“A look ahead: The year of 2014”

2014Today we would like to focus your attention upon the year of 2014.  As many of you know we do not particularly like to give “future predictions” simply because your future is not set; rather it is constantly changing based on the decisions you make in the now moment.  However the “future” energy of the human collective is far more stable than any one individual is.  The reason being is that it is based on the decisions of the masses, rather than simply one individual’s choices.  We will not focus upon events or occurrences, but rather the energy and experiences that will likely manifest continually in each of your lives over the course of this next year;  your calendar year of 2014.

The year of 2013 was heavily focused on transformation and truth, which brought with it many opportunities for you to shed light on beliefs that had long been withheld from your conscious awareness.  For some of you it was a very trying year; one filled with constant blows as you were made aware of limiting beliefs that had been held in your subconscious though they were equally capable of manifesting your reality as the very beliefs you have consciously chosen for your selves.  For others this year was rather “eye opening”; one which brought many interesting experiences that you had long since feared but realized your fear of them were far greater than when they actually manifested.  This year offered  you the opportunity to grow and transform into the person you are striving to become.  The person you once were only one short year ago seems to be a more of a distant memory than a depiction of who you are today.  Many of you have learned quite a bit this year.  It was a year of “AH HA” moments, a year of building a foundation for you to now begin to embark on your journey in creating your dreams and desires here in the physical.

The year of 2014 brings with it the opportunity to put what you have learned to the test.  It can be a year of wonderful success and opportunity or a year ridden with perceived set backs and pit falls; but we can assure you what you experience this coming year will solely depend on whether you allow synchronicity to flow into your life or if you feel compelled to force your dreams and desires to manifest through the need to control.  We can assure you, there will be no lack of opportunities for you to use all that you have now learned.

If there is one piece of advice we can give to you for this coming year it would be to believe, allow and receive.  There will be many occasions that seem as though your dreams and desires are being thwarted, that there is no possible way for them to manifest given the circumstances you perceive but remember things are not always what they seem to be.  If you can remember to simply set your intention and continue to take steps that will surely be placed on your path so that you may manifest your desires here in the physical then you will be amazed at the progress and success you will manifest for yourself this year.  Yet if you try to control “how” something is allowed to manifest you will spend much of your time frustrated by your inability to move toward your desired outcome.

This year will likely be a pivotal year for many of you.  You will likely experience a combination of experiences, some in which you remember to allow for the divine flow and timing to enter your life knowing that your highest good will surely manifest, and other experiences which you choose to fight against the circumstances hoping to force a different result.  If you should find yourself in an experience which you feel compelled to force a result to manifest, please know that it is never too late to change your frame of mind.  A change in vibration will drastically change the experience which you attract.

It will be a year of large leaps, not only in your personal lives but also within the collective as well.  Just as you will have the opportunity to make new decisions and respond differently than you ever have before, so too will the human collective.  Please remember that as experiences surface that seem as though they are being dredged up from your past they are not there as a form of punishment or unfinished business, but rather as an opportunity to demonstrate how much you have changed as a person.  You are not the same person you were even a few months ago.  You are growing at a rapid pace.  Experiences that once would have sent you into a downward spiral for weeks or even months now can be turned around in a matter of hours or minutes.  This is your chance to verify for yourself just how much you have grown.

This is the year to dream big, give it all you have and step aside. As we have said in past messages, there is a time for integration and a time for acceleration.  You have had an entire year of learning, growing and remembering; now is your chance to put all that new knowledge to use! This is why we said in our last message that you are taking your final exam.  This winter/summer solstice is allowing all of you the opportunity to review all that you have learned this year before you take the next big leap and spread your wings in the coming year.  You can use this energy to lift your wings and soar, or you can let it hold you down for fear of failing.  The choice is all yours.  We offer you one more thought before we conclude our message, create the life you always dreamed you could have, not the one you think you will be able to have. We do hope that we have helped you in someway and we wish you all a wonderful New Year.

We will be watching and waiting, if ever you feel that you are in need of our assistance we will eagerly be awaiting your call.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides

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“Free your mind and the rest will follow”

freedomToday we would like to focus your attention upon the topic of beliefs.  Certainly this is a rather broad topic and we have covered this topic before but what we would like to discuss in particular is your unlimited potential within the illusion you currently perceive as reality. Though we can show you the door to your freedom, only you can choose to walk through it.

Many of you are finding this time of awakening to be very challenging; though your conscious mind understands the limitations of this reality, you have not yet mastered the skill of consciously creating all that you desire.  This stage in your awakening can be compared to the learning process of a toddler.  Often their minds understand how to perform the task, though their motor skills and coordination have not yet developed enough to accomplish their goal.  However, just as a toddler will eventually gain the coordination and skill required to accomplish their task, so to will all of you develop and gain the ability to consciously create all that you wish to experience.  We can assure you, you are doing nothing wrong, this is all part of the process.

The beliefs that you hold are so very strong, they have been carried from one life to the next so that you would have the opportunity to learn and grow from your experiences in the lower dimensions.  However, for many of you, you have “played” long enough, you have seen all that you wish to see, and you are ready to shed those chains which you willingly placed upon yourself so very long ago.

Not only are your own individual beliefs changing rapidly, but so too are the beliefs held within the human collective.  It is now becoming a well-known acknowledged fact that “thoughts are things”, yet only 50 years ago this was a belief of only those who were considered to be  “new age thinkers”

Time is condensing and will continue to do so until it is nothing more than a marker for which your mind can track an experience.  Your years now feel like months, and your months seem to fly by in days.  You ponder the very malleable illusion of time when you think back through out your memories; events in your past feel as though they were eons ago and yet it feels like it happened just yesterday.  This will continue as the limitation of time and space begin to unravel.  The very structure of time cannot withstand the understanding of its malleable nature.  It was only solid because the human collective perceived it as such.

As you continue to release the limiting beliefs that have held you captive, you will free yourselves from the jail cells you have been contained within.  Your world is changing before your very eyes, faster than any of you have ever witnessed in any other of your lives here on Earth.  This stage is very similar to the development of an infant; what they could not do only days prior they master days later.  And so it is with all of you now in this moment.  You have awakened enough to realize the limitations you experience are of your own making, yet you have not yet mastered the ability to create all of your intentions and desires into your physical reality.  We are here to assure you, this will come in “time”.

As you approach the ending of one calendar year and the beginning of yet another; you are in a sense about to take your “final exam” before moving into your next phase of learning.  It is a time to use all that you have learned and put it into action in these coming days. This can prove to be quite challenging for some and very rewarding for others.  The only difference will be who choices to allow and trust that you are a divine creator, or resist the flow because it seems as though your desires are not manifesting as you wished.  Remember friends; things are not always what they seem to be.  As we said last year at this time, your calendar year of 2013 would be a year of truth and transformation.  While increasing your overall vibration you have also brought many truths to the surface for your review.  And now begins the time of integration and release.  We will further explain the focus of the year 2014 in our next message.  Until then, we remain beside you awaiting your call if ever you should need our assistance.

We hope that you have found this message to be helpful in some way.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides

 Copyright © 2012-2013 by Taryn Crimi. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.


“There are many other beings that you share this galaxy with”

universeThis week the Angels have decided to do something very different than usual.  As many of you already know there are many beings who exist within this universe; we are by no means alone.  Though I have always felt most drawn to connecting with the Angelic Realm I am able to connect with all sorts of wonderful beings.  As I always tell the Learn to Channel students, once you relearn how to channel you have the opportunity to channel whom ever you prefer.  With that being said I still was a tiny bit reluctant to share a channeling such as this because I didn’t want to scare those of you who are still unsure of the existence of other beings and civilizations; however the Angels thought it would be a good idea and so I have agreed to share this with you.  It really is amazing how many wonderful and interesting beings are really “out there”.   I hope you enjoy this message as much as I did.

Much love,



Today we would like to do something a little different.  As we have touched upon briefly in other messages; your Universe is as diverse as the souls who incarnate into it.  A question that has plagued the human collective for thousands of years is whether or not you are alone in this universe.  We smile at the innocence of this question that so many have had for so very long.  There are of course many of you who are well aware of the existence of other civilizations which exist along side you within this universe.  We have spoken about many different topics for quite sometime and we would like to do something a little different in this message.  We would like to now step aside and allow for some other collectives to step forward and introduce themselves so that you may have a moment to hear what they would like to share with you.


~ Celius- Feline Humaniod

I wish to extend my greatest gratitude for this extraordinary opportunity to connect with you.  You may refer to me as Celius and I am of the Feline Humanoid race.  The feline humanoids can be found in many star systems, however I myself exist within the Lyran star system.  I exist within your future, in a sense it can be considered 2500 years in your future.  I resonate within the 5th dimension and I live within a physical world just as you.  Our planet is called Sierka, we are located 4th from our suns.  Our years are much longer than your own.  Each year consists of 792 days which is just over 2 of your years.  Our life expectancy is also considerably longer, as we live approximately 400 of your years, or close to 200 of our own.  I myself am at the age of 272 in your years.

Our bodies are sleeker than your own and we are approximately 7ft tall.  We have fur that covers our entire body, though we have the body frame like your own.  We walk upright on two legs.  Our faces resemble your lions though our eyes are bigger and our noses are smaller.  We have ears that stand upon our head much like the felines which you know on your planet.  We do have long tails.  Within each of you, you hold some genetic lineage to our race.  We share 70% of your DNA as there is a long line of lineage that dates back many eons ago.  We have families much like your own; we live within small dwellings to provide shelter and a place to rest though we prefer to explore our beautiful landscape for much of our day.

We live on a very peaceful planet, one in which we encourage each other to grow and evolve to their own potential.  We do not have actual jobs or professions as you do on your planet though we each provide a service to others.  I am what you would refer to as a teacher or professor.  It has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember.  Our planet is quite a bit colder than your own, however our coats keep us comfortable.  We have 2 moons which remain high in our heavens that appear to take on a purple and pink hugh.

Our civilization is connected to your own as we are your future selves for some of you.  In other words some of you within your civilization are our past incarnations.  We hold a very near and dear attachment to your growth and progress and eagerly await the opportunity to reconnect on a conscious level.  Those of you who are upon your Planet at this time are known around the galaxy as the “legends”, the courageous souls who helped Earth to ascend when others said it could not be done.  I know this is difficult for you to understand because I am speaking from a “future” perspective and linear time can be so very limiting however this is the perspective that our civilization has of your own.  I have taken up as much time as I have been allotted and for that I am grateful for this wonderful opportunity.  I do hope that I have provided you with insightful knowledge upon yet another diverse perspective from one of the infinite souls who share this existence with you.  I thank you and wish you well.


~ Sirians of the 5th dimension

Hello and good day, we are the Sirians of the 5th dimension.  We are a collective of what you might call hybrid humanoids.  There are beings within our collective whom look quite similar to you, and there are others who are quite different in appearance.  We are a diverse group of beings.  Our home world is located within the Sirius star system, Sirius A to be exact; though we are most often aboard our starships as we prefer to explore our galaxy which we share with you.  We seek to learn as much as we can about the wide variety of beings that co-inhabit this universe with us.  We do not wish to intrude upon another, we are peaceful beings who are lead by the joy we receive from exploring.  Though we only connect with beings when we are invited and welcome to do so.  We seek to learn more about All that is.

Our civilization has gone through its own form of ascension many moons ago.  We were enveloped within the service to self mind set and our selfish ways were almost responsible for our demise.  However, much like your own civilization, we chose to change our ways.  This was over 700 of your years ago.  Much has changed since our time of awakening and we have learned a great deal from the experience.  Though our ascension process was not quite like your own because we did not choose to awaken while still remaining within our physical bodies, those who wanted to awaken had a physical death and reincarnated once again with a new mind set, one of service to others.

Your ascension process is far more challenging than our own because many of you have chosen to remain in your physical bodies and awaken consciously through nothing less than your sheer will and intent to do so.  This is quite commendable and we eagerly await the coming times when we can openly communicate with your civilization to learn more about all that you have gained in the process.

We consider our starships to be our home.  The vessel which we speak to you from at this time is our command ship, it is where we spend most of our time, however we do have smaller vessels that are more practical for short explorations.  Our starships name is Athena and she is a conscious and sentient being.  Our technology is one with us as it is a direct reflection of us.  Aboard our starship we have over 3200 beings.  It would seem more like a town or city rather than a spaceship if you were to board Athena.  We have meditation temples in which we are able to balance and harmonize our beings, rest areas, exploration chambers which allow us to bio-locate to any place of our choosing; we also have a school and nursery for our children upon our starship.  All that we desire and require is aboard this vessel, which is why we are able to spend most of our time upon this starship instead of on our home world.

There are many Sirians who choose to remain on our home planet as it is where they find the most joy.  We are encouraged from birth to follow our joy and it has made for a very loving existence as all are providing a service to others while doing what they enjoy most.  Our intention is to never intrude, only peacefully explore and so it is with grate gratitude that we say thank you to you for this opportunity.  We will be sending you our love and gratitude to your civilization until we meet again.


~ 9th dimensional Pleiadian Collective

Ahhhhh yes hello dears, we are the 9th dimensional Pleiadian collective and it is a pleasure and an honor to connect with you at this time.  We would like to thank you for your time this day.  We are a collective of 3,567 beings who resonate within the 9th dimension.   We do not exist within a physical body such as your selves, however we create our reality with our thoughts and intentions just as you do.   This may seem a bit strange to some of you who are connecting with us for the very first time, however many of you have your own connections with our civilization.  We are located in the Pleiades star system and we are one of many collectives from the Pleiadian star system.

We have generously been given this opportunity to connect with all of you and it is our desire to be of service to you.  We have prepared a short narrative about the power of your thoughts in hopes that we bring a simple reminder to you as our offering to you.  We do realize that this is not a new subject for many of you though we wish to share with you our perspective.  What you focus on expands.  Though you are now conscious of this truth, many of you still find it quite difficult to create the experiences you desire most.  We will tell you why that is.  The fear and dread that you feel about the possibility of the experience which you do not want to manifest is stronger than your wish and expectation that you desire to manifest.

The universe which we exist within is neutral, it doesn’t matter if you are in the 3rd dimension or the 50th dimension, the universe will only bring to you more of what you focus upon.  So, when you are feeling that dread, anxiety and worry well up in your being, it is a sign that you are putting an incredible amount of energy towards creating that experience.  The reality that you exist within is so very unique because there is a perceived delay before your thoughts manifest.  What a wonderful opportunity this allows you; you have the ability to feel how something will feel before it manifests in your physical reality.

We do not experience a delay, which is why we must always be so very conscious of our thoughts.  What we focus upon is instantaneously manifested.  You have the ability to change your mind before it manifests.  When you feel the excitement and anticipation of experiencing something you truly desire you have the opportunity to feel what joy you will create by manifesting that experience.  Your feelings of fear and worry are just as important as your feelings of excitement and anticipation, it is the pre-curser of what’s to come.  So take note of what you are feeling in the moment, it will show you exactly what you are manifesting.  Because of the perceived delay you can always change your mind and focus on creating something new if you are not happy with how you are feeling.

You direct your future experiences only by being present in the now moment.

We thank you for this opportunity to connect with you and we encourage you to connect with us, it would be our pleasure to do so, but until then we will be watching and waiting and sending many well wishes to you dears. We are the 9th dimensional Pleiadian collective.

We hope this message has in some way served you.

In love and light we are your Angelic Guides

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A VERY strange occurrence….

This has to be one of the strangest things that has ever happened in my channeling career, maybe even in my life!  I was in the midst of posting a picture of the staircase that we had just finished redoing in our home.  I was posting a before and after picture.  I only wanted to post the picture and did not type in any words.  When the picture posted, underneath the picture was an entire paragraph written in Latin!!!! I stared at the computer screen for a moment because I couldn’t believe what just happened.  Now, certainly I have had my share of conversations with many different beings, but it has always been in English!  It’s the only language I consciously know, and it has always been through my conscious intention to do so!

So I immediately copied and pasted the message and put it into google translate.  It said Latin detected!!!  However when it tried to translate the message into English it could only translate some of the words.  My feeling is that it may be an older form of Latin.  All I kept hearing was “we do not intend to bring you harm, we intend to help.”  I do know that it is a loving message, though to be honest it scared me none the less!   Here I am peacefully sitting downstairs late at night and a Latin message miraculously attached itself to the picture I posted. It did dawn on me that the picture of the stairs represent ascension, and it was a picture of old stairs and new stairs.

When I went back to the other page that the message was posted, the message was gone!  It was still there when I left the page and went to google translate!  I luckily still had the message on google translate so I saved it in a word document. With the message erased, at the bottom of the page it said “word count 7”, but there were no words left on the screen!  It also time stamped itself one day ahead at 12:22 AM, yet the time zone is set to my time zone! I spent the next hour and a half trying to decipher the message in any way that I could.  Unfortunately I only have been able to uncover what some of the message says.   If any of you can read Latin, please message me as I would LOVE to be able to find out what this message means that was sent so mysteriously.  I have attached the message that I received last night below……

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“Managing The Powerful Energy of The Equinox”

harvestmoon2Today we would like to focus your attention upon the very intense energies which have been streaming into your planet.  As many of you know you have just recently had the Fall/Spring equinox.  Many of you are still having a difficult time managing these intense energies and it is our intention today to share with you our perspective so that you may make better use of these powerful energies.

How are you feeling during this great time of change?  Though we do not prefer the word symptom, suffice it to say that many are suffering from the powerful after effects of this energy.  Like every equinox, the energy is meant to help you release what is no longer serving you.  It is meant to help you find balance and regain the harmony within, though it may feel like anything except harmony at this time.

You may find comfort in knowing that you are not the only one that seems to be a bit on edge this past week or so.  Some very common symptoms among many of you are, a feeling of extreme fatigue, difficulty in managing your emotions, short-tempered, mental fogginess, a feeling of an extreme lack of time, forgetfulness and achiness though out your body.  Certainly we are not saying that everyone feels all of these symptoms, however as we have observed many of you, we noticed that many seem to be experiencing some if not all of the symptoms listed above.

Let us share with you our perspective on why you feel this way, and what you can do to recover from these intense energies.  It is important to remember that every equinox brings with it very powerful energies.  Though it feels as though this energy is chaotic, bringing with it many loose ends, unfinished affairs, and unpredictable experiences, we assure you, things are not always what they seem to be.

You are moving into energy that is in support of completion.  All that seems to be unfinished will begin to unfold in divine timing.  September is most often associated with bringing forward the beliefs, fears and dreams that you hold most closely to you.  It allows you to see them manifest into your physical reality.  Although many find this energy to be quite challenging we can assure you that all will begin to fall into place in the coming weeks.

As you look around there are many all over the world who see only disorder and chaos, but know that nothing new can grow in a garden that is choked by weeds.  The weeds must be uprooted; they must be removed before you can plant your seeds for the harvest.  This is exactly why so many of you are experiencing these various symptoms.

We ask that you remember this, it is the times that you find to be most difficult that your light is needed most.  By grounding these energies and allowing them to help you purge what is no longer needed you are then able to become a pillar of peace, rather than flying debris.  Do you understand our analogy?  In helping balance yourself, you essentially are helping those around you to effectively ground and balance this energy.

In these times of upheaval it is best that you spend some time within nature.  Sit peacefully in front of a lake or river, watch as the stars shine above, put your feet in tall grass, go for a walk in the woods, sit outside and watch the wind blow through the leaves or quietly listen as the rain falls upon your roof.  Nature is always incredibly helpful when you are feeling emotional unstable, foggy, exhausted or unsettled.  Nature is very grounding, it has the ability to help you to release what no longer serves you, and it has wonderful calming effects for your soul.

Allow your self to reflect upon the changes in which you wish to manifest; the experiences which you wish to create.  Focus your attention on what you will replace all that is being released with.  This energy is once again allowing you to take another step up in vibration if you desire to utilize it for its full potential.  Of course the choice is always yours.

Listen to your inner guidance for reassurance that all is unfolding exactly as it should be.  Know that all is not in chaos; it is simply being removed so you can replace it with something much better.  Do not get pulled back down into the energy of fear and despair, you have all the tools you need to thrive in these tumultuous times.  For every light worker, know that there are hundreds of others working on the other side of the veil right alongside of you to help you ground and release.

You will soon feel revitalized again, but until then we ask that you simply allow.  Try not to judge as these heated emotions and feelings of mental fogginess arise, allow them to surface and flow through you.  We assure you, you are not doing anything wrong.  You have worked very hard to increase your consciousness to this level.  Again we remind you, progress is not always made in a straight, forward motion; set backs are just as necessary for your growth.  It allows you to steer the ship away from where you no longer wish to go.

This energy is allowing that which was hidden to now be in plain view.  What do you wish to keep and what do you wish to change?  You cannot change what you do not know; and this is why we say things are not always what they seem to be.

We hope that we have served you in some way and that we have brought some peace and reassurance to you in these great times of change.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides

Mythical creatures- Mermaids, Elves, Gnomes, Fairies, Lemuria and Unicorns. Do they exist?

unicornToday we have been asked to discuss the existence of what many believe to be “mythical creatures”.   We will share with you our perspective on these beings regarding their existence upon your world.  Please know that there are in fact many “species” that exist upon your world which your scientists have still not acknowledged or discovered.  You will continue to learn of many new beings that coexist upon your world as you continue to elevate in consciousness.  Some collectives are not ready to be discovered at this time as it would prove to be harmful to their existence.  Only when the human collective is ready to recognize the divinity within every being will these populations become known to you.

We will begin by asking you a question first.  What makes something a myth?  To this many would respond, that a myth is simply something that cannot be proven, has not been accepted as “real” and exists only in “fairy tales” and stories.  Now although there has been human contact with some of these beings, they certainly have not been accepted as being “real” on a wide scale amongst the human collective at this time.

We intend to share with you our perspective on each of these beings.  We will begin this message with a very direct answer to your very specific question.  Are these beings real?  To this we reply, they are just as real as you are.  In some cases, it actually is you who are the “mythical creatures” to their collective.

We will begin with the Mermaids and Mermen upon your world.  Although we have already touched upon the existence of these peaceful beings in our previous message, we will be happy to briefly expand upon our discussion.

Yes, there are in fact many mermaids in your oceans and seas upon your world.  They often go undetected as they are fearful of humans at this time.  They are quite social, and live in communities deep within your oceans.  They do look a bit similar to your “mythical” depictions of them in that they resemble the torso and upper body of a human, and the bottom of a fish.  The tale is similar to the tale of a dolphin in that it contains cartilage as well as muscle which is covered in a smooth thick layer of skin.  They do not have the exact faces of a human, rather you would perceive their faces as strange as they do not have a nose.  They have gills instead of lungs and as a result they do not have a nose on their face for breathing air.  There have been humans who have encountered populations of mermaids; however this is often discounted as being a myth when others have told of the encounters.

You would find that there are numerous large communities made up of Mermaids and Mermen, and just any other species on your planet, they have evolved to excel in the environment they inhabit.   As a result different communities of these beings have taken on different features and characteristics to help them to excel in their environments.  All communities of Mermaids do inhabit the water.  Some are indigenous to saltwater while others inhabit freshwater springs.  Those that inhabit the deep oceans have evolved to manage the extremely high pressures of the deep-sea.  They also have developed the ability to use sonar as a form of sight as it is very dark in the deep-sea.  Those who inhabit the freshwater springs are often smaller in size and body structure as they do not require the same amount of muscle mass as their relatives in the deep seas.

They could be considered nomads, in the sense that they do not actually dwell in permanent homes; much like the dolphin and whale species which exist upon your world.  However they do set up resting areas that allow them to sleep, eat, and play with one another.  They do travel in colonies and it is very rare to find a lone mermaid.  They are incredibly playful and enjoy very carefree lives.  There are many of you who will very much enjoy interacting with them when the time is right.

We will next touch upon the elementals which consist of the Fairies, Gnomes and Elves.  There are other beings which can be included within this group however we have been asked to discuss these three beings in particular.  These beings are of course very real and exist in abundance upon your world.  They often coexist beside many humans however they are rarely detected.  Like the Mermaids, these beings are also quite fearful of the human collective as a whole.  There certainly are humans which they trust enough to interact with on a regular basis, however they have not been widely accepted yet as being “real”.  The elementals work “hand in hand” with Mother Nature.  Often those who do gain a glimpse of these beings are quite fond of the “outdoors”, and often enjoy gardening, planting, and have a love of animals.  Many of you have regularly been helped by the elementals although many are not yet aware of their presence.

The fairies can always be found in rural and nature filled areas.  There are male and female fairies.  They most often can be seen and detected in the high octaves of the 4th dimension as well as the 5th dimension.  It is possible for those resonating in the 4th dimension as those of you who are drawn to this message are, to detect these beings in their physical form, although it is much more common that they are seen as a glitter or sparkle out of the corner of your eye.  The reason being is they often are vibrating too quickly to be detected by the human eye. This of course will change as you continue to increase in vibration.  Some of you have already had encounters with these beings while out in nature.  Know that when you see that twinkle or sparkle out of the corner of your eye, you have just seen a fairy that has entrusted you enough to make their selves known.

Fairies often live amongst the trees and within gardens, so the next time you are out in nature, you may call to the fairies in hopes that you may earn their trust to form a loving bond with them.  They regularly help tend to the gardens of those who find joy and pleasure from gardening.

The Elves and Gnomes are also within the group referred to as the elementals.  Gnomes often live underground within the dirt whereas the Elves feel most comfortable living within the hollows of trees.  Both the Elves, and the Gnomes do live in small communities where they forage and share the bounty they have harvested.  They are very hard workers, however they love to play just as hard.

Elves, are more gentle and meek in nature, while the Gnomes are more mischievous.  They enjoy playing and often will daringly interact with the human’s they coexist with.  Gnomes have been known to store pebbles in your shoes, and misplace human belongings.  They do not mean any harm, although they find it to be great fun to go undetected and yet still have the ability to play innocent jokes upon the unsuspecting humans.

While Elves are a bit more timid, they are more mild-mannered and enjoy the simple life.  They also live within communities inside both tree roots as well as hollowed tree trunks.  They are often responsible for helping the trees to grow and remain healthy.  They have a mutual kinship with the trees as the tree provides them with shelter and a warm home, while they ensure that the tree is properly cared for.

We will now discuss the beings known as Unicorns and Lemurians as they are interconnected.  Unicorns unlike the others which we have mentioned, no longer exists in your reality at this time; however these beings certainly did exist upon your world.  Unicorns were most common at the time of Lemuria and Atlantis.  The Lemurians were responsible for the creation of the unicorns as a species.  Lemuria “was” a very advanced civilization that inhabited a very large continent in the center of what is now referred to as the pacific ocean.  Lemuria was approximately 3 times the size as the largest island of Atlantis which was located in the Atlantic ocean.  Much of the physical remnants of this society has been destroyed although there are still a few physical structures which remain in the Pacific Ocean at this time.  You will eventually uncover large stone structures as well as archives of these great “past” civilizations.  The archives have been encoded in specific crystals upon your world and when the time is right, the human collective will discover them.

The Lemurians were a very peaceful society that valued the divinity within all creatures.  They however did live upon the earth at a time where there were other early humans who were much less evolved.  The Lemurians had the ability to genetically manipulate strands of DNA.  The unicorn was originally a wild horse.  The horse evolved with very few defenses against predators and as a result they were heavily hunted.  The Lemurians seeing that this was devastating the population of wild horses decided to step in and assist the horse population by genetically altering the genes of only some in each herd.  They were careful to still leave some wild horses, so as not to endanger the horse species as a whole.  This genetic alteration made it possible for these horses to fly and defend themselves with the horn on their nose.  Unicorns are often depicted as only being white, however there were very many different colors of unicorns, some of which are still available in your modern horse today.

However because this was not a natural mutation in the genes, it was very difficult to perpetuate the species.  When bred with a wild horse, the genetic alteration rarely carried over into the offspring.  The Lemurians continued to breed Unicorns for many centuries and became quite fond of them.  The Lemurians had a kinship with all life.  They regularly befriended many of the animals which came into contact with them. However the downfall of this society was their drive to alter and modify any and every being to ensure the safety of both their own community as well as the other beings.  The genetic mutations that resulted in their tampering eventually led to a community that could no longer be sustained.

Many of the beings which we touched upon today still exist upon your world in your current reality.  They will be discovered on a mass scale when the human collective consciousness is ready to peacefully coexist with these docile creatures.

We hope that we have served you in some way and that you have found our discussion to be of interest to you.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides

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Q&A with the Angelic Realm

Angel wingsI decided that it would be fun to change things up this week.  Instead of having the Angels discuss one topic, I thought it would be interesting to ask the Angels 10 questions about numerous different topics and ask them to give a short answer to each question.  So that’s just what I did.

Hope you enjoy it!

Much Love,


“What fun!  We would love to share our perspective on these numerous topics you have chosen.  Let us begin shall we?

1. What is at the edge of the universe?  The edge you ask?  This would imply that there truly is “space and time”; remember that those are just illusions that help you to better play the game in this physical reality.  From our perspective there is no edge, no dividing line that ends at the “edge” of the universe.  Your universe is one of infinite other universes, which make up “all that is”.  There is nothing outside of “all that is” because the multiverse as some prefer to call it contains all that ever exists.  You see, there cannot be anything else, otherwise it would be part of all that is.

2. How many dimensions are there?  A wonderful question and in keeping with your request to keep each answer “short” we will give you the most basic and simple answer.  Our answer is 1 or infinite, depending upon your perspective.  This of course seems confusing to you, but let us briefly explain.  From our perspective there is no separation.  There is only one, however from your perspective there seems to be a separation between each dimension as if they are stacked one on top of each other. This is often times how humans visualize dimensions, but we do not perceive them in a vertical ascension or descending line.  All that truly “separates” the experiences that can be had in each dimension is the vibration at which each being is choosing to resonate with.  This of course directly impacts their perception of the creations which they manifest.  This is why we say, from our perspective there is really only 1 dimension which contains all of existence.

3. Can animals incarnate as humans?  Yes of course.  It is simply the soul’s choice to determine what kind of experience they would like to participate in.  With each “new” incarnation, the soul is afforded a new perspective that is gained as a result of the life they lived.  Many souls have chosen to incarnate as both animals and humans.  It allows for a different experience that would not have been perceived if the soul had not chosen to experience both.

4. Why does the sky look blue but outer space looks black? Shouldn’t it be brighter because you are closer to the sun?  From our perspective the “light” that you perceive is part of the illusion.  However we will give you a more “scientific” answer to help you to better understand this phenomenon.  The Earth is encased in what you refer to as an Ozone layer.  The ozone layer is made up of various gasses which reflects light differently than if you did not have one at all.  The light that is emitted from the Sun is then trapped within this ozone layer and as a result your sky appears to be blue.  When you see pictures of “outer space” it looks as if the sky is black because there is no Ozone layer for the light to reflect off of.  When there is no ozone layer the light is more scattered, or no longer condensed into a relatively small area of “space” to reflect off of.  Your night sky appears to be dark blue or black because the photons of light are greatly reduced due to the setting of the sun.  This reduces the light which reflects off of the ozone layer and so the sky “appears” to be darker.

5. Are there really vampires that exist within our reality?  Yes in a sense there are vampires that walk amongst you.  Although they are portrayed in a very different “light” then what they truly are.  These beings do not live off of the blood of others, rather they live off of the energy that others allow to be taken from them.  This is why often times vampires are portrayed as being “allergic to the light” or will disintegrate if they come into contact with spirituality.  This is simply a metaphor.  Essentially, those who could be considered vampires, have forgotten how to ignite their own inner power so instead, they rely on the energy and light of others who allow them to do so.  Please know that you do not have to concern yourself with these beings “stealing” your energy.  No being can “steal” what you do not willingly allow them to take.  This is why it is often said that vampires cannot with-stand the sunlight.  From our perspective it is simply a metaphor for those who rely on the energy and light of others, cannot withstand the higher vibrations of a being who intends to share their light rather than allow themselves to be consumed with fear.  Remember that fear and faith cannot coexist.

6. Are there really mermaids that exist in our reality?  Yes, there are many mermaids in your oceans and seas upon your world.  They often go undetected as they are fearful of humans at this time.  There are in fact many “species” that exist upon your world which your scientists have still not acknowledged or discovered.  You will continue to learn of many new beings that coexist upon your world as you continue to elevate in consciousness.

Mermaids are quite social, and live in communities deep within your oceans.  They do look a bit similar to your “mythical” depictions of them in that they resemble the torso and upper body of a human, and the bottom of a fish.  The tale is similar to the tale of a dolphin in that it contains cartilage as well as muscle which is covered in a smooth thick layer of skin.  They do not have the exact faces of a human, rather you would perceive their faces as strange as they do not have a nose as you do.  It is significantly smaller than a human nose.  They have gills instead of lungs and as a result they do not require a nose for breathing air.  Their have been humans who have encountered populations of mermaids, however this is often discounted as being a myth.  They will be discovered on a mass scale when the human collective consciousness is ready to peacefully coexist with these docile creatures.

7. What is the meaning of life?  Ahhh, what a wonderful question, and a very common one at that.  Humans tend to over complicate this however from our perspective the answer is quite simple; the meaning of life is what you make of it.  You are all simply here to have an experience.  To have an experience that will allow your soul to gain another perspective of all that exists.

8. Is Greek mythology a myth?  To this we would reply, is anything really a “myth”?  Greek mythology is based upon stories that were passed down through many generations of the earlier populations of Atlantis.  Certainly Atlantis “did” exist.  Upon the downfall of this once great civilization, many citizens of this land were forced to flee as it was crumbling into the sea.  These citizens of the former Atlantian population scattered throughout the Mediterranean, parts of Egypt, and South America.  They often recalled tales of their once great civilization that had been swallowed by the sea.  Eventually as time passed and those who lived upon this land left the physical world, it became known as legends and myths rather than “history”.  Imagine if you tried to explain what your internet works to someone in the 1500’s, most of your explanation would be misunderstood and often taken out of context because they would have no other technology to compare it too.

Many of the Gods, goddesses, and mythical creatures certainly existed although it was misunderstood by the subsequent generations that could no longer comprehend or obtain the abilities, technology and advancements that once were so very common upon Atlantis.  This is of course because this time period was involved in the descending of consciousness.  Just as all of you are now finding and regaining new abilities with each generation, those at this time were losing these abilities just as quickly.

So to answer your question directly, these Gods, and beings did exist, yet many of the stories have been embellished as they have been passed down from generation to generation.  These “Gods”, were many of you, you were able to come and go in your physical bodies.  You were not “stuck” in one form at that time.  You were able to shape shift in the early period of the Atlantian civilization.  The higher the vibration that you maintain the less dense your physical form will appear.

Take note, do you not find it a bit “coincidental” that there is now a resort named Atlantis which sits upon the remnants of a once advanced civilization called that very same name?  It is held within the human collective’s memory.  You are regaining your memory one step at a time.

9. How do you become an Angel?  From our perspective, we have always been Angels. We did not become Angels.  Humans often think in a linear fashion where there is a beginning and an ending because that is the illusion you are currently within, however from our perspective there is no beginning and there is no ending.  All is eternal.  However, from your perspective you could say that Angels are essentially you in a higher vibration.  We are all one.  We are you, and you are us.

10. If Earth is hollow, then why can’t we just walk into it?  Earth along with many other planets could be considered Hollow.  However from the 3rd or 4th dimensional perspective it would appear to be filled with mass.  Only upon ascending to the higher vibrations of the 5th dimension does the Mass no longer seem to exist.  This is because the faster the vibration the less dense the structure appears to be.  If you were to increase your vibration enough to maintain the resonance of the 5th dimension you would certainly be able to walk into the center of your Earth.  There are beings dwelling within your physical Earth, you just don’t perceive them yet.  It would be similar to a being who is choosing to have a very negative outlook; this would of course prevent them from seeing the wonderful opportunities that are manifesting before them.  They do not perceive them because their vibration is too low to perceive the opportunities.

We hope that you have enjoyed our answers to your questions and that we have in some way served you.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides

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