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“No illness is contagious”

Today we would like to focus your attention on the health of your human body and the purpose which illnesses serve. There are very many on your world that are experiencing some form of “virus” which is causing discomfort within their physical vessel. There are very many widespread beliefs about how these “viruses” are spread as well as what purpose they serve. It is our intention today to share with you our perspective on how this can be of service to you.

A very common belief amongst the human collective is that you can “catch” a virus from someone else; that it is easily spread from one person to the next. The media is broadcasting many warnings about the various strains of this “flu virus” and the measures you can take to protect your selves. However from our perspective, this does not protect the public from experiencing this virus, but rather it helps to continue to spread its reaches much further. The reason being, it is continually being brought to the attention of the collective consciousness and therefore many are now focused on just how contagious the virus is. Remember that what you expect is what you will manifest in your physical reality.

We will tell you what the true purpose which a “virus” serves and that is simply to purge that which is no longer needed. It is the bodies way of removing toxic waste, and releasing that which no longer serves you. The most common symptoms of the “common cold”, the flu, or a respiratory infection all eliminate waste, however each “virus” eliminates the waste through different orifices. No matter, it all is used to serve the same purpose.

Contrary to many beliefs, there is no virus that is actually contagious. You cannot “catch” an illness from anyone else. So you may wonder, how then do so many get sick at one time? We will say it is for two very simple reasons; one is the belief which says that if you are around another sick person, that you too are likely to get sick because of the spreading of another’s “germs”. And the second reason is the need for your body to eliminate cells, which no longer have use in your body. Although, we wish to inform you that feeling ill is not necessary for your body to excrete waste and remove that which is no longer of any use. Illness is simply a form of resistance which has been created by you, due to your being resistant to releasing and letting go of what you no longer need. Therefore the body has no other choice than to expel these toxins through more extreme measures, which leaves the body feeling ill, drained, and exhausted.

In a world where so many are focused on what needs to get done; on a world which views rest as laziness, your body is forced to make you listen to its needs through more extreme measures. When you feel ill, drained and exhausted you are then forced to finally listen to your body and rest. The rest is what your body so desperately craves, and it will find any means necessary to ensure that it gets what it needs. As we have previously expressed, we do not view rest as being unproductive, not by any means. It is while you are still and at rest that you are able to achieve the most. There are those of you who know this to be true, and therefore welcome the quiet time to allow for synchronicity to flow into their lives.

You see, your body is always processing waste and removing that which is no longer needed. So you can say, so why then is there ever a need to experience being sick? There isn’t. It is the only the resistance that you have created which does not allow for the proper elimination of this waste, and your body has no other choice but to “fight” the waste which has been allowed to build up. You may then wonder why would you resist removing what you do not need? Remember that what happens on a physical level, first is manifested on an emotional and spiritual level. The resistance is not originating from the physical, but from the emotional and spiritual body. There are many fears, beliefs, and thoughts which are limiting to your being, and yet many are afraid to let them go because of the fear of change.

There are certain times, when the collective as a whole is ready to purge that which is no longer needed. These instances are referred to by your media and medical profession as epidemics; meaning that the majority of the population in particular areas are experiencing similar symptoms of an illness. However we view this situation differently. It is because there are so very many of you who are ready to remove yet another layer which has been allowed to lay dormant with in your physical vessels. The collective as a whole is ready to release more limiting beliefs. This new year has brought with it powerful energies of purging and many of you are experiencing this on a physical level as well as an emotional one. Much has now surfaced that now needs to be released.

Many of you are experiencing a great purging of emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and fear which no longer resonate with your higher vibration which you have recently elevated to. You have just come through a tremendous vortex of energy which helped to strip away a great deal of density which has previously been allowed to hold you back from regaining your true power. What happens on an emotional and spiritual level will always manifest on a physical level as well. And this is the reason why so many of you are affected by these so called “viruses”. It is a collective physical manifestation of purging. Not all will be affected by it effects, some will be able to successfully remove and clear these emotions with no adverse physical side effects. There are others who simply have not chosen to participate in the mass clearing at this time.

There is always at least one or two people in any given area that are “sick” at any given time. So why then does the “virus” not spread at that time? You will only experience what you resonate with. As a collective, many are resonating with the energy of purging, of eliminating and removing that which is no longer needed. These viruses are in the air at all times, so why then are you only affected by them every once in a while? Again, it is because you will only experience what you resonate with. First you manifest on a spiritual level, then on an emotional level, then you see it reflected on a physical level.

So some would ask is it then a good thing to experience an illness? You are the only one who can determine if something is seen as a “good” experience or a “bad” experience. Certainly, we do wish to emphasize that although experiencing the purging of an illness can serve a great purpose, you do not ever have to experience the discomfort of being ill. Your body has the ability to purge even a great amount of waste at any given time with no adverse side effects to you. It is only when you have resisted the release of this waste does it usually manifest as an illness. The more you continue to resist the flow and release of that which does not serve you, the longer your “illness” will seem to last. There are some who have experienced a “24 hour” virus while others are left feeling very sick for several weeks. Again the experience is yours to create.

So although we do see a great benefit and purpose which these perceived “viruses” fulfill, you do not ever have to experience illness in order for your body to remove the density which you are ready to shed. We want to make that point very clear. As always you are the maker and creator of your reality. We simply wanted to share with you our perspective to help you to better understand this widespread physical manifestation and to help diminish the fear being held in regards to “catching” these viruses.

We hope that we have in some way served you.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides.

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The Angel’s perspective on suicide

We have been asked to give our perspective on the topic of suicide.  There is much negativity that surrounds the topic of suicide.   There are also many ingrained beliefs associated with committing suicide.  Many on your world believe that those who commit suicide will not be allowed to “enter the gates of Heaven”.   This belief of course leaves friends and family members with a tremendous amount of grief from the perceived unexpected loss as well as the agony of their loved one being “condemned to an eternity in hell for their sin”.   We do not view suicide in the same light, and this is what we would like to share in this message.

Using the human definition; suicide is the act which a person takes to end ones physical life upon the earth plane.  This is most regularly associated with the conscious decision to end one’s life; however there are also suicides which the person has indeed ended their physical life; however it was not by a conscious decision.  Examples of this are an overdose of medication or other harmful substances.  We wish to shed some light upon this topic at hand in hopes that it reaches those who are in need of these words the most.

From our perspective, all deaths are a form of suicide.   Some may find this to be shocking but let us explain our selves.   From our perspective no one is ever able to take another person’s life.  There are certainly scenarios which exist on your world which one could view as murders, accidents, and the taking of another’s life, however no one has the power to take another’s life without the permission of the other soul.  This of course is almost always on a soul level.   All souls choose to map out their lives before they incarnate on Earth.  We spoke about this topic in more detail in our message about reincarnation.  When soul’s choose the life they would like to incarnate into they also choose how they will exit the Earth plane.   Much thought is put into how a soul will exit, because it is used to help those who are “left behind”.   Those who still remain in the physical have also agreed to the experience and wanted to gain valuable lessons from the passing of their friend or family member.  You may wonder why some would choose such traumatic ways to exit, however it was used to benefit all who were involved.  Everything is used as a learning lesson.  Now we will say that although you do choose how you would like to exit your physical incarnation, there still is a large amount of flexibility, in not only the time when you exit but also in how you exit.  You always have free will, and you are free to amend your wishes at any time.

Now we will say that suicide is never the intention of a soul who incarnates in the physical world.   Each incarnation is highly regarded for the tremendous life lessons that will be gained.  However you always have free will and you are therefore free to exit this world anytime you choose.  From our perspective a suicide is simply the soul utilizing its own free will, we would not say that it is a mistake.  It simply allows the soul to gain another perspective and learn lessons which they may not have initially intended when they first incarnated.  Regardless of a soul’s choices, there will always be lessons to be learned and experiences to be gained.  From our perspective you cannot make a mistake, you simply are choosing one experience over another.  From the human perspective, you may not like the consequences of your actions and therefore regret the decision which has been made, yet we do not see the expression of free will to ever result in mistakes.

When a soul choses to end their life prematurely they often times are not aware that they are deceased. It takes a little time for them to re-acclimate to the non-physical world.  Many guides are there to escort them as they are usually still immersed in the “emotional pain” they felt in the physical world which caused them to end their incarnation.  Much attention and care is given to ensure that they are able to heal, and eventually review their lives to learn as much as they can from their past experience.

Remember, Heaven is simply a state of mind.  Therefore no one can ever be excluded or banned from Heaven.  Those who commit suicide certainly experience a form of “hell” but not because of the actions they took to end their own life, but rather because of the thoughts that held them captive while they were in the physical.  You see, “Hell” is no more of a place than Heaven is.  Both can only be entered through your state of mind; and only you can prevent your entrance to either one.

Many who end their lives through suicide have allowed such negative beliefs to saturate their being that when they pass over, the pain does not automatically end just because they are no longer in their physical body.  Just as it is in your world, we too create our reality with our thoughts.  This is why so many guides and angels are awaiting those who have committed suicide; in order to help them to regain a sense of peace; to help them to release themselves from their own manmade prison.

Those who have “committed suicide” do have several options once they have regained their composure and peace has been restored.  A soul can choose to reincarnate back into another parallel reality in which they did not choose to take their own life; the memory of the suicide will be completely removed and the soul with have a “second chance” to make a different decision.  Another option is to simply choose to reincarnate into another life with similar circumstances which will evoke the same reactions from the soul, and they are then able to learn from their past experience which will be held in their subconscious memory.  And thirdly the other option is to simply not reincarnate on earth again.  All three options will allow the soul to gain valuable lessons.

We do not perceive death in the same way that humans do.  For humans, the pain of losing a loved one can be unbearable.  The perceived loss of another is agonizingly painful; however from our perspective death is simply a transition from one state to another.  No one can be disconnected by “death”, not even if they wanted to.  Everyone is connected, we are all one.  You have the ability to reach out to your loved ones at any time; however it is the belief that a soul must be physical in order to “be here” in order to exist.  This belief allows for a very limited perspective of what existence can be.  You cannot see the air that you breathe and yet your belief in existence is unwavering.  To this we smile because it is only the mind which says something is real or not real.  Know that those who have transitioned from the physical to the non-physical are just as real, and are available for you to connect with anytime you wish.

We wish to express to those who are concerned about their loved ones, that there is no “punishment” for committing suicide.  However those soul’s who have had time to regain peace and see their actions from a higher perspective, often would like to have a “second chance” to try it again.  Although it may not always feel like it, a physical incarnation at this time upon your world is considered a great privilege.  Know that there were many more souls who wanted to be here at this great time of change yet were denied this great honor.  There are a limited amount of physical vessels available for souls to incarnate into.  This is one of the reasons why there are billions of souls upon your world at this time.  Every “spot” is filled.  We do want to convey to you just how coveted your time here on Earth is.  You were chosen to incarnate here because you were seen as the most capable of assisting Earth at this great time of transition.  So you see, although there is no punishment for the act of suicide, it is often a choice that souls regret making once they regain their higher perspective.   Although you knew how difficult this life would be, you desired so very much to have this chance to make a difference.  So with that being said, we ask that you continue to shine your light as brightly as you can because your light just may be the reason why someone choses to stay.

We hope that this message has in some way brought those who needed to hear it peace and that it has in some way served you.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides.

“A look ahead; A month by month description of the energy this year”

The transition time of a new year is a great time for both reflection as well as setting new intentions for the year to come. After all everything in your life is a reflection of the choices you have made; if you would like a different result then you must make new choices. Every year we are asked to give our perspective on the energy which will manifest in the New Year ahead. As many of you know each number holds its own unique energy and therefore each month has its own energy signature which will be the foundation of the experiences gained in that month. It is now 2013 and this too has its own energy signature which will play a role in how the energy is felt. We will go through each month, describing what the overall energy signature will be. Know that this is simply a description of the energy, what you do with it is always entirely up to you.

We would like to begin with the energy of the overall year, 2013. We will call this year the year of truth. You are amidst the largest transition this earth has ever experienced. This will be a year of many ground breaking events. We mean this in both the individual sense as well as for the collective. Much that has remained hidden and allowed to exist within your world will be brought to the collective’s attention. There will be a strong demand for the truth, this will manifest as a strong impulse to find your own truth on both an individual level as well as for the collective as a whole. The number 13 brings with it the energy of purging and cleansing that which no longer serves you; and therefore much will surface this year to allow for another large leap in consciousness. You are transitioning from a world whose primary focus was based in the energy of service to self, to a world that works as a collective for the good of all. This energy will be felt in all months this year however we will now give our perspective of the energy of each month.

Let us begin with the number 1 shall we?

(January) The number 1, being the first number, carries a unique frequency or vibratory rate. It carries an independent note, and yet it searches for the unity of all. The number one is a symbol for the coming together of many into the consciousness of one. From many become the 1. This is something that you will feel strongly in January of this year as a collective as well as in your individual lives. You will see an increase in events which will allow for an opportunity for the collective to come together; a meeting of the minds in many aspects of the word.

(February) The number 2, which represents balance. The number two seeks harmony in every aspect of the word. Balance in yourself, balance in your emotions, balance in your life, balance between your mind, body and spirit. You will find this to be a driving force in the month of February. All that is out of balance will surface so that you can see clearly where balance is needed. Many will find that it will become much more difficult to ignore the imbalance in their lives and you will be met with opportunities to remove the chaos from your life which is creating resistance. In the areas in which you are in need of restoring balance, there will likely be many events which surface to allow for the opportunity to get back into alignment. Those of you who are in alignment with your true self will experience a very peaceful month which allows for you to see synchronicity at work.

(March) The number 3 is known as the catalyst. It makes you move; it sets you up, and removes obstacles for you so you can build your foundation for what is to come. The energy of the month of March can be used to gain a tremendous amount of “ground” in helping to restructure and purge anything which no longer is compatible with their higher vibration. You may find you have a great drive to clear many emotions, beliefs and feelings which are no longer serving you. All of this is being brought about by the energy of the 3. You’re cleaning house, in a very real and literal way both within and without. As you know we have explained March to be a pivotal month; One which clears the way. This of course will be felt even stronger this year because of the overall energy of the year. We would suggest that as you are met with obstacles in your path, you simply allow them to flow through creating as little resistance as possible. The more you judge these experiences as they surface, the more attraction you will have to create more experiences of a similar vibration.

(April) The number 4 holds the frequency of foundation. Once you have allowed for the release of that which no longer serves you in your life you then need to rebuild the structures and pillars in which you will grow from and build your new structures upon. This will be found not only in your physical life but also within your beliefs, and understandings. You will have a strong desire to begin again. To lay the ground work that is required for you to set your feet down on the path of your destiny. The number 4 is very much a grounding month. You will find yourself being drawn to many things which will help you to feel grounded to the earth; as many will be drawn to be in nature and explore what nature has to offer. Physical exercise will be very beneficial this month in helping you to ground your energy. This is not the month for stagnation, you will be inspired to get things done which may have been putting off.

(May) The number 5 is one in which you now have a strong foundation to build upon and you have done much of the necessary ground work which is required for you to again move forward. This energy allows for a fresh start in which to set new intentions and begin something new. You are now capable of firmly planting your feet on your new enlightened path and begin your journey. It is a time of new beginnings and of blossoming possibilities. The month of the 5 will also tend to shake things up when it comes to accessing your new paths. You will not allow anything to stand in your way as you will have a clear vision of where you are headed and anything that is not in resonance will be cast to the side. This goes for you, your beliefs, and your outer reality.

(June) The number 6 is a fixture; it is where you begin to grow deep roots while traveling your path. It is a month of strength courage and determination. This is where you will find the courage to dig deep to remain steadfast on your path of enlightenment. You will be tempted, shaken and tested but through these trials you will find great encouragement and vigor for having stayed true to yourself. The number 6 will ingrain the need for dedication within you and out of that will blossom a new-found optimism, clarity and vision to lead you further on your path. The 6 has the ability to shine light and make known what was once kept hidden. Much will be exposed in the month of the 6; as we often say you cannot change what you do not know, and this energy will be helpful in showing you what has remained concealed. This refers to a personal level, as well as on a collective level.

(July) The number 7 carries the signature of destiny. Now that you have experienced the tests, trials tribulations and clearing that is required to give you the clarity of mind, you are free to step foot on your path which is your destiny. Your destiny will always be what you make of it; you are always afforded the use of your own free will and this month you will move closer to that which you have dreamed to achieve. The signature of the 7 is quite beneficial, spiritual, and offers a heightened sense of awareness. This month will support the alignment with your God-self. Many do however find this energy to be quite overwhelming but if harnessed properly you will find all will seem more attainable and closer to your grasp than ever before. This energy can help you to truly blossom into the divine being you are meant to be.

(August) The number 8, carries in some ways a similar energy pattern as the number 7, and we would characterize the energy as alignment. Experiencing the peaceful flow of all that is, and all that is meant to be. You will be inspired to allow synchronicity into your life and be consciously aware to look for it because of the alignment that you will experience from the signature of the 8. That which is not in alignment will become blatantly obvious and demand your attention. The 8 also carries what we would term the energy of the infinite. You have the ability to experience the infinite in a more direct way due to the energy of the 8.

(September) The number 9, carries with it a frequency of climax, peak, and the culmination of experience. The energy of the 9 allows for events to reach a climax, socially, personally and collectively. This will be as much on a grand scale as it is a personal and individual scale. You will have the energy of strong manifestation and dreams, desires and fears coming to fruition. We say this not to scare but to help you to be aware of the nature of the 9. As you know your manifestation skills are increasing and the energy of the 9 will help this further. What you focus on will come about abruptly; good or bad. The 9 also brings with it energy to help accomplish goals which have been set and to help achieve what has been previously, seemingly unattainable.

(October) The number 10 carries th energy of completion and re-birth. It is the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. Many may find endings to relationships, career paths, and long-standing issues; however with every ending comes a new beginning. It has a great energy of pulling everything firmly into reality and tying off all loose ends. Much of what you have been trying to finish will be completed this month. This refers to not only you on a personal level, a biological level, an enlightened level, but also to mass consciousness as a whole. Much will be completed in the month of the 10.

(November) The number 11 brings with it the frequency of unity, balance and collective. The 11 has a strong energy that brings many together and unifies the masses. It carries with it not only the energy of the 11 but also of the 2 which as we spoke about refers to balance. So this will very much be the coming together of the masses to form a balance with in society, integral structures within your society, and within your institutions. Much has happened already but much more will continue to happen which will bring everyone together; you are learning to function as a collective.

(December) The number 12 is the number in which this solar system was based on, the number your bodies were based on. It carries with it the energy of the 3 as well as the 12. As you know the 3 is a catalyst for what is to come. The month of the 12 is a catalyst and also the culmination of what has been experienced. The number 12 also brings with it the energy of the 1 and the 2, unity and balance. So much is experienced in the month of the 12. It sets you up for something new and yet brings together everything you have experienced and accomplished; It sets you up for the next year which although the months are the same in their overall signature pattern, it will be influenced by the next year, in this case the number 2014.

There is much to be gained this year. As you know you are in the midst of a great transition. Much needed change will come about from the experiences which will be had this year. You are creating the world you want to live in, in each and every moment. We have simply given you the energy as we see it for each of your months, however the future is not predicted; it is created by you. We ask that you make your choices thoughtfully as you continue to regain your power as conscious creator beings. And as always you may call on us; as we are always eager to be of service.

We hope that you have enjoyed our message today and that we have in some way served you.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides.