My Divine Redesign

MyDivineRedesignCollageThe Angels always remind us to follow our joy.  It wasn’t until I truly incorporated this into my life that I really started to find myself.  The elusive peace of mind that had seemed to escape my grasps practically my entire life has finally been found.  Certainly, connecting with the higher realms has become a true passion of mine.  It is one of the ways I truly feel fulfilled, however connecting with the higher realms is just one of the things I truly enjoy.

I have always considered myself to be very creative.  I love to visualize how I can transform something that was once ugly or unappealing, into something that is beautiful and desirable.  In some sense I think it is another way that I channel.  In my “spare time”, when I am not being a mom, or channeling private sessions I love to refurbish old furniture.  For me its a way to balance out all the channeling I do by doing something very physical and grounding.  People always want to know where do I find the time LOL!?  Well, Mason is a great napper, my husband Rich is a big help, and I really think I just create more time in a day because I want to have time for everything I love doing!  Every time I start to feel overwhelmed due to the “lack” of time, the Angels thankfully remind me that I can have as much or as little as I need; “if you need more time, then create more for yourself”  For those of us who live in areas that participated in turning the clocks back, we got a very tangible example of just how malleable time really is!

I have really been doing quite a bit of designing, refurbishing and restoring lately and I casually have posted it on my personal Facebook page to show my friends and family the transformations.  As many of you know it was the notorious staircase renovation that caused our son Mason to have a terrible allergic reaction to the chemicals they used to secure the carpet a few weeks ago!  Note to self, all projects must be done outside or Mason must leave the house!  As for redoing furniture, let’s be honest, one only needs so much furniture, eventually there is nothing left to restore or design.  So I decided to start doing a few pieces here and there and selling them.

I have decided to take this hobby/passion of mine to another level.  I am a huge fan of Do it yourself projects and I have done quite a few now.  So I have decided to start another blog which will focus upon Do it yourself tips, tricks and inspirations of all kinds.   Though I know this is a very different topic, I just thought I would let you know about my new blog which I named “My Divine Redesign”  in case you had any interest in interior design, DIY projects, before and after pictures of furniture restoration or interior decorating tips.  If so come and join me at and you can also follow me on Facebook at for lots of great before and after pictures!

And no worries,  I will still be posting the Angels messages on a weekly basis!  This is just something extra on the side that I enjoy sharing.

I hope to see you there 🙂

Much Love,






8 thoughts on “My Divine Redesign

  1. Ohmgosh! This is my passion! I love, love, love design and especially repurposing furniture! I’m currently working on bringing a 1940s club chair back to life. Yay for your inspiration!

  2. Hello Taryn,

    The stairs look beautiful!!! Although you probably did not want to pay the price you did with Mason being ill. I hope everything is back to normal for you all now.

    I will enjoy following your blog for sure. My goal is to live in a cabin and grow my own food for my family. So all those DIY projects are useful. Have you seen the website – ? My daughter sent it to me and it has the most adorable cabins. It is a hoot to just wander there. And a hoot when people say “Cabinporn??” what are you looking at??? lol

    Loved your entry about the vaccinations. Very important topic, worded softly and gently. I will be sending that around.

    Peace, Love & Joy, Annie

    On Tue, Nov 5, 2013 at 9:50 AM, Angelic Guides

    • Thank you Annie!

      Yes, the stairs were a bit more than I bargained for but he is doing much better now. It seemed to just never end. Once we realized that he was allergic to the chemicals that were became air born once we sanded the staircase we had to hire a company to completely clean the house from top to bottom! So we brought Mason home and he was fine for 2 days….then without thinking, it was really cold that morning so we turned the heat on. That night he had another allergic reaction. I was tossing and turning and was really doubting if I had heard the Angels correctly about it being the toxins from the stairs that he was allergic to. Then all of a sudden I heard them say, “you turned the heat on”. I immediately jumped out of bed and shut the heat off. UGH! I was so annoyed with myself for not thinking about all of the air ducts that the chemicals were in. So the next morning we went to the store and got all new filters, bought a good air purifier for his room and hired a company to come and clean all of the vents, and duct work and the heating coils. So we brought Mason back home after we spent another night at my mom’s. He seemed to be all better. Then it was really hot several days later and he had another out break!!! It tuns out we turned his ceiling fan on for the first time and the cleaning people only cleaned one side of the ceiling fan, the other side still had the dust! Soooooo, now everything is completely clean and he hasnt had any more allergic reactions!

      But we are really happy with how the stairs turned out after all that stress and hassle.

      Living in a cabin sounds so enchanting. There is something so peaceful about a serene cabin or cottage out in the woods. I have never heard of cabinporn lol but I will definitely check it out.

      Im glad you liked the vaccination message, I wasnt sure how people in the medical field would feel about it but as always the Angels seemed to have a very eloquent way of putting it. I really wanted to know what the Angels perspective was on vaccinations being that we are now in the position of having to make that very important decision for Mason.

      Glad you will be visiting my other blog too!

      Much love,

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