“Love knows no boundaries”

BlueUHeartUWithUWingsU1Today we would like to focus your attention on the topic of love.  This of course is a very broad topic; however we would like to specifically discuss the boundaries which humans regularly place on love and as a result they often try to contain what is not containable.  We would like to share with you our perspective in hopes that it may help those who are searching for a different view-point than the ones most commonly seen within the 3rd and 4th dimensions.

From our perspective love is unlimited, it knows no boundaries, it knows no color, no race, no creed, no gender, and no species.  Love is who we all are, it is what we are all made from; however many have been taught to believe that love can only be felt or experienced within certain circumstances or boundaries. However love in its truest nature does not exist based on events, circumstances, or judgment.  Many say that they love another person unconditionally, only to find that upon encountering a circumstance of infidelity, mistrust, fear, loss, or grief, this love is removed.  The love we speak about is unconditional; it is the love that is free from the judgments associated within duality.  This of course is part of the experience which you have willingly agreed to be a part of, even though you knew that your truth in the higher realms would be forgotten.

This very large topic of love has come to the surface for many around the world at this time so that you may re-evaluate your beliefs about love.  You cannot change what you do not know, and so it often is in your world, your beliefs will manifest in the physical so that you can determine if it is something you would like to keep or if there is another belief that would suit your desires better at that time.   Certainly we are aware that there are so very many who have such very strong beliefs surrounding love at this time.  We are not sharing our perspective to change another’s beliefs; we are simply offering another perspective.

You see, humans very often place conditions on what love can be, never realizing that true love is unconditional; it cannot be taken away, nor can true love be removed based on circumstances or situations.  From our perspective, unconditional love can be experienced between everyone, we do not have “rules” about who can experience love; a man and a woman, a man and a man, and a woman and a woman all can share love.  Where there is love, there is compassion for another even if that other is seen as different.

Many curiously request us to share our perspective on topics such as same gender marriage, inter-racial marriage, and various other topics concerning love.  To this we smile as we are always happy to share our perspective, yet many are surprised to learn that we simply view love as limitless, this is why we have titled this message as “Love knows no boundaries”.   We always guide you to take what resonates and leave the rest behind.  It is only humans who try to place limits on whom you may share your love with and who you may not. In the higher realms love is freely shared with all, there are no boundaries placed on love because love is limitless.   Also remember that we do not view our world in “rights” and “wrongs” as we see all as simply just being.  However what resonates for one may not always resonate for another.

From our perspective we see no difference between any of you.  The reason being is that we can still “see” who you truly are, a divine androgynous being free of race, creed, religion, gender and bias.  These are simply just “costumes” that all of you have willingly agreed to wear in order to fully embrace and experience the wide variety of experiences that your world has to offer.  So how then could the “costumes” that you wear determine if you are deserving of love, or whom you are able to share your love with?  Your souls are not male or female, rather they are both, your souls are not indigenous to one region on your world or another, nor are they a skin color or religion.  Also remember that we view all lives as happening simultaneously, and therefore you are both male and female in numerous lives.  Your souls do not have a gender.

Many often look to ancient texts to help guide them in their daily lives, such as the bible, the Koran, the Torah, and many other various texts.  We have said this before however we feel that it is important to reiterate this point again, your religions are evolving with all of you.  You may say, how can these “doctrines” become outdated? Are they not based on the Holy Scriptures of the Bible, the Koran, the Vedas, and the Torah? How can scriptures become outdated? To this we reply, although the words have not changed your understandings and interpretation of this material is now much more expansive than it ever has been before. The collective was never in a state that allowed them to interpret this information in the manner it was originally intended. We will give you this simple example to help explain our perspective. If you were to read a book about the nature of your soul and the wisdom you possess, and you read this book first when you were 25 years old and then again when you were 50 years old. Do you not think that you would have a different understanding of the message that the book conveys even though the words have never changed? Of course, this is because you have grown, evolved, changed, and learned from experiences that you could not relate to or comprehend when you were 25; and so it is with the human collective in relation to the ancient texts of the Bible, the Koran, the Vedas, the Torah and various other “holy scriptures”.  Remember that these texts have been translated thousands of years ago by a population that had very different understandings than what you now have come to know.

Some of you may wonder, how you may go about changing the limits that you place on love.  This of course can be achieved instantaneously from our perspective however it is more likely that it will be done in a step by step process for many of you.  Beliefs are changed through intention; we have spoken in more depth about how one can change a belief in previous messages.  However in order for you to regain the limitless viewpoint of love that you all experienced in the higher realms, you must release the judgment that is held regarding a belief.  Many often hold beliefs which are determined by underlying judgments of “right” or “wrong”.  All of you have successfully changed beliefs throughout your lives.  Think of the very many beliefs that you held as children that changed as you grew older.  How did you change those beliefs?  As each of you continue to release limiting beliefs, you inevitably are evolving back into the higher vibrational beings that you innately have always been.  The higher vibrations do not withstand the judgments held in duality.  If you are drawn to this message then you can be assured that you too are shifting, evolving and ascending back into the higher vibrations of the higher realms one step at a time.

You are all simply wearing costumes which have temporarily concealed your divinity from your conscious awareness, however we can still see all of you as the divine light beings that you are.  All are deserving of love, so share your love, and continue to spread your light wherever you are.

We hope that this message has in some way served you.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides

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“Everything you are searching for is already within”

Today we would like to focus your attention on fulfilling your true desires.  This in a sense is a follow-up to our earlier discussion “whats love got to do with it”.  In this previous discussion we spoke about the yearning that you all have to fill a void that you are feeling.  This void is created by the absence of unconditional love and the attainment of inner peace.  You have all experienced unconditional love in the higher dimensions.  It is plentiful and abundantly felt there; however when you are experiencing the lower densities it is much harder to feel the true nature of unconditional love.  Many of you have said that you have indeed experienced love.  The love of your child, your parents, your spouse, your animal friends; but what we are referring to is true unconditional love.

From our perspective true unconditional love is experienced without judgment.  Many of you experience a form of love but only if it fits into your preconceived expectations.  True unconditional love is limitless, it knows no boundaries, and holds no expectations of what can and cannot be.   To experience unconditional love, allows for your soul to experience the greatest form of peace.  The reason for this is because it is no longer yearning for something, it is completely content in the now moment.  Often times humans try to find this sense of peace and bliss in material things, or in thrilling experiences only to find that their sense of peace and enjoyment is fleeting.  It cannot with stand the test of time.  This is because it is hollow and will not truly replace what you are searching for.  By coming to the lower dimensions you have agreed to forget who you are and what you are capable of but you have not forgotten the all-encompassing feeling of unconditional love when peace is attained.

Certainly we would say that unconditional love can be attained in the lower dimensions, it is just more difficult to experience due to the dualistic nature of your reality which generally is not conducive to having limitless neutrality.  So our objective in this discussion is to expand upon how you can truly experience unconditional love in your current state and experience that sense of peace that you are yearning for.

Many of you are making the “mistake” of searching for that thing, that place, that experience that will bring you peace.  But none of these things will ever deliver to you what you seek.  This is because you are searching for peace outside of yourselves.  The peace of mind that true unconditional love brings can never be found outside of you, it is only found within.  Now you may say, “well how do you expect me to find that kind of peace within myself, how do I find that?”  The key is to follow your joy.

Many humans often want a step by step process, and detailed outline of how to obtain what they are searching for; but we want you to know that it doesn’t have to be that complicated.  Life doesn’t have to be about performing task after task.  You are here to experience, not to perform an unlimited amount of mundane tasks.  How can you truly expect to experience the present moment if you are always living in the future or dwelling on the past?

There are so many labels put on the professions that you do, the hobbies that you enjoy, the things that you must own.   Many of you are chasing a dream that isn’t your own.  Does that make sense to you?  You are chasing what others outside you have said that you should want.  What others have designated as the “best” material object, the profession associated with the most status.  But what is it that you truly want?  What would you spend your time doing if no one was watching and you removed all limitations that you have placed on yourselves?  Often times the material possessions that you acquire are for others to “see” you in or to see that you own them.  Would you truly want them if you knew no one would ever find out?  If your answer is yes then by all means obtain it, but if your answer is no then let it go and no longer focus such energies on bringing that which truly does not bring you joy, just to acquire the envy of others.

Many have fallen into the belief that you must be “doing” something at all times, but by allowing yourself to just “be” alone with your thoughts and to truly be in a state of stillness will allow you to experience the peace that you are searching for.  Many feel guilty if they allow themselves to just sit and be still for even a short period of time each day.  You say that you have too many obligations, and that others are counting on you.  But what good are you to them if you are always running on empty?  How can you ever share your light with others if you never allow yourself to fill up?

You see joy comes only from within.  No outside circumstance or material thing can create your happiness.  Joy is who you are, not something that you must obtain. To live in joy is your truest nature and truest form; for we are all one and are all a creation of love and joy.  Once you stop trying to create joy in your life and begin to realize that it’s not something you have to do but what you are, then all will fall into place and you will feel a great weight lifted off your shoulders.

We hope that this has in some way helped you, as our greatest wish is for you to find your inner peace and find joy in your experience here.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides.

“What’s Love Got To Do With It”

“What’s love got to do with it”  Today we would like to speak about love, we humorously have chosen the title from a famous song on your planet.  We find this title to be quite appropriate for our discussion today because we want to focus your attention on the misconceptions of love on your planet and the misdirection of where you are trying to find it.  There are many forms of love as you know them, the love you have for your child, the love you have for your spouse, the love you have for your mother and father, the love you have for your friends, the love you have for your animal friends just to name a few.  All of which humans would say that the “love” they have for each one of those relationships are different.  And it’s true that humans do experience a form of love.  However what we want to speak about is true, unconditional all-encompassing love;  for many have forgotten what it’s like to feel that kind of love, the love that is so abundantly available in the higher realms.  You were showered with unconditional love continuously when you were in the higher dimensions.  You are still being showered with that love however it’s much harder for you to feel it in the denser realities.  It is what all of you are continuously yearning for.

Millions upon millions of souls are searching for something to bring them that feeling of unconditional love that was so very abundantly felt in the higher realms.  Some try to attain that feeling by purchasing an endless amount of material possessions; only to find that they still feel empty in spite of the massive amount of “things” they have amassed.  Others search for that love in other people; trying to find the “perfect” person who will complete them and bring them that feeling of unconditional love.  Still others are continuously searching for the next big thrill, something that will bring them that feeling of elation that they so badly want to recapture.  Part of the experience of coming to 3d &4d Earth was that you would slip behind the veil of forgetfulness and you would not remember much of who you truly are, or what you truly are capable of. However one thing that you have not been able to forget was the blissful feeling of the unconditional love that we are speaking of.  It’s what drives you all.  Everyone is searching and yearning for the same thing, they are just searching for it in different ways.  You have continued on your never-ending search in the lower dimensions trying to fill that void in some way or another.

Now we do not mean to dishearten you by pointing out what you have been searching for without giving you the map to finding the treasure that you seek.  We wanted to begin by pointing out that what often times humans think of is love, really isn’t love at all.  True love is unconditional, it knows no boundaries.  Love is pure elation and bliss. Many search for their “soul mate” the one who will bring them true happiness and complete their being.  Nothing can complete you or bring you happiness, true joy comes from within, it is who you are, it’s not something that you need to acquire; you already have it because it’s what you are made of.  The divorce rates in your world are so very high because humans have placed unrealistic expectations on the other person.  After the newness of the relationship wears off, they are simply left to deal with the feeling of an empty void because they are looking for it in another person when really it has been inside them the whole time.

We wanted to speak about the topic of love to direct your focus back to “within” yourselves.  In a world that is consumed with consuming, it’s time to find the inner peace that you are really craving.  We all want the same thing, we want love.   It cannot be found in another person, in an object that you desire, in food that you consume.  Yes all of those things certainly can add a tremendous amount of joy into your lives, but only if you have found the joy and peace with in yourselves first.  These things cannot bring you the joy if you don’t already have it.  Winning the lottery can bring you riches but what good will they be if you are still miserable.  But many on your world say “but if I had that money then I would be happy, the lack of money is what is bringing me misery” And to that we would say your misery is bringing you lack.  You must first find the love with in yourselves before you can truly be able to achieve the happiness and peace that you are yearning for.  It can never be attained from something outside yourself; only from within.

We hope that our message about love today was helpful and in some way has brought you some clarity.  In love and light, we are your angelic guides.