“Death is not the end, but the start of something new”

A91-179982Today we would like to focus your attention on the topic of physical death. This word has a very heavy energy associated with it and we would like to share with you our perspective in hopes that this message finds those who need to hear it most. We will touch upon not only how the soul determines when it is “time” to depart but also what happens once the soul departs.

Many on your world view death as then end which causes a tremendous amount of grief for the loved ones seemingly left behind. Many at this time are departing as their soul has experienced and accomplished all that it intended to in this lifetime. Remember that we have told you that unlike any other time in your world’s history have so many souls wanted to incarnate all at the same time. As we have said many times before this period of “time” is filled with so much excitement, transformation and valuable lessons to be gained that few wanted to miss the opportunity to explore. However there are very many who have experienced what they wanted to and as a result are now choosing to depart from this physical world. Some will choose to incarnate again, and many others will choose to observe this “drama” unfold from the higher realms, while offering their assistance and encouragement from the “other side of the veil”.

You may find it to be shocking but death is viewed quite differently from the higher realms. There are many worlds that find it customary to celebrate death with joy, excitement and congratulations. This may seem very odd to you, however we do not perceive death to be the separation and ending that those in the 3rd and 4th dimensions do. It can be compared to a graduation from an institution. Just as you would not be sad that a student has graduated from an academic institution and has completed the necessary learning; we too are not sad when a soul has completed their soul’s mission and is ready to embark on a new journey. We simply view death as a “graduation” of the soul.

Yet it is quite different on your world as many are both frightened of the thought of their own death as well as the thought of “losing” a loved one. The separation that is experienced on your world is like no other. It is very unique simply because of the veil of forgetfulness that you have submerged yourselves into. This gives the illusion that death can be the end of existence for some. The very thought of not existing or the fear of the unknown is frightening to many. However we can assure you that you have died many times before and surely you would agree that birth is far more traumatic than death ever is, if you only could remember.

The soul has several “exit” options built into to every lifetime that are there if the soul choses to depart earlier. It is not to say that your physical deaths are in any way pre-ordained. You always have free will, however when a person departs from their physical body it is almost always a subconscious decision. Death always appears to have a cause; whether it is health related, an “accident” or intentional. What we would like for you to know is that there are indeed never any accidents in your world. What appears to be an accident to the conscious mind, the soul has already willingly agreed to the experience. When a soul is ready to depart it will often take the path that will be of the highest good for all involved. This can result in lessons and experiences that the family members and friends are left to handle however they too have also agreed to the experience on a soul level. Just as there are really never any accidents, their also are really never any victims. Every experience a soul encounters is only experienced if the soul has agreed to it.

Some may wonder why a soul would agree to such tragic experiences. Of course our reply is always the same; for the lessons that could be gained. Many perceive the job that they do as being dangerous or are frightened of engaging in “dangerous situations”; but know that the job that you do doesn’t determine when you are going to die, your soul determines when it would like to depart. It will use whatever means it has available to exit; whether it’s your job, your hobby, your health or an “accident”.

Many may wonder how the soul decides when it is “time” to depart. This is a wonderful question but our reply must be a bit vague. The reason being is that each soul makes that decision on their own. It is never decided for them, nor is it forced upon the soul. The decision is made entirely by each and every soul depending on what the soul wanted to experience or achieve from each lifetime and when it feels those goals have been met. Although there are often “exits” built into each life, know that they are simply their as an option for the soul. It allows a fast and easy departure that has already been agreed upon by all souls involved. However a soul does not have to take one of these exits and can choose to amend their chosen departure at any time.

When a love one departs it can be one of the hardest experiences that a human can perceive; but please know that they have not left, they simply have transitioned to another state. When you freeze liquid water, the water transforms into a solid form known as ice, yet the water still remains. It is just in another form. And so it is with your loved ones. You are always free to connect with your loved ones as often as you like. Many doubt their own intuition when they sense the presence of a loved one. It has been commonly taught that if you cannot see it with your eyes, touch it with your hands, hear it with your ears, smell it with your nose or taste it with your mouth than it is not real. We are here to tell you that this is part of the illusion. Your belief and perception of something is what makes it real. Often your intuitive sense is the strongest of all and yet it is the most commonly ignored sense.

Many often want to know what happens when you die. To this we would reply: you continue to create your reality just as you do in the physical, the only difference is your reality isn’t physical anymore and there is no time. Many continue to create a similar life to the one which they just lived. There are in fact legions of Angels who chose to assist those who have just recently passed from their physical incarnation to help them acclimate to the higher dimensions again. There is no time in the higher realms so we really couldn’t be sure as to just how long that phase usually lasts. What may seem like minutes in the higher realms could be perceived as years in your reality. Souls often take some “time” to rest, relax and visit with loved ones. There is always a review process that is offered to every soul. You have the chance to review your entire life from the Akashic Records and gain further understanding from your incarnation once you have again regained your perspective innate to the higher realms. It is often at this time that you begin to decide what your “next” incarnation will focus on. Remember we say “next” for simplicity sake however from our perspective all lives are going on concurrently.

Part of the beauty of this reality is also the challenge. You have chosen to only consciously perceive one reality at a time and although this allows joy and excitement about what will happen next as you use your free will in this physical reality you are also left feeling detached and separated because you do not perceive the infinite worlds around you. This is changing as you continue to evolve and ascend back into the higher dimensions from which you all came.

For those that have lost a loved one we encourage you to reach out and consciously connect. Your loved ones are always just a thought away.

We hope that this message has in some way served you and brought peace to those who are in need of this message most.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides

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Heaven Is Not A Place, But A State Of Mind

Today we would like to focus your attention on the topic of Heaven.  Many of you have various ingrained beliefs about Heaven.  Your religions teach you that it is a place that you will go to after you die, only if you are found to be deserving of it.  We are here to tell you that you are all deserving and you certainly don’t have to wait until you die before you reach Heaven. You see where we feel the misunderstanding lies is that many are under the impression that Heaven is a place when in fact it really is a state of mind.  You certainly can reach Heaven while you are here in this physical incarnation.  You do not have to wait until you leave your physical body in order to experience the heavenly realms.

Let us explain further what we mean when we say that Heaven is a state of mind, not necessarily a place.  Now we realize that this may bring up many fears with in some of you as you read this because you have placed so much faith and expectation in Heaven the “place”; but bare with us as we explain what we mean from our perspective.  You see Heaven can be where ever you find yourselves at any given “time”.  You have the ability to bring Heaven on Earth even in the most chaotic of situations.  This is because it is not a location; it is a state of mind, a high frequency of vibration which will allow you to experience Heaven.  As we see it, there is no, “over there”.  Space is just part of the illusion, its part of the grand design you are all participating in.  There really is no other place for Heaven to “be” but right here.  To experience Heaven is to be at one with the divine will, to integrate your higher self with your physical form.  This is truly what allows you to experience Heaven on Earth.

All of you have your own vision of what you think “Heaven” would look like, and that’s because Heaven is created by each individual.  What one may dream of is not necessarily what another would want.  You are true creators, why wouldn’t the divine want you to be able to create your Heaven.  You are free to create it as you see fit.  As we have told you many times before, in the higher realms creation is instantaneous.  We create our experiences, continually changing our reality based on our preferences and desires.  This is what you are all moving towards.  Manifestation is becoming much faster than you have ever experienced.  What a gift it is to be able to create your “Heaven” in physical reality;  by following your joy, by allowing synchronicity into your lives, and by focusing your intention on what is good for not only yourselves but for the whole.  This is what truly will allow Heaven to appear before you.

You see many have grown up believing that heaven was only for a few deserving souls, we are here to tell you that all are welcome in heaven.   As you choose to focus your intention on only loving, blissful thoughts, you allow more and more light into your being.  You are all master creators and you are now ready to experience Heaven; you are creating it each and every day in the new energy and it will only get stronger.  It is well within your capabilities.  You have all learned so much in this grand experience here on Earth.  You have learned in many cases the hard way how to begin creating what it is that you want in your lives.  Wait no more; bring Heaven here to you now!

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides.