existence.  Know that if you desire to make a change in your lives whether it is a small change or a very large one, the reality in which you have accomplished your desired outcome already exists!  So all you have to do is align with that version of reality in which you have attained your goals.  You are creator beings and as you begin to consciously partake in creating your reality, the experiences which you can have are limitless.  This is when you really begin to have some fun.  Remember that everything is energy, and everything resonates at a specific frequency.  You must be vibrating at a similar frequency in order to align with that experience.  It’s just like your radio, you must tune into the right frequency or as you call it channel in order to hear your desired music station.  You cannot experience anything that you do not have a similar vibration to; if you do not want to continue experiencing a particular circumstance in your reality, then it’s time to “change the channel”.

Many of you have gone through so many hardships, so many trying and challenging experiences in order to master your ability to create.  This was a choice that you made, you wanted to experience as much as you possibly could.  Now you are in the beginning stages of learning how to take control of your lives and consciously create whatever you want.  This is the reality that you are now moving into.  Yes there are still many other souls who are choosing to remain unaware of their ability to create their reality, but this in and of its self is a creation that they want to experience.  You are ready to experience something different or you would not be drawn to this message.  You are moving from a reality in which you needed to follow a step by step process to attain your goals, to a reality which you simply need to align with the vibration of the reality you wish to experience.  This is how you eventually will experience instant manifestation in the higher dimensions.

It is our hope that by knowing that your goals have already been achieved, and your desires have already been attained in another reality that you will gain the confidence in yourselves to know that not only is it possible but that, that version of “you” already exists and therefore there is no longer any question of your success.  This is why we often times say from our perspective you have already attained your goals.  We see no separation, no division between “this” you and “that” you.  So we implore you to set your feet firmly on the path to your dreams free of doubt; as all of your dreams have already come true!

We hope that this message has in some way served you.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides.

“Things are not always what they seem to be”

Today we would like to focus your attention on your perceived reality.  Many are watching as their entire “world” is in chaos.  But know that things are not always as they seem to be.  There are those of you who are watching in horror as all that you have ever known is being literally torn down; but know that from every wreckage comes an opportunity to build something much greater.  You cannot have the new unless you are willing to let go of the old.

This is a very big lesson and we would say a more challenging one for many of you at this time.  But you are capable of being a pillar of peace for those whose lives seem to be in the midst of so much chaos.  As we always remind you, no event has a label of either good or bad, it is you who chooses to focus on either the positive or the negative of any situation.  There are many who have been affected by major storms this year.  These storms have offered a tremendous amount of clearing to areas that were in great need of releasing so much.  There are those who will look for the benefits of these clearings and there are others who will only see destruction; it is always entirely up to you.

There are many in the north-east of America who have been impacted by “Superstorm Sandy”.  Many have lost their homes, possessions, power, internet, and in some cases their lives.  But no one has been affected that did not agree before hand to experience this reality.  This storm has allowed many to become “unplugged” from the modern conveniences of life; our messenger included.  Too many of you spend every waking hour glued to your computers, phones, internet and tv’s; never really allowing for quiet time for yourselves.  This is a gift from Mother Nature, some of you do not choose to view it this way but this is her intention.  You may wonder why some would choose to experience a situation where they lost all of their possessions or they lost their family home.  For some, it was a way to really grasp what was truly important; your possessions and material objects can always be manifested again, your loved ones cannot.  Some wanted to learn in a more dramatic way; when everything “outside” of you is taken away, you do not have any other option but to search within.  Others were forced to ask for assistance for others, something that many have a hard time doing.  From our perspective we see this storm as being very beneficial in many ways, not just for the clearing that it provided, not just for the lessons that were learned, but also for the tremendous outpouring of love and light that has been beamed into that area of the world.  There were many negative beliefs which needed to be “uprooted”.  This has allowed for the community to come together in a way they never have before.

