“First Responders”

first responderToday we would like to share with those of you who have been specifically drawn to this message.  To those who will read this message when it is first shared, and to the many many of you who will find this message when you are ready to do so, this message is specifically for you.

This great time of change can feel so challenging that you doubt in your ability to continue on.  You have found yourself doubting if you will be able to shine your light as you had agreed so many eons ago.  There have been many names given to those of you who have chosen to lead the way, to awaken while everyone else still lays encased within the dream.  You have been called way showers, light bearers, light workers but we will share with you how we perceive you.

There are those on your world who are referred to as the “first responders”; those who run to save others while everyone else runs away from the danger.  They are the first to go in to the dangerous and challenging situations and yet they are the last to leave.  Only when they are sure that there is no one else to be saved, no one else who is in need of assistance, no soul left who is in need of being rescued do they finally leave the scene.  You are the spiritual “first responders” in this momentous time of ascension.

Though your souls have the ability to cross over into the higher dimensions as you have continued to awaken to the illusion you have been immersed in, you have chosen to stay behind to help those who are “still asleep” so they may awaken safely and ascend into the higher dimensions.  You have chosen to be the beacon of light for all to see as each soul awakens to a room of darkness.

It is often most challenging for those who chose to go before all others, but know that you do not struggle in vain.  You are forging a path for all others to follow.  Just as a path amongst the dense growth of the jungle is most treacherous for those who step upon it first, you have chosen to go first because you knew you could overcome the challenges that you inevitably would encounter.  As you continue to awaken to the realization that you have been within an illusion, you look around to see that everyone else still remains asleep.  You often find yourself wondering if it would have been easier to remain asleep, never realizing that you were only dreaming.  It is much harder to awaken to the realization that you are within an illusion yet not awake enough to escape from the dream.  We will share with you why that is.

You have chosen this path not as a “game” or an “experiment” for your soul, but because you believed so strongly in ensuring that all souls who wanted to return to the higher realms had the opportunity to do so.  You responded to the call for help of those who remained within the dark and eagerly volunteered your service. Many have been immersed in this illusion for a very long time; it is time for the dreamers to awaken and remember that it was all just a dream.

So to those who have been drawn to this message know that we commend you; we too have agreed to remain by your side, encouraging you, each time you feel as though you can’t go on.  Though we cannot walk your path for you, we have chosen to walk beside you.  Please know, that you are transforming the world more than you know.  You are the “first responders”.

We send you our unconditional love and gratitude for all that you continue to do.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides

26 thoughts on ““First Responders”

  1. Nice, very relevant, very nice to know that my struggle is not alone. And God, what a struggle it can be at times. Health, relationships, finances all in tatters but I will fulfill my mission for that is all that matters.

  2. Thank you, Taryn. It’s such a soul-uplifting message. I needed it so badly! Thank you angels! I don’t know who my angels are but I am sure they will be with me! One question still bothers me, how do I identify or recognize an angel’s message/sign and stop getting confused with mind’s logic?

    • You are most welcome. It seems like many of us needed to hear that message 🙂

      The signs are never your minds logic, it is just your mind that tries to explain where the signs came from. The guidance that they offer seems to always come at just the right moment. “There are no coincidences, just synchronicity. The guidance you request is always given, by allowing it to come in any form will enable us to send you the messages you most need to hear.” ~Angelic Guides

      Much Love,

  3. Hello Taryn.

    So, with tears in my eyes, I thank you for this message. So both in my “day job” and on my path, I am not sure where to go. Sometimes I just don’t know what to do anymore. I will continue at ask for guidance and see where it leads me.

    Thanks you!

    My best to you and your family, Annie

  4. Ha!! for me it’s like I am constantly having this conversation with my(higher)self: Ok, do you want to take it one step further? you don’t have to, you have already accomplished so much……yeah, sure, why not? let’s push it just a little more, give it to me!! so then I push it one step further, going where it was thought impossible, and I tell myself I am crazy, then……I do it all over again! Caught in a loop… I am looking forward to a rest period, somehow, sometime….. then I get those moments of pure wonder, and all is perfect… and I loop again. woo hoo!!

  5. OMG, finally….finally, I have been seen. I have been telling others…that I know I’m a WayShower. I know that I am here to help humanity transition. I know that I am here to ‘hold the gate open’ until everyone has transitioned over. The idea of ‘no man left behind’. I have doubted myself so much. I have wished so much that I could still be asleep. I have longed for someone to understand who I am and why I am here….to share the journey with me. I have been so full of anguish because my life has seemed so random and pointless up to now. My mission not yet realized fully (only barely understanding that there was something specific I have been “training” for all of my life). Only in the last year, have I come to understand that while I’m here on Earth, at this time, to pursue my soul’s purpose, to learn and grow and love….there is a very primary mission….to be here for the Event….to be there for humanity during it, and most especially after. I have not known my purpose/job yet…because it has not yet occurred. And yet….I feel so much anticipation…and there is a sense of peace and readiness. No fear at all. So, thank you for this message. I needed this message. It’s like it was written just for me. Thank you.

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