Exciting Changes Coming soon!

Hi Everyone,

Angel wingsI hope you are all enjoying your holidays.  I am really excited to share with you a few of the newest additions to the Angelic Guides page.  As many of you now know the Angels have really been encouraging me to yet again push past my comfort zone and channel verbally.  I have to admit I am really excited and bit nervous but I have to say, each time the Angels push me beyond my comfort zone it always works out really well no matter how much I  resist along the way! So I am taking the leap of faith and I have decided to channel verbally….. publicly!  This means that there will be some changes in the near future.

#1 – The first ever live channeling call is scheduled for January 25, 2014 @ 9:00 AM EST.  The topic will be “The lost civilization of Atlantis”! The Angels and I would like to offer approximately 2 verbal channelings per month on various topics of interest so I have purposely kept the registration fee low so that all who would like to join may do so as often as they like! The Angels will work with all of us on the call on an energetic level helping us to release and remove blocks that we are ready to release.  SEATING IS LIMITED TO JUST 100 people on the call and the seats are filling up.  So if you know you really would like to be on the call I would recommend reserving your seat now.  And a lot of people have been asking if they will have to talk on the call, no worries….all you have to do is sit back and listen from the comfort of your own home.  You won’t have to talk at all, no introductions so for those of you who are shy you have nothing to worry about.  It will just be me channeling the Angels 🙂  And the call should last about an hour or so.  Don’t miss out! Once the seats are filled the registration will be closed. The registration fee is just $20.  Click Here to Register

#2 – Private sessions- Since I will now be channeling verbally I will now offer live private sessions in 1/2 hour and 1 hour increments.  You will be able to talk directly to the Angels and there will be no limit to how many questions you can ask in the allotted time that you choose for your private session.  The call will be recorded so that you can re-listen to it as often as you like! I think this will benefit many of you as you will now have the opportunity to interact and ask questions about the answers they give you.  I will still offer the written private sessions for those who are not comfortable speaking/understanding English or would just prefer to have a written session.  The sessions will be $85 for a 1/2 hour private session and $150 for a 1 hour session.

#3 – Group sessions – Group sessions will also be offered.  Invite your family and friends to do a group session with you! You must have at least 4 people to do a group session and they can be as large as 15 people.  You each will have the opportunity to ask the Angels your questions as well as listen to the answers that others in your group receive as well. Group sessions will be an hour and a half.  The group fee is $35 per person.

The private and group sessions will be available for purchase by the end of January.

Happy New Year everyone! We have a lot to look forward to!  Remember this is the year to dream big!

Much Love,


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