“Death is not the end, but the start of something new”

A91-179982Today we would like to focus your attention on the topic of physical death. This word has a very heavy energy associated with it and we would like to share with you our perspective in hopes that this message finds those who need to hear it most. We will touch upon not only how the soul determines when it is “time” to depart but also what happens once the soul departs.

Many on your world view death as then end which causes a tremendous amount of grief for the loved ones seemingly left behind. Many at this time are departing as their soul has experienced and accomplished all that it intended to in this lifetime. Remember that we have told you that unlike any other time in your world’s history have so many souls wanted to incarnate all at the same time. As we have said many times before this period of “time” is filled with so much excitement, transformation and valuable lessons to be gained that few wanted to miss the opportunity to explore. However there are very many who have experienced what they wanted to and as a result are now choosing to depart from this physical world. Some will choose to incarnate again, and many others will choose to observe this “drama” unfold from the higher realms, while offering their assistance and encouragement from the “other side of the veil”.

You may find it to be shocking but death is viewed quite differently from the higher realms. There are many worlds that find it customary to celebrate death with joy, excitement and congratulations. This may seem very odd to you, however we do not perceive death to be the separation and ending that those in the 3rd and 4th dimensions do. It can be compared to a graduation from an institution. Just as you would not be sad that a student has graduated from an academic institution and has completed the necessary learning; we too are not sad when a soul has completed their soul’s mission and is ready to embark on a new journey. We simply view death as a “graduation” of the soul.

Yet it is quite different on your world as many are both frightened of the thought of their own death as well as the thought of “losing” a loved one. The separation that is experienced on your world is like no other. It is very unique simply because of the veil of forgetfulness that you have submerged yourselves into. This gives the illusion that death can be the end of existence for some. The very thought of not existing or the fear of the unknown is frightening to many. However we can assure you that you have died many times before and surely you would agree that birth is far more traumatic than death ever is, if you only could remember.

The soul has several “exit” options built into to every lifetime that are there if the soul choses to depart earlier. It is not to say that your physical deaths are in any way pre-ordained. You always have free will, however when a person departs from their physical body it is almost always a subconscious decision. Death always appears to have a cause; whether it is health related, an “accident” or intentional. What we would like for you to know is that there are indeed never any accidents in your world. What appears to be an accident to the conscious mind, the soul has already willingly agreed to the experience. When a soul is ready to depart it will often take the path that will be of the highest good for all involved. This can result in lessons and experiences that the family members and friends are left to handle however they too have also agreed to the experience on a soul level. Just as there are really never any accidents, their also are really never any victims. Every experience a soul encounters is only experienced if the soul has agreed to it.

Some may wonder why a soul would agree to such tragic experiences. Of course our reply is always the same; for the lessons that could be gained. Many perceive the job that they do as being dangerous or are frightened of engaging in “dangerous situations”; but know that the job that you do doesn’t determine when you are going to die, your soul determines when it would like to depart. It will use whatever means it has available to exit; whether it’s your job, your hobby, your health or an “accident”.

Many may wonder how the soul decides when it is “time” to depart. This is a wonderful question but our reply must be a bit vague. The reason being is that each soul makes that decision on their own. It is never decided for them, nor is it forced upon the soul. The decision is made entirely by each and every soul depending on what the soul wanted to experience or achieve from each lifetime and when it feels those goals have been met. Although there are often “exits” built into each life, know that they are simply their as an option for the soul. It allows a fast and easy departure that has already been agreed upon by all souls involved. However a soul does not have to take one of these exits and can choose to amend their chosen departure at any time.

When a love one departs it can be one of the hardest experiences that a human can perceive; but please know that they have not left, they simply have transitioned to another state. When you freeze liquid water, the water transforms into a solid form known as ice, yet the water still remains. It is just in another form. And so it is with your loved ones. You are always free to connect with your loved ones as often as you like. Many doubt their own intuition when they sense the presence of a loved one. It has been commonly taught that if you cannot see it with your eyes, touch it with your hands, hear it with your ears, smell it with your nose or taste it with your mouth than it is not real. We are here to tell you that this is part of the illusion. Your belief and perception of something is what makes it real. Often your intuitive sense is the strongest of all and yet it is the most commonly ignored sense.

Many often want to know what happens when you die. To this we would reply: you continue to create your reality just as you do in the physical, the only difference is your reality isn’t physical anymore and there is no time. Many continue to create a similar life to the one which they just lived. There are in fact legions of Angels who chose to assist those who have just recently passed from their physical incarnation to help them acclimate to the higher dimensions again. There is no time in the higher realms so we really couldn’t be sure as to just how long that phase usually lasts. What may seem like minutes in the higher realms could be perceived as years in your reality. Souls often take some “time” to rest, relax and visit with loved ones. There is always a review process that is offered to every soul. You have the chance to review your entire life from the Akashic Records and gain further understanding from your incarnation once you have again regained your perspective innate to the higher realms. It is often at this time that you begin to decide what your “next” incarnation will focus on. Remember we say “next” for simplicity sake however from our perspective all lives are going on concurrently.

Part of the beauty of this reality is also the challenge. You have chosen to only consciously perceive one reality at a time and although this allows joy and excitement about what will happen next as you use your free will in this physical reality you are also left feeling detached and separated because you do not perceive the infinite worlds around you. This is changing as you continue to evolve and ascend back into the higher dimensions from which you all came.

For those that have lost a loved one we encourage you to reach out and consciously connect. Your loved ones are always just a thought away.

We hope that this message has in some way served you and brought peace to those who are in need of this message most.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides

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“The subconscious mind never forgets”

memoryToday we would like to focus your attention on the topic of memory; more specifically we would like to discuss how you can access your subconscious mind and its limitless capacity to retain information. This message is specifically for those who are having trouble remembering, as well as for those who are interested in learning about yet another ability of your conscious and subconscious mind.
Why is it that some people have wonderful memories while others seem to forget just about everything? You see the human memory is a funny thing. In actuality everyone has a flawless memory. How can this be? All information which you consciously encounter is instantly downloaded into the subconscious mind however you can only access this “memory” if your conscious mind allows you to do so. So why do some people forget information while others remember so much? The only difference is their beliefs about their “memory” and the information their beliefs allow to be accessed.
We will use a simple computer analogy to further explain our message. Imagine your subconscious mind accurately recorded every piece of information that you have ever learned, read, and heard however it is protected by a “password”. If you do not enter the correct password, then you will be denied access to the information. Your beliefs are the “password” that will allow you to gain access to all the information you have ever learned. The beliefs also are responsible for determining what you will “store” in your conscious mind and what you will “store” in your subconscious mind.
All of the information that you have ever covered is contained within your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind never forgets anything. We want you to know that your mind has retained every single fact, explanation, and topic that you have ever encountered. All you need is the “password” to access this information. Know that we are referring to not only the information that you have learned in this lifetime but in all others as well.
Your subconscious mind contains all of the information that you have ever learned, read, or heard in all lifetimes, however the information that has not been learned directly by you in any lifetime is “stored” in the Akashic Records of all that is. You of course have access to this information any time you wish provided you have developed your ability to consciously connect. Regardless, your subconscious mind always has access to this information and “downloads” any necessary information when needed. Some may prefer to refer to the Akashic Records as the “super-conscious”. The name which you prefer makes no difference; we are simply sharing where all universal information is kept and how it can be accessed by anyone at any time. All information is available to anyone provided you know how to access it.
You are seeing a smaller representation of this manifest in your technology today. The internet is a wonderful example. The internet contains many many billions of sites with incredible amounts of information; however you must know where and how to access this information in order to benefit from it.
Why is so much more information stored in the subconscious than in the conscious mind? It would take up too much of your conscious thought to organize and maintain ALL of the information you have ever come into contact with in each of your lifetimes. It is stored in the subconscious mind so that you may access this information any time you wish. Of course as a fully conscious being you will once again be conscious of all information; however this reality requires a very specific focus on the current lifetime you perceive. To be once again conscious of all information would in a sense, “pull you out of the game”. Information was never meant to be locked away, rather it was only meant to be stored and “organized” so that you could access it when needed.
Your conscious mind acts as a filter. It will only retain information that is in alignment with what is believed to be useful or needed at the time. Try to think about just how much information you come in contact with even on a daily basis. The amount of data is staggering. However your conscious mind will only retain what it deems to be useful, important or of interest. The “filter” is determined by the beliefs which you currently hold.
Since we are discussing the topic of memory, we find it to be a suitable time to briefly mention why some suffer from what is known as short-term memory loss more regularly than others. When the soul is not actively grounded in the body it cannot remember what it did only a short moment ago. This does not pertain to only the elderly, in fact many young, otherwise healthy individuals also experience moments of fogginess. Some common examples would be when someone is reading a book and realizes that they have in fact read several pages without having any conscious memory of what they read. Another example of this is when you find yourself walking into a specific room only to stop and wonder why you are in the room at all. It’s not that your soul has “left,” but rather we would say that the soul and therefore the consciousness of the body has shifted focus to another “place” and “time”. This leaves the body, seemingly moving about on “auto pilot”.
The body is still capable of performing ritual tasks, with little to no awareness of its surroundings. Individuals can still breathe, speak, eat, walk, fall asleep and to someone watching the body, it would appear that all was “normal”. It may seem a bit surprising for some to find that their soul detaches or shifts focus away from the physical body quite often, but it is a rather normal occurrence. Your soul detaches its focus from the body every night while you sleep.
Now with that being said, let us now touch upon how one is able to gain access to the information held within their subconscious mind and bring it forward consciously. There are several things you can do. The first is to integrate and truly understand what we have just shared with you. “All of the information that you have ever encountered is contained within your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind never forgets anything.” Once you have been introduced to any information consciously it will instantly be stored in the subconscious mind. Once you truly know this you can then begin to shift your beliefs to allow your conscious mind to gain access to all information once you need it.
We always welcome you to request our help to assist you in learning to gain access to this information when you need it. You can certainly invite us to help you while you sleep. This is a wonderful time for us to work with you because your conscious mind no longer has a “filter”. Your intention before you fall asleep is all that is needed for us to be able to begin working with you. Also realize that once you have the “password” you do not have to consciously remember every single fact, instead you need to have the ability to search through the information in your subconscious mind for the correct answer. Another simple analogy would be the use of your calculator. You do not necessarily need to be able to perform the math yourself; you only need to know how to get the correct answer.
Very few at this time have the conscious ability to instantly “remember” any information they come into contact with; often these people are labeled as autistic. They have the ability to remember a tremendous amount of information, or more accurately they have the ability to access the subconscious mind to access a tremendous amount of information. With the proper beliefs information is free to pass without any resistance; much like an open door policy. Information is free to flow to and from the conscious to the subconscious based on the beliefs and filters one has in place. This potential resides within all humans at this time, however it is only found within a seldom few who are considered to possess “super human” abilities at this time. This is changing, along with all of you.

We hope that this message has in some way enlightened you about just one more of the infinite possibilities that awaits you.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides

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Why do souls choose to reincarnate if every experience plays out in another parallel reality?

We have been asked to expand upon our previous message about parallel realities. This topic is of course quite large and we certainly will not be able to explain all there is to know about parallel realities in just one or two messages. With that being said we would like to focus your attention on the infinite versions of “you”. The question which has been asked of us is, why do souls chose to reincarnate if there are already infinite versions of you all playing out simultaneously? This is a wonderful question, and one that we would like to further explain. In order for us to give a detailed explanation of this answer, we will touch upon three topics which we have previously covered; these will include parallel realities, reincarnation, and the illusion of time. We will expand upon our previous explanation of each of these topics as needed to best answer this question. Let us begin.

As we have stated in our earlier message about parallel realities, there are an infinite number of realities which are all playing out simultaneously. We used the example of a person who was supposed to meet her friend for coffee in the morning and then walk to work, to help you to understand just how many “you’s” exist. We went on to describe just some of the decisions she could make, all of which are all playing out in other realities. As we explained previously, some parallel realities look very similar to “this” reality and others would look drastically different to you.

At any moment you are met with decisions to make, some are quite small; like do you want to drink a cup of water or would you rather have an iced tea. However there are other decisions which are much larger and have a greater impact on the direction your life takes. Decisions such as who to marry, where to live, where to work, and if you would like to have children are just a few examples. Now realize that regardless of the decision which you make in “this” reality, know that all of the other choices that you could choose from are all playing out as well. This is because your soul seeks to gain every experience possible and therefore another parallel reality is created that allows for the infinite expansion of every decision. From our perspective, all parallel realities already exist, because we do not view time in a linear fashion as you do. However from your perspective it would seem as though, with each new decision to be made, a new parallel reality is created.

Each soul has to make the decision which determines whether they would like to reincarnate back into this reality again, or if they would rather incarnate on other worlds instead. We have stated previously that the reason why souls choose to reincarnate in this reality is to gain valuable lessons which are unique to the lower dimensions that are based in duality. Of course there is much to be gained in any reality, regardless of the dimension, however we are simply saying that there are unique lessons which can only be found in a reality such as yours.

Now in regards to the question at hand, which asks why a soul would need to reincarnate if every possible decision you could make is already being experienced? Before we can answer this question we would like to refer back to our message about the illusion of time, because your perspective on time plays a large role in how you view the question. Let us explain. Many are interested in learning about their “past” lives; however a common misconception is that these lives have actually been experienced in the “past”. Many think of reincarnating in a sequential order, as if a lifetime in “Ancient Egypt” was experienced before their “next” lifetime in “the dark ages” and then they reincarnated again into the 1800’s during the exploration of Western America. We have used these time periods simply to demonstrate our explanation. Although these time periods all seem to have occurred in the past, they are actually all happening simultaneously, right now as we speak. These “time periods” all exist right here, right now. The perceived separation is simply due to vibration and frequency. Unbeknownst to many, there are dinosaurs grazing on grass, native Americans building teepees and rockets being launched in the very “space” you reside. You do not perceive these realities, nor do they perceive you; however you are simply “separated” by the vibration and frequency which you maintain and the reality which you expect to see.

Let us offer another analogy in hopes that you may better understand this concept. Imagine many different pieces of paper stacked one on top of another. Each page represents a different “time” period. Now imagine these pages are curved to form a circle instead of being stacked straight up and down. These pages form a complete circle. If someone were to ask you which page comes first, how would you be able to determine a linear order? You could not, because a circle is not linear. There is no beginning and there is no end to a complete circle.

Now let us further expand upon this concept. Now we realize that when you are used to thinking in a linear fashion, it can be quite difficult to imagine how everything can be occurring simultaneously. However this is in fact how we view reality from our perspective. We have previously explained the process of reincarnation as an occurrence that happens one at a time. This was simply to introduce the concept and further explain the decisions which are made as well as the review process which occurs “after” each life. However all decisions to reincarnate into each life are made simultaneously, it is not experienced one at a time. We realize that this concept can be quite overwhelming to some, and will stir many more questions as a result. This is our intention as you are now ready to further expand your consciousness and once again stretch the boundaries which you have placed on what is possible. Know that you would not be drawn to this message if you were in fact not ready to hear these words.

We will once again repeat the question which we have been asked to further explain; why do souls choose to reincarnate if every possible decision is playing out in an infinite version of reality? Each lifetime which you “are living” has an effect on every other lifetime. This is why we have said that the decisions which you make today can affect your past, present and future. It is not that you are “going back in time” but rather it is because there is no past or future. We will give you another analogy; is it possible to throw a stone into a lake and only affect just one molecule of water? No, because there is no separation between the body of water. It is all connected, just as each one of your lifetimes are connected. There is no separation between the “time periods” which you chose to experience.

So the reason why you have chosen to “reincarnate” more than once, is to gain as much experience as you possibly could. Yes, every possible decision you make in your life is playing out in another parallel reality, however there are still so many more possible experiences from which your soul could gain by choosing to “be” more than one person; by incarnating into more than one region, more than one “time period” more than one family. You see, with each life there are different challenges, different situations because of the wide array of possible experiences you would have by changing your family, friends, wealth, health, creed, race, religion, region and so forth. Each lifetime affords you with even more experiences of which you “will” encounter and in turn each lifetime creates its own parallel realities.