As you look around there are many all over the world who see only devastation and chaos, but know that nothing new can grow in a garden that is choked by weeds.  The weeds must be uprooted; they must be removed before you can plant your seeds for the harvest.  This is exactly what many of you are experiencing.  Some are experiencing this is the form of the loss of a job, the loss of relationships, the loss of family, the loss of possessions, or the loss of stability just to name a few.  We understand that it can be disconcerting to say the least, but you have come into this life more than prepared for this.  This is what you are here for, to shine your light and ground peaceful energy for those who have lost their way.  It’s your time to shine.  Listen to your inner guidance for reassurance that all is unfolding exactly as it should be.  Know that all is not lost, it is simply being removed so you can replace it with something much better.  Do not get pulled back down into the energy of fear and despair, you have all the tools you need to thrive in these tumultuous times.  For every one lightworker, know that there are hundreds of others working on the other side of the veil right alongside of you.

Where one sees chaos, you can see transformation.  Where one chooses to see devastation you can see a new platform for change.  This is the change you have all been waiting for.  Know that this perceived chaos is not the beginning of the “end” but a new beginning.  The old must be allowed to fall away so that you can create the world you have dreamed of.  Events are becoming more extreme, but know that it is not because you live in a world which is continually getting worse, but because you have prayed to live in a world far better.  These events which may seem horrific, the tragedies that seem to be more and more frequent are not a sign that your world is in peril.  It is allowing that which was hidden to now be in plain view.  What do you wish to keep and what do you wish to change?  You cannot change what you do not know; and this is why we say things are not always what they seem to be.

We hope that this message has in some way brought you peace.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides.

“Time is only a marker”

Today we would like to focus your attention on the illusion of time in your reality.  Many of you have lived your whole lives allowing “time” to dictate your every day.  But know that time is manmade, it isn’t “real” it is an illusion.  Many of you are experiencing time warps as the illusion continues to dissolve.  You will notice that there are times where you experience a rapid passing of” time”; you often wonder where all the “time went”.  There are other times where it may feel as though “time” has literally stopped.  This will continue to be more evident as you continue to increase your vibrations.

It is a common belief that you only have so much time in a day, or that you are allotted only so much time on Earth, or that all good things come to those who wait.  You entire lives revolve around the illusion of time.  Did you know that not all days have 24 hours?  It depends on the person perceiving the day.  This is why some days fly by, while others seem to never end.  Years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds are all manmade.  None of them truly exist.

From our perspective, time is but a marker.  We use time in a very different manner than those of you in the 3rd and 4th dimensions.  A similar analogy which we will use to help explain time from our perspective is how you use page numbers in a book.  You can use the page numbers to find the experience you want to focus on; however you are free to flip back and forth through the book to whatever page you would like to read.  This is very similar to how we use time.  We are free to go back and forth into the “past” and the “future” but if we would like to focus our attention on a particular event, we use time as a marker to find the experience we would like to devote some of our attention.  We say “some” because unlike in your reality, all of our attention is never 100% focused on any one “time” or any one reality.  We choose to experience a multi-dimensional reality.  You of course are all multi-dimensional beings as well, however you are choosing to focus your attention so intensely on just one reality that you cannot see all of the others that exist right along side of the one you are perceiving.  You all have the ability to move back and forth through time right now, however your beliefs say that you cannot.

“Time” in a sense is speeding up, or rather the illusion of it is disintegrating.  The effect that this will have on many of you as you continue to vibrate higher is more freedom to manipulate time.  Time, just like anything else in your reality is malleable.  It is your creation and therefore you are free to direct it any way you choose.  Many of you are now steadily vibrating within the realms of the 4th dimension.  Time is very flexible here.   Proof of “time’s” flexibility can be seen when you are doing something that you absolutely love, time seems to fly by; while other times when you are involved in an activity that you dislike you feel time drag by.  This is directly related to how fast, or how slow you are choosing to vibrate.  The faster that you vibrate, the less “time” is felt.

You can begin to practice your ability to manipulate time in your everyday life.  You may be running late for a meeting and if you are playing by the “rules” of the 3rd dimension it would be quite impossible to get to your meeting on time, so why not adjust time to your needs by seeing yourself arrive exactly on time?  You will be amazed at just how well this works.  Your whole reality will shift in order to get you to your destination “on time”.  Traffic lights may all be green, no one else is on the road, traffic suddenly clears up; all of this is possible.  In fact many of you already use your ability to manipulate time, however oftentimes you create “not enough time” and you find yourselves simply never having enough time to “do” all of the tasks you must get done.  Manipulating time for your benefit will take some practice but it most certainly is achievable and will become a regular tool that you rely on in your everyday lives quite soon.  By believing and truly knowing that time is an illusion and it simply is yet another one of your many creations in your perceived reality; you will be able to bend time so that it will work for you and not against you.

We often hear so many say that there is “not enough time in a day”; to this we smile because there is always an abundance of everything that you will ever need.  You do not live in a universe where everything is abundant, except time.  The compression of time that you are feeling is allowing you to remove yourself from the limitation of time.  Haven’t you noticed that with each passing year, it seems to go by faster and faster?  Many say that time goes by much faster as you get older.  This in one sense is true, but not because you are older; but because as “time is passing” it is speeding up.  The restrictions that “time” has on you will not be able to come into the higher dimensions; and so as all of you are continuing to increase your vibrations you are watching in amazement just how fast time is flying by.  Time, just like everything else in your reality is molded by you; the only difference now is that you are aware of your ability to shift time to serve your needs, not the other way around.

We hope that this message has in some way helped you.  Until next “time”.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides.

“A tree in the wind must remain flexible”

Today we would like to focus your attention on humanities astonishing ability to overcome unfathomable adversity.  There are many who are experiencing a wide array of challenging experiences in this great time of change. There are those of you who can see the positive in any situation and in turn are very grateful for the benefits that the experience brings, and there are others who will choose to find the negative in even the most positive of situations.  Of course like anything in your world, your perception of the experience is what determines whether it is seen as a positive experience of a negative experience.  Remember, every circumstance is neutral, only you can place a value on it.

Know that not everyone was brave enough to enter into the lower dimensions. You truly are the bravest of the brave.  It is a much more challenging experience in the lower dimensions than that of the higher dimensions. You will indeed experience a tremendous amount of soul growth from your “perceived reality”, however it takes a very strong soul to want to incarnate on your world.  We in the higher realms, as we have stated before, do not experience the wide range of emotions that you are able to in the lower dimensions.  We experience a relatively calm and tranquil existence relative to your own.  We are not in any way saying that one experience is better than another; we truly find it fascinating just how creative all of you are with the experiences that you attract into your lives. Know that we are in awe of just how resilient all of you really are.  We understand that while you are in the middle of these challenges, it can be very hard to remember that you are the one directing this “play” and that you can change how you perceive any circumstance at anytime.

Of course when you were choosing this life while you were in the higher realms, you had a different perspective than you do now, now that you are in the “thick” of it.  It could be compared to an actor who accepts a very challenging, yet dramatic role for the sake of enhancing and further developing their acting skills.  They do not worry that they will actually experience the trauma that may occur to their “character” because they know that it isn’t real.  Much can be gained, however they know once the role is over they can go back to being “themselves”.  This is very similar to what all of you are doing now.

You have undoubtedly taken on very big challenges in your lives, more so in this lifetime than in any other because you wanted to really “get everything you could” out of this lifetime.  Although from our perspective you really never have left “home” in the higher dimensions, we understand that because you are so committed to your roles down here that you have forgotten that it isn’t real.  That’s what makes your experiences so very intense.  We have never experienced such adversity and we are so very proud of how willing and able all of you are to just keep moving forward.  Yes there are times that you feel as though you won’t be able to get back up, but you always do.  You pick up the pieces and continue to press on.  For those of you that are feeling that right now is one of those times that you can’t go on, know that like a slingshot, the father you go into the “dark” the faster and farther you will be propelled back into the light.

Know that the moments  you feel the most strain, are the times that allow for the most growth.  A tree in the wind must remain flexible, it must allow the wind to flow freely through its branches; the moment it resists the flow, the tree will be uprooted.  And so it is with all of you.  This is a time of great releasing, of clearing what cannot come with you into the new energy of the higher dimensions.  Now is the time to allow for that which does not serve you to be released with ease.  You can acknowledge the beliefs as they surface, but let them go on their way; they will only act as a tether if you try to hold on to them.  A strong “impenetrable” structure can be leveled in a storm, and yet a piece of paper flows freely as it sways in the wind, all the while never being harmed or damaged.  Why create resistance in your life when you could choose to experience the ease of the divine flow?  Let all fall neatly into place.

We hope that this message has in some way served you.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides.