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“Karma seeks to serve, not punish”

There are many who have asked us to expand on the topic of Karma. We previously spoke about Karma from our perspective in which we explained: “Karma is not meant to be a punishment, but rather the balancing of experiences for the soul.” Many want to know if it is possible to clear their Karma. To this we would say that it is more than possible; it is in fact what you are all doing. And this is what we would like to focus your attention on today.

There are those who blame the problems that they experience in this life on the deeds in which they “must” have committed in another life. Know that the problems which you face today are not the result of another life’s mistakes, but rather they are the result of your beliefs in this life. We would agree that you do have overall challenges which you have agreed to overcome in this life, as you do in every life you live; however you are never being “punished” in this life for the “sins” of another. That is not the purpose of Karma. You see in order to understand Karma from our perspective; you must first remember that no life is seen as a “past” life. We view your experiences as occurring concurrently; none of which are in the past or the future, just a different perspective of the same now moment. All lives are being experienced at once. And therefore the actions which you take in another life, do in some ways affect the life you are conscious of today. Where you once chose to react based on fear, you will be met with another opportunity to react based on love. Yet with that being said, with every limiting belief which you release, with every experience which you chose love over fear, you are impacting what occurs in all other lives as well as this life. The process in which you followed in order to remove the limiting belief then becomes available for all other lives to then use as a guide. Yet what you do with that knowledge is always up to you. You always have free will and therefore you are free to experience what you wish.

You view the lives which are said to be in your past as being “set in stone” however they are just as malleable as the very one you exist in now. It is a common misconception that for every wrong deed committed a person must then pay the price for that deed, if not in that same life then in another. We would agree that what you put out will always come back to you. But this is not meant to be a form of punishment, rather it is the law of attraction in motion. The misunderstanding of Karma goes hand in hand with judgment. If you had no judgment about whether an act was “good” or “bad” then you would not seek a punishment or reward for the act. Karma is simply meant to allow you to gain more understanding by experiencing opposing viewpoints; only then can you truly see both sides.

Many seek retribution for the suffering which they have endured which has been “forced upon them by another”, and to this we would say that yes, another being may be able to commit a “negative” act upon you, however it is always your choice how you choose to view the experience. Remember that there is always a positive in every situation; yet it is up to you to see it. Karma’s purpose is simply to allow the soul to experience each side in a world based in duality. But only so that you are better able to choose love, from understanding, not for the purpose of punishment. There will always be opposing views and beliefs in a world which exists in duality, however with each new life you are afforded the opportunity to choose an experience which allows you to “walk a mile in another’s shoes”; and by doing so you gain another perspective which allows for more love and understanding to be found. Only then has your soul gained the full experience of duality.

Many still find it very hard to accept that those who have committed atrocities in your world will not be sentenced to an eternity of suffering. However, hell is created in the mind; no one can force you to endure endless suffering but yourself. You are therefore free to remove yourself from it anytime you wish. There are those who live in what most would consider atrocious conditions who experience a life of peace, and there are others who live a life of pure luxury who are plagued with misery. Only you can choose how you view your experience. Know that those who commit such hostile acts against another are imprisoned in their own version of hell, yet the jailer is none other than themselves and only they have the key to unlock the cell. It is those who commit the most heinous acts which require the most love and compassion; so that they may once again find their own light.

Many ask how they are supposed to clear their Karma if they are unaware of the experiences they have had in “past” lives, and do not know what their soul wanted to achieve in this life. This is a wonderful question although it is based on the assumption that you must “pay” for the wrong doings of another life. This is not so, you will always be met with opportunities to grow and to choose to act from a place of love and compassion rather than judgment, hate or anger. You do not need to know what other experiences you have had, or what your soul would like to work on in this life in order to successfully clear your karma; simply by choosing to respond to all situations which you encounter out of love rather than fear, hate or anger. Know that your higher self will always lead you to a path which will allow you to make a new choice. Where you once reacted out of fear, you can now choose love. This is the overall desire your soul has, for you to learn how to become masters in duality; by learning how to become a detached observer of the chaos around you rather than to sink down into it. Many of you are finding that you are beginning to do this now; you are learning how to master your reactions and choose love rather than to allow the chaos and turmoil to envelope your being. This is a grand step. This is how you are balancing your karma. And as you continue to remain in a state of peace, you will continue to elevate your vibration and there will come a day when chaos will no longer surround you; as your vibration is far too high for its touch.

There are still many others who will continue to choose to be consumed by the drama around them as they are not ready to yet give up the game. However those of you who have worked on releasing limiting beliefs and focused on elevating your consciousness and vibration; you are the ones who will set the example for all others to follow. By learning to steady your own vibration regardless of what happens around you, you are achieving all that you came to do. We have said this many times and it is worth repeating, you have come to share your light, you have come to stand as a pillar of peace amongst great turmoil, and you have come to master your reactions in a world based in duality. When you have achieved neutrality in a world based in duality, only then can you be sure you have fully learned all there is to know in a dualistic world. To remove all judgment and replace it with only love and compassion; you have then found what you have been searching for. Know that by doing these very things, you are balancing all that you have ever set into motion. You are fulfilling all that you desired to achieve.

The beauty in this divine plan is that you are always afforded another chance to make a new choice. You are free to change your mind, you are free to change your reactions, and you are always free to choose again. So we ask that the next time you are faced with a frustrating or disturbing situation, we ask that you choose to act out of love; as love will always lead you to peace and balance.

We hope that this message has in some way served you.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides.

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“Nothing ever truly goes away until it has taught you what you wanted to learn”

Today we would like to focus your attention on the topic of life lessons. Know that no lesson is ever forced upon you; rather you always chose the lessons which you would like to focus on in each lifetime. You of course always have the ability to amend such decisions, however much of this is done on a subconscious level.

Many of you are experiencing many difficult situations in not only your own lives but also in the lives of others around you. This is to be expected as the energy at this time is particularly intense. Much is surfacing which you thought you had long since released. We realize how frustrating this can be, although this is often times a more gentle way of releasing rather than experiencing a very large traumatic event all at once and being forced to face the brunt of your fears in just one blow. In many cases this would be just too traumatic for one to handle all at once. Often your soul chooses to start with smaller less traumatic experiences to allow you to learn at a more gentle pace and ease your way into the lesson. If the lesson is learned then you will no longer need to experience a larger event with the same lesson. However, you will always continue to manifest opportunities to “test” yourself; by this we mean that you will at times manifest a scenario that will require you to use the lesson which you have already learned in order to ensure that you have mastered it. Until you are able to respond in a loving manner, with a detached perspective then you have not truly released the fear or judgment. Now when we say detached, we in no way mean indifferent. This would imply that you simply do not care about the situation, but rather when we say detached we mean that you are able to observe the situation for what it is with no judgments and no attachments to how the circumstance should be resolved. Your only intention is that it serves the highest good of all and you can let it go with peace in your heart. However know that if a lesson is not sufficiently learned and it is brushed aside, although the event which brought the initial lesson may be resolved, you will continue to manifest larger and larger events in order to really get your attention and ensure that you face the fears and beliefs which are responsible for the manifestation of the scenario. Nothing ever truly goes away until it has taught you the lesson you wanted to learn.

Often time’s lessons are brought to you through the ones who are the closest to you. Many misunderstand that the lesson or “problem” is not originating from the other person, but rather the other person is reflecting your beliefs back to you. It will do you no good to remove the person as that is not the source of the conflict. Many have a hard time with this, because you have been taught to believe that everything is outside of you; when in fact you have been looking in the wrong direction. Everything in your world is created from within. When you have successfully removed the belief that is responsible for the “negative” experience, you will no longer require events which will bring you those lessons.

Many will say, I have worked on the issue of lack, trust, anger, inner peace, self-love for so very long. Why have I not cleared these beliefs already? To this we reply only once you are able to remove your attachment to the outcome can you be sure that you have mastered those fears. Many of your ingrained beliefs have deep roots that stem from many lifetimes. A similar analogy to help you to better understand how your soul usually chooses to remove a limiting belief can be compared to the peeling of an onion. You choose to peel just one layer at a time until you get to the very core. Each time that you are met with another situation which affords you the opportunity to work on releasing another limiting belief, we ask that you keep this analogy in mind; be gentle with yourselves. You are not doing anything wrong, your soul is simply allowing you to have more practice each time a new situation arises that activates a fear. Each time you are met with a challenge know that you are better prepared to resolve it than you ever were before. What many of you are accomplishing in just this one lifetime has taken others many lifetimes to learn how to master their fears. This life is “packed” full of lessons, this is what makes this time so intense. Never before have souls dared to focus on removing so many limiting beliefs in just one lifetime. You chose this because you knew that you would be successful this time. With each new experience you are given the opportunity to choose love over fear. Be in peace.

We hope that this message has in some way served you.

In love and light we are your Angelic Guides.

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“You have reached the tipping point”

Today we would like to focus your attention on what we would like to call the “tipping point”. There is a tremendous amount of information circulating about these prophesied times. There are those who believe that this is the end of the world, others believe that this is the time of the ascension, and still others who are oblivious to any of the changes swirling dramatically around them. We would now like to share what our perspective is of this very unique time.

As December 21st approaches there are many of your world who are holding on to the fear that something cataclysmic will occur. Although we do see December 21st as being an important day, it is not because something dramatic is set to occur that day, but rather because it is the tipping point in which there will then be more light on your world then there is dark. It is the dawning of a new era in which peace will reign instead of fear. It is the ending of one chapter and the beginning of another. We see this time period as being a pivotal moment which acts as a catalyst for the change you have desired. This change will not happen within an instant but rather in a progression of events. The effects of this change has already been well established on your world and it will continue to be so. 20 years from now you will look back at this time and hardly recognize the world you live in today. There will be some who will be very disappointed on December 22nd, as they had set their hopes on something occurring instantaneously. Some expect the end of the world, others expect an instant manifestation of heaven on earth. From our perspective all is instantaneous; however you are still living in a world that experiences time in a linear fashion. The effects of time will continue to lessen, and years will feel like months, and months will feel like days; all the while you will have been changing rapidly into the person you were always meant to be.

The reality is which the Earth and all of its inhabitants experience a cataclysmic event on December 21st will play out, but not in the reality which you have chosen to focus your attention. All scenarios always play out, but you have chosen to consciously experience a peaceful transition into the higher dimensions. You do not require large dramatic events to startle you awake, humanity as a collective is beginning to stir, they are beginning to look around and see what they no longer want to create. Remember that you can not change what you do not know. These events which are playing out in your reality are there so that you can change them. Do you want to allow war in your new reality? Do you want to allow poverty, crime, destruction and lack? The choice is always yours. You are free to pick and choose what you would like to take with you and what you would like to leave behind. Many of these so-called atrocities have occurred on your world for quite sometime, however it is only now that humanity is waking up and taking a stand for what they will no longer allow.

As we have said before, many of you are now resonating predominantly within the 4th dimension. Although you may at times feel as though everything is “out of sorts” and in chaos, know that everything is exactly as it should be. You are all clearing any “baggage” that still remains which would keep you tethered to the 3rd dimension. Those limiting beliefs will no longer be needed where you are going. Many of you are experiencing moments of profound clarity only to be met with feelings of self-doubt which only deflates the confidence you had only moments prior. This is to be expected. You are not doing anything wrong, you are simply flexing your new muscles. You are remembering how to live in the higher dimensions. A world in which you are the conscious creator of your every experience. You have lived in the lower dimensions for “so long” or so it seems to you, that you have forgotten how easy it is to trust. It is very similar to a baby learning to walk. They understand mentally what they want to accomplish, but they first must strengthen the muscles and develop the balance before they can walk. A baby will fall regularly before they master the skill of walking, but just because they fall does not mean they will not succeed. No, they are simply learning; and so are you.

As the 3rd dimension fades from your reality, so will the ways of the “old days”. For some this will be a huge relief but for others who are more resistant to change it will become increasingly more difficult until they surrender to the new energy. Much of what you found to be exciting and entertaining, will no longer hold your attention. Many will wonder why they do not enjoy doing the same things they used to, but know that it is simply because you are no longer of that vibration. You have increased exponentially and you will find many new things which you find to be much more satisfying and enjoyable.

Many are expectantly waiting for the world the change around them, never really realizing that the power to change the world has always lied within them. Know that it is you who will change the world; not by changing those around you, but by resonating with another version of Earth which all are changed. Do you see?

Right now there is a tremendous amount of old energy being released in order to make way for the new more peaceful and bliss filled existence you will find yourselves in, in a not too distant future. How long or how fast you will see and feel the effects of these changes lies directly in your hands, not ours; it is entirely up to you. From our perspective these times are certainly monumental, know that you have now reached the point of no return. Your journey is not over but it will surely soften with time. The intensity in which you were engulfed in will fade from your memory as you settle into the “new” way of living. As your days pass you will experience more joy and less fear; more bliss and less pain. It is our honor to stand by your sides in these monumental times and we would like to say, welcome back!

We hope this message has in some way served you,

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides.

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Today we would like to focus your attention on the topic of reincarnation. There is a common belief amongst many on your world that “you only live once” however, many of you who are drawn to these messages are aware on some level that souls do in fact reincarnate. There is much to be gained from the soul’s experiences in a multitude of lives. We would like to expand upon this topic today in hopes of shedding some more light to allow you to gain another perspective of not only why souls choose to reincarnate but how each soul decides which life to assume.

The majority of all souls on this planet at this time are what you would term “old souls”, which means that your soul has incarnated here on Earth many times before. This is due to the resilience that would be required of you in these very challenging and intense times of change that you knew would take place; it takes a very seasoned soul to be able to handle this level of intensity. Now with that being said, some of you have been here thousands of times. All of these lives are going on concurrently from our perspective, although you would label them as being in the “past”.

Many of you have had lives in both Lemuria and Atlantis; and you are here now to see this incarnational cycle through. Much has been gained from your time here on Earth. Although it is based in the lower dimensions, we in no way see this experience as being easier than the higher dimensions. In many ways it is much more challenging. This has been a very intense “school” in which to learn. The experiences that you have had here allowed you to gain a tremendous amount of soul growth with each lifetime. For some of you this will be your very “last” life here on Earth, yet for others; they are still very much enjoying their time here and will choose to once again reincarnate.
Now when a soul is choosing the life they are going to incarnate into there are many factors which are taken into account. These decisions are never taken lightly and much thought is given before a decision is made. There is a “review” process that each soul goes through when choosing another life. They have the ability to look back at their lives and this allows them to focus in on what they would like to experience “next”. Of course you do not map out every little experience, however much of what you would call the big things such as your family, relationships, location, challenges, and lessons are carefully chosen by you. We smile when we hear those who say “you can choose your friends, but you can not choose your family”. Know that you do choose the people around you, as well as the guides who will help you from the other side of the veil. Of course you do have total free will when you incarnate here on Earth; as you are free to make new decisions or amend your “soul contract” anytime you please. This is often done subconsciously, however as you continue to grow and evolve you will have more of a hand in determining what experiences you would like to have and the lessons you would like to learn consciously.

Now we mentioned that you choose your family, relationships, location etc. Also know that many of you are your ancestors. You do, most regularly continue to incarnate into the same genetic lines and therefore you are your own ancestors. You also chose your body as well. You may find it interesting to know that you often times choose a very similar make up; in that you often look quite similar from lifetime to lifetime. You also usually like to incarnate with a familiar soul group. Of course there are times in which you would like to have the experience of incarnating on your “own”; not necessarily with souls you have incarnated with before. You also often times favor particular regions that you continue to reincarnate into.

Old souls, know that you have been every creed, every race, every religion, both man and woman. Know that your soul is seeking to experience each and every perspective. We spoke more in-depth about the soul’s desire to seek out balance in our message about Karma as well as in our message about parallel realities.

Although you usually do not have a conscious recollection of these “past lives” your cells and therefore your DNA do. Your experiences, and knowledge are held with in your DNA and brought with you every time you reincarnate. We have said this many times before; know that what you have achieved in another lifetime is available to you here in this lifetime. From our perspective, there is really no division between the lives. The talents, gifts and abilities that you have acquired in another lifetime are yours for the taking anytime you choose. By this we mean that you will have a much faster learning curve to a skill or talent that is developed in another lifetime.

Although your personality does not remain the same in all of your lives, you do however often have similar interests; things that you are drawn to. This could be a fascination with the arts, the stars, the plant kingdom, spirituality, religion, just to name a few. This is not to say that you have the same likes in every life, but often times what you were drawn to in one life is usually found to be of interest in many other of your lives.

Also know that not all souls want to experience the life from the very beginning to end. Some souls are more interested in gaining the experience of adulthood, while others may just want to experience childhood. In this case a soul may agree to walk into another souls life. Often times the souls will agree to make the “switch” during a traumatic event; such as an injury which may render the body unconscious or an accident which greatly impacted the body. This of course is not the only way a soul can make the switch but it is a very common way. This allows the new soul to become acclimated into the new life in the new body. In the case of a “walk-in” the new soul will begin to make changes to the life, which may appear to be drastically different to those who are observing. The personality will change, likes and dislikes will change and often times friends and relationships will change. Now remember all of this is always agreed upon by all participating souls. The reason why souls would choose this in some lifetimes is simply to explore something new, something different. Not all souls are interested in staying for the entire duration of a lifetime. Know that some of you reading this are in fact “walk-ins”. Most have no recollection of the “switch” as it would only further complicate things. But “walk-ins” do not usually have a very good recollection of their lives before the walk in, and more often than not they lack an emotional connection to past events which were not actually “their own”. However know that when a soul does choose to walk in, they “download” for lack of a better word the entire lifetime of the body they are incarnating into. It is much life an imprint that gets uploaded to the soul’s experiences.

Also know that when a soul chooses to incarnate they have the ability, if they so desire, to “download” or “imprint” the experiences of others who have incarnated on your world. This is not to say that the experiences of another become their own, however they can then use those experiences for points of reference in their lifetime. This is why many on your world feel connected to iconic people of your past. Some feel a particular connection for instance to Cleopatra, Julius Caesar or previous leaders of your world. Some feel so closely connected to these lives that they believe they were these people in another lifetime. This usually is due to the soul choosing to upload the experiences of that soul in order to gain another perspective. “Roles” such as these are few and far between compared to other incarnations so there are not many souls that actually get to “live” the actual life for themselves; hence the desire to “download” the experience. Of course there are times where you actually were that soul.

Many often wonder if they were ever a “famous” person on your world, to this we smile because of your innocence. From our perspective you are all famous. You have billions of souls watching the greatest drama to ever play out and you are the stars in the act. Each and every lifetime has much to offer. We know that it is fun for many to learn more about their past lives, but no life is more important than this life. Remember that what you do, learn and experience in this life impacts all of your “other” lives, as they are all playing out simultaneously. Your “past” lives are never set in stone, they are changing with you as you grow and develop. We ask that you make every life count and count every life as a blessing.

We hope that this message has in some way enlightened you.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides.