The Angel’s perspective on suicide

We have been asked to give our perspective on the topic of suicide.  There is much negativity that surrounds the topic of suicide.   There are also many ingrained beliefs associated with committing suicide.  Many on your world believe that those who commit suicide will not be allowed to “enter the gates of Heaven”.   This belief of course leaves friends and family members with a tremendous amount of grief from the perceived unexpected loss as well as the agony of their loved one being “condemned to an eternity in hell for their sin”.   We do not view suicide in the same light, and this is what we would like to share in this message.

Using the human definition; suicide is the act which a person takes to end ones physical life upon the earth plane.  This is most regularly associated with the conscious decision to end one’s life; however there are also suicides which the person has indeed ended their physical life; however it was not by a conscious decision.  Examples of this are an overdose of medication or other harmful substances.  We wish to shed some light upon this topic at hand in hopes that it reaches those who are in need of these words the most.

From our perspective, all deaths are a form of suicide.   Some may find this to be shocking but let us explain our selves.   From our perspective no one is ever able to take another person’s life.  There are certainly scenarios which exist on your world which one could view as murders, accidents, and the taking of another’s life, however no one has the power to take another’s life without the permission of the other soul.  This of course is almost always on a soul level.   All souls choose to map out their lives before they incarnate on Earth.  We spoke about this topic in more detail in our message about reincarnation.  When soul’s choose the life they would like to incarnate into they also choose how they will exit the Earth plane.   Much thought is put into how a soul will exit, because it is used to help those who are “left behind”.   Those who still remain in the physical have also agreed to the experience and wanted to gain valuable lessons from the passing of their friend or family member.  You may wonder why some would choose such traumatic ways to exit, however it was used to benefit all who were involved.  Everything is used as a learning lesson.  Now we will say that although you do choose how you would like to exit your physical incarnation, there still is a large amount of flexibility, in not only the time when you exit but also in how you exit.  You always have free will, and you are free to amend your wishes at any time.

Now we will say that suicide is never the intention of a soul who incarnates in the physical world.   Each incarnation is highly regarded for the tremendous life lessons that will be gained.  However you always have free will and you are therefore free to exit this world anytime you choose.  From our perspective a suicide is simply the soul utilizing its own free will, we would not say that it is a mistake.  It simply allows the soul to gain another perspective and learn lessons which they may not have initially intended when they first incarnated.  Regardless of a soul’s choices, there will always be lessons to be learned and experiences to be gained.  From our perspective you cannot make a mistake, you simply are choosing one experience over another.  From the human perspective, you may not like the consequences of your actions and therefore regret the decision which has been made, yet we do not see the expression of free will to ever result in mistakes.

When a soul choses to end their life prematurely they often times are not aware that they are deceased. It takes a little time for them to re-acclimate to the non-physical world.  Many guides are there to escort them as they are usually still immersed in the “emotional pain” they felt in the physical world which caused them to end their incarnation.  Much attention and care is given to ensure that they are able to heal, and eventually review their lives to learn as much as they can from their past experience.

Remember, Heaven is simply a state of mind.  Therefore no one can ever be excluded or banned from Heaven.  Those who commit suicide certainly experience a form of “hell” but not because of the actions they took to end their own life, but rather because of the thoughts that held them captive while they were in the physical.  You see, “Hell” is no more of a place than Heaven is.  Both can only be entered through your state of mind; and only you can prevent your entrance to either one.

Many who end their lives through suicide have allowed such negative beliefs to saturate their being that when they pass over, the pain does not automatically end just because they are no longer in their physical body.  Just as it is in your world, we too create our reality with our thoughts.  This is why so many guides and angels are awaiting those who have committed suicide; in order to help them to regain a sense of peace; to help them to release themselves from their own manmade prison.

Those who have “committed suicide” do have several options once they have regained their composure and peace has been restored.  A soul can choose to reincarnate back into another parallel reality in which they did not choose to take their own life; the memory of the suicide will be completely removed and the soul with have a “second chance” to make a different decision.  Another option is to simply choose to reincarnate into another life with similar circumstances which will evoke the same reactions from the soul, and they are then able to learn from their past experience which will be held in their subconscious memory.  And thirdly the other option is to simply not reincarnate on earth again.  All three options will allow the soul to gain valuable lessons.

We do not perceive death in the same way that humans do.  For humans, the pain of losing a loved one can be unbearable.  The perceived loss of another is agonizingly painful; however from our perspective death is simply a transition from one state to another.  No one can be disconnected by “death”, not even if they wanted to.  Everyone is connected, we are all one.  You have the ability to reach out to your loved ones at any time; however it is the belief that a soul must be physical in order to “be here” in order to exist.  This belief allows for a very limited perspective of what existence can be.  You cannot see the air that you breathe and yet your belief in existence is unwavering.  To this we smile because it is only the mind which says something is real or not real.  Know that those who have transitioned from the physical to the non-physical are just as real, and are available for you to connect with anytime you wish.

We wish to express to those who are concerned about their loved ones, that there is no “punishment” for committing suicide.  However those soul’s who have had time to regain peace and see their actions from a higher perspective, often would like to have a “second chance” to try it again.  Although it may not always feel like it, a physical incarnation at this time upon your world is considered a great privilege.  Know that there were many more souls who wanted to be here at this great time of change yet were denied this great honor.  There are a limited amount of physical vessels available for souls to incarnate into.  This is one of the reasons why there are billions of souls upon your world at this time.  Every “spot” is filled.  We do want to convey to you just how coveted your time here on Earth is.  You were chosen to incarnate here because you were seen as the most capable of assisting Earth at this great time of transition.  So you see, although there is no punishment for the act of suicide, it is often a choice that souls regret making once they regain their higher perspective.   Although you knew how difficult this life would be, you desired so very much to have this chance to make a difference.  So with that being said, we ask that you continue to shine your light as brightly as you can because your light just may be the reason why someone choses to stay.

We hope that this message has in some way brought those who needed to hear it peace and that it has in some way served you.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides.

19 thoughts on “The Angel’s perspective on suicide

  1. This is wonderful! Such a loving and enlightening post once again. This sheds light on how blessed we are- each and every one of us- even during the greatest trials, and for that I am very grateful. It also reminds us how connected we are and how our obstacles can help others learn as well. Knowing there is an arsenal of loving, compassionate, peaceful light beings on the other side is so comforting, and The Angelic Guides are always reminding us of the love and support available to us; whether we’re facing troubled waters on Earth or during our transitions- they always welcome us with open, loving arms. Thank you for this reminder!

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  3. Hi there! I’m at work surfing around your blog from my new iphone 3gs! Just wanted to say I love reading your blog and look forward to all your posts! Keep up the superb work!

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    • You can go directly to and you can see which of their products suit your needs best. The expense varies greatly depending on what your looking for.

      Much Love,

  5. Hi Taryn,
    Thanks for your post. I am obsessed with leaving this planet. I am a spiritual person and feel so alone here. I have been diagnosed with a personality disorder (Maladaptive Personailty Disorder…anxiety and avoidance behaviour) and feel that I cannot change after 43 years of this way of thinking..this dysfunctional personality is leading me down into darkness and despair. I feel empty. When people talk to me i mentally pull a veil down to resist them. I cannot stop that so i have no meaningful relationship. I’m in a co-dependency relationship with my mum. My mum says i will be well after a few months on antidepressants and psychotherapy but I know deep down i will not be. Life is so painful, so unbearable. I’ve exhausted every therapy and feel like I want to leave. On the Otherside, would I have a chance to start afresh? This life is so messed up…it cannot be untangled…I have the means to exits painless and quickly. Sure my family would be devastated but they would understand too since I’ve been in so much pain.
    Any comments would be most welcome.
    Ian (Australia)

    • Hi Ian,

      I’m sorry to hear that you are feeling so sad. Normally I do not channel personal questions unless it is in a private session however I felt inclined to make an exception. This is what the Angels had to say. I hope this helps.

      “The “rest” and “restart” that you are expecting will be no more restful than what you experience on a nightly basis when you go to sleep. To “exit” this physical body will offer you no more of a reprieve than what you already are experiencing. We realize that you will find this to be incredibly disheartening, but we want for you to know that you will not find the peace that you are searching for until you are ready to create it and manifest it from within. Whether you are in a physical body or not will not make a difference. You cannot find peace by “escaping”, peace can only come from within. Regardless of the reality you choose to perceive, you will continue to create your experience with your thoughts and beliefs which you choose to hold.” Angelic Guides

      The Angels often remind me that change can only come from within. To create a new experience you must first shift your focus from what you cannot do, to what you can do. Our beliefs are responsible for every single experience we manifest. How we choose to then view those experiences are determined by our thoughts. The choice is always ours. We are always free to make a new choice, to start fresh and to begin again. The Angels often say that the beauty of free will is that we are always free to make a new decision. We are always free to choose a new belief. What beliefs are you currently holding? Your reality will always be a direct reflection of your beliefs. What beliefs would you like to have instead? A new beginning can only come from within you, never outside of you.

      Much Love,

  6. Hi there ,

    Thank you so much for this post.
    I’m struggling today – I’ve had a session with a medium this morning and feel rather overwhelmed. My friend who committed suicide came through and told me that he is so sorry for the way he left and he holds his head down in shame and that he is in twilight and is paying the price for what he has done. He said he is good and he got very emotional and left.
    I feel like he is being punished- but that goes against everything I know about God and the afterlife. I’m so confused . But reading this post makes so much sense and you’ve made it easier for me to understand.
    Another mention in my reading was that my sick sister will pass on soon. She said within 3 years and my response to that was does she have a choice – her answer was: Not really ! this is what she chose before she incarnated. So my question is surely we ,whilst incarnated here, can decide if we would like to stick to the “original plan” or use our free will and completely change our destiny? Basically my question is can she from a place of weak body manifest health and live as long as she consciously wants to?

    • You are most welcome! I’m glad you found it helpful.

      In response to your question about your sister, absolutely! If it is her desire to stay her and manifest a healthy body then she is certainly able to do so.

      You may find the most recent post “free will vs destiny: is it one or the other or can you have both?” To be helpful in answering your question further

      Much love, Taryn

      Sent from my iPhone

  7. Hi,
    Thank you so much for this post. I have lost a closed one who committed suicide a month back. Though your post says it can never be a part of soul’s plan and I too believed that but after that incident, seeing her little daughter getting matured by each every passing day, I was forced to think whether it was a part of her daughter’s soul plan? Whether it is because her daughter will go on a path which she wouldn’t have if this exit was ‘natural’? If yes, then, how on a human level she understood that and exited on her own? Also, when her daughter soul incarnated, she must have a pre-decided plan of not having one parent by this age but then it means ‘suicide’ was planned. Please help me decipher this dilemma.

    • Hi Swati,

      So glad you are enjoying the posts! Im very sorry for your loss. That’s a great question and one that Im not really sure of the answer. I suppose my opinion is that although suicide is never the soul’s objective in a lifetime, it is more probable in some lives than others. I feel that our linear perspective of time when we are viewing this circumstance from a 3rd/4th dimensional perspective can make this seem difficult to truly grasp. I believe this child was able to see from the higher realms before her incarnation what realities were the most likely to manifest, however she would gain valuable lessons from any of the probable realities that ended up manifesting in her conscious reality. If her mother did not choose to leave, she would have a different life, however it still would have been filled with much learning. If her mother did commit suicide then she would gain a tremendous amount of soul growth from that experience. Meaning that she chose her birth parents, and however it played out it was still the parents she chose to incarnate with. Does that make sense? That’s my overall opinion anyway…..

      Much Love,

  8. Hi. First of all i would like to say a big thank u for your post, iam suffering for the last 4 months now my girlfriends death and the way i feel it is getting worst the more the time is passing. Even if iam with other people together or friends i still have this feeling of loneliness,My girlfriend she has crossed over before 4 months and i must admit that was the first traumatic experience i got so far.i just read your post and i have a question ? what did u mean when u said that the soul can choose to incarnate into an another paralel reality? u mean with the same body, physical appeareance and family and life conditions, exactly as it was before the death? also if that person chooses to incarnate my girlfriend for example, before me i die and leave the physical plane, that means that i will never see or meet her again in the other world when i will cross over from the moment that she will already be incarnated?

    • Petros, I can relate to you feeling suicidal. I posted on here a few months back when I was in the same boat as you. I felt I couldn’t go on living with chronic pain. But I found the answer…or the answer found me. Chant God’s name and he will destroy all negativity in your mind. Chant 24/7 Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare/ Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare! This works, try it for a month and you will free of suicidal thoughts, my friend. Post back on here after 30 days chanting and let me know how you got on. Take care, Ian

    • Hi Petros,

      You are very welcome. I am very sorry for your loss.

      There are 3 specific messages that the Angels gave a while ago that I think you will find helpful. The first is on parallel realities. The second message is about “Time is simply a marker” and the third message is about “reincarnation” You can find all of those on the blog by entering those topics into the search field up on the top right.

      To answer your question, yes a soul can choose to incarnate into another reality with the same “set up” as before although they would have absolutely no recollection of the suicide. The pain and trauma that the soul felt which caused them to want to commit suicide would return and they would have another chance to work through the emotions and hopefully resist to urge to “exit” again. Does that make sense to you? Meaning that for all you know you could have already chosen to leave your physical body in another parallel reality and you would have absolutely no recollection of it and it seems to you that you are still experiencing the pain you have felt since your girlfriend passed away. Many souls want a second chance to come back and try it again after leaving because they regret the decision they made.

      In regards to your second question; No, you would get to reunite with your girlfriends soul. It becomes a little difficult to explain because we think in terms of linear time, however there really is no such thing as time. Time is an illusion. So although it seems from our perspective that the soul would not be in the higher realms if they choose to incarnate again, the higher self is always within the higher realms. It is only one portion of our souls consciousness that is actually incarnated in the many different lives. You always can connect with the higher self.

      I think those 3 messages listed above will help shed some light on the subject. The Angels always seem to have a very simple way of explaining things that seem so complicated 🙂

      Much Love, Taryn

  9. Hello taryn,i would like to ask something which really impresses me. eversince my girlfriend died as i mentioned above and not by natural causes……., i started searching in the internet articles about life after death, astral planes and so on. for the last 4 days now i read some articles about astral planes, which they describe how is life in the astral planes. they describe that life in the astral planes is some short of replica and not quite different from the life we live here in the physical word. they describe that there are also houses ,music halls, libraries, museums, universities, schools, and each of the spirits has a specific occupation if it wants to. there are also mountains, sea, forests . gardens and so on. so my question is what is your opinion about that? also the soul has the same appearance as when it was in the physical plane, but without the defects of the human body or weak and old but more young and beautiful and full of strength. are all these truth? so far people had the idea that the life in the spiritual world has apsolutely nothing to do with the life we live here on the physical plane, thats why i was also impressed when i read about it because i was just thinking the same. please with respect i would like your opinion about it.
    with respect petros

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