“Karma seeks to serve, not punish”

There are many who have asked us to expand on the topic of Karma. We previously spoke about Karma from our perspective in which we explained: “Karma is not meant to be a punishment, but rather the balancing of experiences for the soul.” Many want to know if it is possible to clear their Karma. To this we would say that it is more than possible; it is in fact what you are all doing. And this is what we would like to focus your attention on today.

There are those who blame the problems that they experience in this life on the deeds in which they “must” have committed in another life. Know that the problems which you face today are not the result of another life’s mistakes, but rather they are the result of your beliefs in this life. We would agree that you do have overall challenges which you have agreed to overcome in this life, as you do in every life you live; however you are never being “punished” in this life for the “sins” of another. That is not the purpose of Karma. You see in order to understand Karma from our perspective; you must first remember that no life is seen as a “past” life. We view your experiences as occurring concurrently; none of which are in the past or the future, just a different perspective of the same now moment. All lives are being experienced at once. And therefore the actions which you take in another life, do in some ways affect the life you are conscious of today. Where you once chose to react based on fear, you will be met with another opportunity to react based on love. Yet with that being said, with every limiting belief which you release, with every experience which you chose love over fear, you are impacting what occurs in all other lives as well as this life. The process in which you followed in order to remove the limiting belief then becomes available for all other lives to then use as a guide. Yet what you do with that knowledge is always up to you. You always have free will and therefore you are free to experience what you wish.

You view the lives which are said to be in your past as being “set in stone” however they are just as malleable as the very one you exist in now. It is a common misconception that for every wrong deed committed a person must then pay the price for that deed, if not in that same life then in another. We would agree that what you put out will always come back to you. But this is not meant to be a form of punishment, rather it is the law of attraction in motion. The misunderstanding of Karma goes hand in hand with judgment. If you had no judgment about whether an act was “good” or “bad” then you would not seek a punishment or reward for the act. Karma is simply meant to allow you to gain more understanding by experiencing opposing viewpoints; only then can you truly see both sides.

Many seek retribution for the suffering which they have endured which has been “forced upon them by another”, and to this we would say that yes, another being may be able to commit a “negative” act upon you, however it is always your choice how you choose to view the experience. Remember that there is always a positive in every situation; yet it is up to you to see it. Karma’s purpose is simply to allow the soul to experience each side in a world based in duality. But only so that you are better able to choose love, from understanding, not for the purpose of punishment. There will always be opposing views and beliefs in a world which exists in duality, however with each new life you are afforded the opportunity to choose an experience which allows you to “walk a mile in another’s shoes”; and by doing so you gain another perspective which allows for more love and understanding to be found. Only then has your soul gained the full experience of duality.

Many still find it very hard to accept that those who have committed atrocities in your world will not be sentenced to an eternity of suffering. However, hell is created in the mind; no one can force you to endure endless suffering but yourself. You are therefore free to remove yourself from it anytime you wish. There are those who live in what most would consider atrocious conditions who experience a life of peace, and there are others who live a life of pure luxury who are plagued with misery. Only you can choose how you view your experience. Know that those who commit such hostile acts against another are imprisoned in their own version of hell, yet the jailer is none other than themselves and only they have the key to unlock the cell. It is those who commit the most heinous acts which require the most love and compassion; so that they may once again find their own light.

Many ask how they are supposed to clear their Karma if they are unaware of the experiences they have had in “past” lives, and do not know what their soul wanted to achieve in this life. This is a wonderful question although it is based on the assumption that you must “pay” for the wrong doings of another life. This is not so, you will always be met with opportunities to grow and to choose to act from a place of love and compassion rather than judgment, hate or anger. You do not need to know what other experiences you have had, or what your soul would like to work on in this life in order to successfully clear your karma; simply by choosing to respond to all situations which you encounter out of love rather than fear, hate or anger. Know that your higher self will always lead you to a path which will allow you to make a new choice. Where you once reacted out of fear, you can now choose love. This is the overall desire your soul has, for you to learn how to become masters in duality; by learning how to become a detached observer of the chaos around you rather than to sink down into it. Many of you are finding that you are beginning to do this now; you are learning how to master your reactions and choose love rather than to allow the chaos and turmoil to envelope your being. This is a grand step. This is how you are balancing your karma. And as you continue to remain in a state of peace, you will continue to elevate your vibration and there will come a day when chaos will no longer surround you; as your vibration is far too high for its touch.

There are still many others who will continue to choose to be consumed by the drama around them as they are not ready to yet give up the game. However those of you who have worked on releasing limiting beliefs and focused on elevating your consciousness and vibration; you are the ones who will set the example for all others to follow. By learning to steady your own vibration regardless of what happens around you, you are achieving all that you came to do. We have said this many times and it is worth repeating, you have come to share your light, you have come to stand as a pillar of peace amongst great turmoil, and you have come to master your reactions in a world based in duality. When you have achieved neutrality in a world based in duality, only then can you be sure you have fully learned all there is to know in a dualistic world. To remove all judgment and replace it with only love and compassion; you have then found what you have been searching for. Know that by doing these very things, you are balancing all that you have ever set into motion. You are fulfilling all that you desired to achieve.

The beauty in this divine plan is that you are always afforded another chance to make a new choice. You are free to change your mind, you are free to change your reactions, and you are always free to choose again. So we ask that the next time you are faced with a frustrating or disturbing situation, we ask that you choose to act out of love; as love will always lead you to peace and balance.

We hope that this message has in some way served you.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides.

Copyright © 2012 by Taryn Crimi. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included. http://AngelicGuides.wordpress.com

9 thoughts on ““Karma seeks to serve, not punish”

  1. JUst as I was consumed with sadness over the India rape incidents, this post came and gave the peace I so needed along with a more thorough understanding of how karma works! I thank you and the angels from the buttom of my heart.

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  3. Comment to Angelic Guides
    Here I am talking about PARALLEL REALITIES. Do our Angelic Guides send messages to all others parallel realities?
    Others versions of ME in parallel realities are aware of the ASCENCION process. May be they are! May be they are not!
    But me the one writing these words, who I am? I am a physical being holding space or I am a hologram being.
    The 3D holographic realities are going to continue to be connected with 5D ascended planet? No, the 3D holographic realities are going be replaced by 5D parallel realities, may be!
    I request my Angelic Guides to explain more this issue.

    • Hi Siegfried,

      I would be happy to ask your personal questions in a private session for you. As for the question regarding parallel realities, it is my understanding that the guidance of the higher realm is available to all realities however you always have free will. There are some realities which you may not be interested in hearing what the higher realms have to say; yet there are other parallel realities which resemble the reality which you are conscious of. You could say that all realities are holographic, however your consciousness is real in all of them. You are never just an empty shell, all of the “other you’s” are just as real as the one you are conscious of right now.
      I will ask the Angelic Guides to elaborate more on the topic of 3D earth and 5D earth. I will post the answer in a week or two.
      As always thanks for your comments 🙂

  4. “You are therefore free to remove yourself from it anytime you wish. Only you can choose how you view your experience. Know that those who commit such hostile acts against another are imprisoned in their own version of hell, yet the jailer is none other than themselves and only they have the key to unlock the cell. It is those who commit the most heinous acts which require the most love and compassion; so that they may once again find their own light.” when you say this I am trying to comprehend this….

    It seems that Animals cannot remove themselves from all of the abuse and torture humans hurl on them…They are Trapped…. Broken…. Alone and Abandoned….day in and day out….

    I am still finding a really hard time with humanity and the way they treat the animals and the earth….too many die needlessly….
    do the angels say anything about the animals who suffer? Do they go to a Heaven to be Comforted like the Humans? Do they have angels surrounding them too? Are they loved?
    Are the humans who abuse others really going to ever take the keys to unlock the cell? how can we love those who harm millions and millions everyday? Is there a way to be more compassiate to those who harm? to help the humans shift their perspective?

    I have started a Prayer/Healing Circle on Facebook—- for the Animals, Plants and Mother Earth….
    Prayer & Healing Group for Animals, Plants and Mother Earth who Suffer….
    If anyone wants to join …come! it is to help send out Love to those who Suffer….

    Mother Earth and the Animals need us…. to help everyone and everything heal……

    • This is a wonderful point you bring up as well as very valid questions! I struggle with the very same judgments. I am a vegan, and therefore choose not to consume any animals or animal products, however it never seems to be enough. It literally breaks my heart in two when I see any mistreatment of any animal.

      The Angels offer a more detached perspective which is not so engulfed in the judgment and emotion that I feel personally about this topic. They care greatly for the well being of any and all souls, however they view this reality from a different perspective. From their perspective every being, regardless of race, creed, gender, or species all have agreed to the experiences which they encounter in their lives upon this Earth. I have asked questions regarding this topic many times in hopes that I can release the judgment and negative emotions I have about how animals are treated. The Angels have expressed that these animals have willingly agreed to the experience on a soul level in order to help the human collective learn from the experiences and choices which we make. It is their (the animals) intention to help us to learn that we are all one, and no life is more sacred or more important than another. The Angels have expressed numerous times that although it is not a widely accepted belief among the collective consciousness, that we are all free to incarnate into any life we wish. Therefore, humans are able to incarnate as animals in another lifetime, just as animals are able to reincarnate as humans. We are all one, and are simply searching for more learning experiences which will help to elevate our overall consciousness. There are also some animals who simply wish to experience mistreatment in order to experience what it is like, as they have already played the role of a human who disregards the life of the animal. The Angels often remind me to respect the free will and choices of others, even though I may not agree with their decisions. I often have asked them what their views are on criticism, judgment and the differing of opinions. Their simple response is that they welcome all perspectives, that they never find any opinion to be offensive as it is simply the expression of another’s free will. That another’s opinion which is different than yours, does not discredit the validity of your “truth”, but that it simply is there to offer another perspective. There are many truth’s.

      The Angels have said that the collective consciousness is slowly changing their perspective on how animals should be treated as well as what emotions the animals are capable of. For me, it is not changing fast enough, however any enlightenment which serves the good of the animals is a step in the right direction.

      I greatly appreciate your comments and thank you for sharing your concern. I too share your concern, and hope that one day the collective consciousness will accept the sacredness of all life.

      If you get a chance, the message titled “The progress of humanities evolution can be measured by how you treat the animal kingdom” may be an interesting read for you.

      Much Love,

  5. Thank you Sooooo much for Replying!! it does help explain …. still dont like it though…and i hope we can all come to co exist and reconize all life is sacred one day! so Thanks again for replying!!
    I am gonna check out the message you suggested next!

    • You are sooooooo very welcome 🙂 I will ask the Angel’s to expand on their explanation of the mistreatment of animals, Earth and Plants and post it as soon as I can.
      Once again, thanks for your comments!
      Much Love,

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