Each and every experience is used to benefit the growth of your consciousness; to allow for more experiences to further expand your understanding of all that is. Your soul continues to search for new and exciting experiences that will serve to further help elevate your consciousness. We have often stated that there really is no end to the expansion of your consciousness. Because you will continue to create new experiences from which you can learn. You are eternal beings, your soul will never die; and as you continue to exist you will continue to expand. To stop expanding is to no longer exist. Rest assured you are all infinite beings.

We hope that this message has in some way served you,

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides.

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The Angel’s perspective on suicide

We have been asked to give our perspective on the topic of suicide.  There is much negativity that surrounds the topic of suicide.   There are also many ingrained beliefs associated with committing suicide.  Many on your world believe that those who commit suicide will not be allowed to “enter the gates of Heaven”.   This belief of course leaves friends and family members with a tremendous amount of grief from the perceived unexpected loss as well as the agony of their loved one being “condemned to an eternity in hell for their sin”.   We do not view suicide in the same light, and this is what we would like to share in this message.

Using the human definition; suicide is the act which a person takes to end ones physical life upon the earth plane.  This is most regularly associated with the conscious decision to end one’s life; however there are also suicides which the person has indeed ended their physical life; however it was not by a conscious decision.  Examples of this are an overdose of medication or other harmful substances.  We wish to shed some light upon this topic at hand in hopes that it reaches those who are in need of these words the most.

From our perspective, all deaths are a form of suicide.   Some may find this to be shocking but let us explain our selves.   From our perspective no one is ever able to take another person’s life.  There are certainly scenarios which exist on your world which one could view as murders, accidents, and the taking of another’s life, however no one has the power to take another’s life without the permission of the other soul.  This of course is almost always on a soul level.   All souls choose to map out their lives before they incarnate on Earth.  We spoke about this topic in more detail in our message about reincarnation.  When soul’s choose the life they would like to incarnate into they also choose how they will exit the Earth plane.   Much thought is put into how a soul will exit, because it is used to help those who are “left behind”.   Those who still remain in the physical have also agreed to the experience and wanted to gain valuable lessons from the passing of their friend or family member.  You may wonder why some would choose such traumatic ways to exit, however it was used to benefit all who were involved.  Everything is used as a learning lesson.  Now we will say that although you do choose how you would like to exit your physical incarnation, there still is a large amount of flexibility, in not only the time when you exit but also in how you exit.  You always have free will, and you are free to amend your wishes at any time.

Now we will say that suicide is never the intention of a soul who incarnates in the physical world.   Each incarnation is highly regarded for the tremendous life lessons that will be gained.  However you always have free will and you are therefore free to exit this world anytime you choose.  From our perspective a suicide is simply the soul utilizing its own free will, we would not say that it is a mistake.  It simply allows the soul to gain another perspective and learn lessons which they may not have initially intended when they first incarnated.  Regardless of a soul’s choices, there will always be lessons to be learned and experiences to be gained.  From our perspective you cannot make a mistake, you simply are choosing one experience over another.  From the human perspective, you may not like the consequences of your actions and therefore regret the decision which has been made, yet we do not see the expression of free will to ever result in mistakes.

When a soul choses to end their life prematurely they often times are not aware that they are deceased. It takes a little time for them to re-acclimate to the non-physical world.  Many guides are there to escort them as they are usually still immersed in the “emotional pain” they felt in the physical world which caused them to end their incarnation.  Much attention and care is given to ensure that they are able to heal, and eventually review their lives to learn as much as they can from their past experience.

Remember, Heaven is simply a state of mind.  Therefore no one can ever be excluded or banned from Heaven.  Those who commit suicide certainly experience a form of “hell” but not because of the actions they took to end their own life, but rather because of the thoughts that held them captive while they were in the physical.  You see, “Hell” is no more of a place than Heaven is.  Both can only be entered through your state of mind; and only you can prevent your entrance to either one.

Many who end their lives through suicide have allowed such negative beliefs to saturate their being that when they pass over, the pain does not automatically end just because they are no longer in their physical body.  Just as it is in your world, we too create our reality with our thoughts.  This is why so many guides and angels are awaiting those who have committed suicide; in order to help them to regain a sense of peace; to help them to release themselves from their own manmade prison.

Those who have “committed suicide” do have several options once they have regained their composure and peace has been restored.  A soul can choose to reincarnate back into another parallel reality in which they did not choose to take their own life; the memory of the suicide will be completely removed and the soul with have a “second chance” to make a different decision.  Another option is to simply choose to reincarnate into another life with similar circumstances which will evoke the same reactions from the soul, and they are then able to learn from their past experience which will be held in their subconscious memory.  And thirdly the other option is to simply not reincarnate on earth again.  All three options will allow the soul to gain valuable lessons.

We do not perceive death in the same way that humans do.  For humans, the pain of losing a loved one can be unbearable.  The perceived loss of another is agonizingly painful; however from our perspective death is simply a transition from one state to another.  No one can be disconnected by “death”, not even if they wanted to.  Everyone is connected, we are all one.  You have the ability to reach out to your loved ones at any time; however it is the belief that a soul must be physical in order to “be here” in order to exist.  This belief allows for a very limited perspective of what existence can be.  You cannot see the air that you breathe and yet your belief in existence is unwavering.  To this we smile because it is only the mind which says something is real or not real.  Know that those who have transitioned from the physical to the non-physical are just as real, and are available for you to connect with anytime you wish.

We wish to express to those who are concerned about their loved ones, that there is no “punishment” for committing suicide.  However those soul’s who have had time to regain peace and see their actions from a higher perspective, often would like to have a “second chance” to try it again.  Although it may not always feel like it, a physical incarnation at this time upon your world is considered a great privilege.  Know that there were many more souls who wanted to be here at this great time of change yet were denied this great honor.  There are a limited amount of physical vessels available for souls to incarnate into.  This is one of the reasons why there are billions of souls upon your world at this time.  Every “spot” is filled.  We do want to convey to you just how coveted your time here on Earth is.  You were chosen to incarnate here because you were seen as the most capable of assisting Earth at this great time of transition.  So you see, although there is no punishment for the act of suicide, it is often a choice that souls regret making once they regain their higher perspective.   Although you knew how difficult this life would be, you desired so very much to have this chance to make a difference.  So with that being said, we ask that you continue to shine your light as brightly as you can because your light just may be the reason why someone choses to stay.

We hope that this message has in some way brought those who needed to hear it peace and that it has in some way served you.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides.


Today we would like to focus your attention on the topic of reincarnation. There is a common belief amongst many on your world that “you only live once” however, many of you who are drawn to these messages are aware on some level that souls do in fact reincarnate. There is much to be gained from the soul’s experiences in a multitude of lives. We would like to expand upon this topic today in hopes of shedding some more light to allow you to gain another perspective of not only why souls choose to reincarnate but how each soul decides which life to assume.

The majority of all souls on this planet at this time are what you would term “old souls”, which means that your soul has incarnated here on Earth many times before. This is due to the resilience that would be required of you in these very challenging and intense times of change that you knew would take place; it takes a very seasoned soul to be able to handle this level of intensity. Now with that being said, some of you have been here thousands of times. All of these lives are going on concurrently from our perspective, although you would label them as being in the “past”.

Many of you have had lives in both Lemuria and Atlantis; and you are here now to see this incarnational cycle through. Much has been gained from your time here on Earth. Although it is based in the lower dimensions, we in no way see this experience as being easier than the higher dimensions. In many ways it is much more challenging. This has been a very intense “school” in which to learn. The experiences that you have had here allowed you to gain a tremendous amount of soul growth with each lifetime. For some of you this will be your very “last” life here on Earth, yet for others; they are still very much enjoying their time here and will choose to once again reincarnate.
Now when a soul is choosing the life they are going to incarnate into there are many factors which are taken into account. These decisions are never taken lightly and much thought is given before a decision is made. There is a “review” process that each soul goes through when choosing another life. They have the ability to look back at their lives and this allows them to focus in on what they would like to experience “next”. Of course you do not map out every little experience, however much of what you would call the big things such as your family, relationships, location, challenges, and lessons are carefully chosen by you. We smile when we hear those who say “you can choose your friends, but you can not choose your family”. Know that you do choose the people around you, as well as the guides who will help you from the other side of the veil. Of course you do have total free will when you incarnate here on Earth; as you are free to make new decisions or amend your “soul contract” anytime you please. This is often done subconsciously, however as you continue to grow and evolve you will have more of a hand in determining what experiences you would like to have and the lessons you would like to learn consciously.

Now we mentioned that you choose your family, relationships, location etc. Also know that many of you are your ancestors. You do, most regularly continue to incarnate into the same genetic lines and therefore you are your own ancestors. You also chose your body as well. You may find it interesting to know that you often times choose a very similar make up; in that you often look quite similar from lifetime to lifetime. You also usually like to incarnate with a familiar soul group. Of course there are times in which you would like to have the experience of incarnating on your “own”; not necessarily with souls you have incarnated with before. You also often times favor particular regions that you continue to reincarnate into.

Old souls, know that you have been every creed, every race, every religion, both man and woman. Know that your soul is seeking to experience each and every perspective. We spoke more in-depth about the soul’s desire to seek out balance in our message about Karma as well as in our message about parallel realities.

Although you usually do not have a conscious recollection of these “past lives” your cells and therefore your DNA do. Your experiences, and knowledge are held with in your DNA and brought with you every time you reincarnate. We have said this many times before; know that what you have achieved in another lifetime is available to you here in this lifetime. From our perspective, there is really no division between the lives. The talents, gifts and abilities that you have acquired in another lifetime are yours for the taking anytime you choose. By this we mean that you will have a much faster learning curve to a skill or talent that is developed in another lifetime.

Although your personality does not remain the same in all of your lives, you do however often have similar interests; things that you are drawn to. This could be a fascination with the arts, the stars, the plant kingdom, spirituality, religion, just to name a few. This is not to say that you have the same likes in every life, but often times what you were drawn to in one life is usually found to be of interest in many other of your lives.

Also know that not all souls want to experience the life from the very beginning to end. Some souls are more interested in gaining the experience of adulthood, while others may just want to experience childhood. In this case a soul may agree to walk into another souls life. Often times the souls will agree to make the “switch” during a traumatic event; such as an injury which may render the body unconscious or an accident which greatly impacted the body. This of course is not the only way a soul can make the switch but it is a very common way. This allows the new soul to become acclimated into the new life in the new body. In the case of a “walk-in” the new soul will begin to make changes to the life, which may appear to be drastically different to those who are observing. The personality will change, likes and dislikes will change and often times friends and relationships will change. Now remember all of this is always agreed upon by all participating souls. The reason why souls would choose this in some lifetimes is simply to explore something new, something different. Not all souls are interested in staying for the entire duration of a lifetime. Know that some of you reading this are in fact “walk-ins”. Most have no recollection of the “switch” as it would only further complicate things. But “walk-ins” do not usually have a very good recollection of their lives before the walk in, and more often than not they lack an emotional connection to past events which were not actually “their own”. However know that when a soul does choose to walk in, they “download” for lack of a better word the entire lifetime of the body they are incarnating into. It is much life an imprint that gets uploaded to the soul’s experiences.

Also know that when a soul chooses to incarnate they have the ability, if they so desire, to “download” or “imprint” the experiences of others who have incarnated on your world. This is not to say that the experiences of another become their own, however they can then use those experiences for points of reference in their lifetime. This is why many on your world feel connected to iconic people of your past. Some feel a particular connection for instance to Cleopatra, Julius Caesar or previous leaders of your world. Some feel so closely connected to these lives that they believe they were these people in another lifetime. This usually is due to the soul choosing to upload the experiences of that soul in order to gain another perspective. “Roles” such as these are few and far between compared to other incarnations so there are not many souls that actually get to “live” the actual life for themselves; hence the desire to “download” the experience. Of course there are times where you actually were that soul.

Many often wonder if they were ever a “famous” person on your world, to this we smile because of your innocence. From our perspective you are all famous. You have billions of souls watching the greatest drama to ever play out and you are the stars in the act. Each and every lifetime has much to offer. We know that it is fun for many to learn more about their past lives, but no life is more important than this life. Remember that what you do, learn and experience in this life impacts all of your “other” lives, as they are all playing out simultaneously. Your “past” lives are never set in stone, they are changing with you as you grow and develop. We ask that you make every life count and count every life as a blessing.

We hope that this message has in some way enlightened you.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides.