Angelic Guides is moving!!

The NEW WEBSITE will be

I have been hard at work creating a new website for Angelic Guides and we are officially moving to a new site!!! The new site will likely be live sometime tomorrow.  If you are already an Angelic Guides follower then you don’t have to worry, you will remain a follower of the Angelic Guides blog on the new website.  All of the content will be carried over from this current website.  The new website will have lots of new advantages…..once the kinks are worked out 🙂  It may take a day or two for the site to be exactly the way I intend it, but overall the function of the website will be operational immediately.  

For your convenience you will be automatically be redirected to the new Angelic Guides website even if you type in this current website….for now anyway.The new website address will be: (Don’t forget about the dash!!)  

As I said the new website will have some new features that I am very pleased to provide.  As I previously announced in the last post, there will now be live private and group sessions offered in which you will be able to schedule right online! There is so much more to come and you only have a few short hours to wait!

So if the website has already changed over when you are reading this and you are wondering why it looks different… you know 🙂

Much Love,



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