“First Responders”

first responderToday we would like to share with those of you who have been specifically drawn to this message.  To those who will read this message when it is first shared, and to the many many of you who will find this message when you are ready to do so, this message is specifically for you.

This great time of change can feel so challenging that you doubt in your ability to continue on.  You have found yourself doubting if you will be able to shine your light as you had agreed so many eons ago.  There have been many names given to those of you who have chosen to lead the way, to awaken while everyone else still lays encased within the dream.  You have been called way showers, light bearers, light workers but we will share with you how we perceive you.

There are those on your world who are referred to as the “first responders”; those who run to save others while everyone else runs away from the danger.  They are the first to go in to the dangerous and challenging situations and yet they are the last to leave.  Only when they are sure that there is no one else to be saved, no one else who is in need of assistance, no soul left who is in need of being rescued do they finally leave the scene.  You are the spiritual “first responders” in this momentous time of ascension.

Though your souls have the ability to cross over into the higher dimensions as you have continued to awaken to the illusion you have been immersed in, you have chosen to stay behind to help those who are “still asleep” so they may awaken safely and ascend into the higher dimensions.  You have chosen to be the beacon of light for all to see as each soul awakens to a room of darkness.

It is often most challenging for those who chose to go before all others, but know that you do not struggle in vain.  You are forging a path for all others to follow.  Just as a path amongst the dense growth of the jungle is most treacherous for those who step upon it first, you have chosen to go first because you knew you could overcome the challenges that you inevitably would encounter.  As you continue to awaken to the realization that you have been within an illusion, you look around to see that everyone else still remains asleep.  You often find yourself wondering if it would have been easier to remain asleep, never realizing that you were only dreaming.  It is much harder to awaken to the realization that you are within an illusion yet not awake enough to escape from the dream.  We will share with you why that is.

You have chosen this path not as a “game” or an “experiment” for your soul, but because you believed so strongly in ensuring that all souls who wanted to return to the higher realms had the opportunity to do so.  You responded to the call for help of those who remained within the dark and eagerly volunteered your service. Many have been immersed in this illusion for a very long time; it is time for the dreamers to awaken and remember that it was all just a dream.

So to those who have been drawn to this message know that we commend you; we too have agreed to remain by your side, encouraging you, each time you feel as though you can’t go on.  Though we cannot walk your path for you, we have chosen to walk beside you.  Please know, that you are transforming the world more than you know.  You are the “first responders”.

We send you our unconditional love and gratitude for all that you continue to do.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides

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gift cardGreat news!!  The holidays are just around the corner and what better gift to give to your loved ones then a private session with the Angels.  It is sure to be a gift they will never forget! Gift certificates can be used towards the purchase of either private sessions or the Learn to Channel class.  You can print them out and give them to your loved ones or send them via email.

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Some of my very favorite Angelic Guides Quotes…

I decided to put together some of my very favorite Angelic Guides quotes together.  For those of you who follow the Angelic Guides Facebook page you will have likely seen some of these; for those of you who do not have Facebook or do not follow Angelic Guides on Facebook these are just some of the daily quotes that have been posted.  I hope you enjoy hearing their inspirational quotes as much as I do.  Feel free to repost and share these quotes as long as you keep the quotes “as is” and leave the link to the Angelic Guides page ❤


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Memorable Quotes


























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My Divine Redesign

MyDivineRedesignCollageThe Angels always remind us to follow our joy.  It wasn’t until I truly incorporated this into my life that I really started to find myself.  The elusive peace of mind that had seemed to escape my grasps practically my entire life has finally been found.  Certainly, connecting with the higher realms has become a true passion of mine.  It is one of the ways I truly feel fulfilled, however connecting with the higher realms is just one of the things I truly enjoy.

I have always considered myself to be very creative.  I love to visualize how I can transform something that was once ugly or unappealing, into something that is beautiful and desirable.  In some sense I think it is another way that I channel.  In my “spare time”, when I am not being a mom, or channeling private sessions I love to refurbish old furniture.  For me its a way to balance out all the channeling I do by doing something very physical and grounding.  People always want to know where do I find the time LOL!?  Well, Mason is a great napper, my husband Rich is a big help, and I really think I just create more time in a day because I want to have time for everything I love doing!  Every time I start to feel overwhelmed due to the “lack” of time, the Angels thankfully remind me that I can have as much or as little as I need; “if you need more time, then create more for yourself”  For those of us who live in areas that participated in turning the clocks back, we got a very tangible example of just how malleable time really is!

I have really been doing quite a bit of designing, refurbishing and restoring lately and I casually have posted it on my personal Facebook page to show my friends and family the transformations.  As many of you know it was the notorious staircase renovation that caused our son Mason to have a terrible allergic reaction to the chemicals they used to secure the carpet a few weeks ago!  Note to self, all projects must be done outside or Mason must leave the house!  As for redoing furniture, let’s be honest, one only needs so much furniture, eventually there is nothing left to restore or design.  So I decided to start doing a few pieces here and there and selling them.

I have decided to take this hobby/passion of mine to another level.  I am a huge fan of Do it yourself projects and I have done quite a few now.  So I have decided to start another blog which will focus upon Do it yourself tips, tricks and inspirations of all kinds.   Though I know this is a very different topic, I just thought I would let you know about my new blog which I named “My Divine Redesign”  in case you had any interest in interior design, DIY projects, before and after pictures of furniture restoration or interior decorating tips.  If so come and join me at www.MyDivineRedesign.wordpress.com and you can also follow me on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/MyDivineRedesign for lots of great before and after pictures!

And no worries,  I will still be posting the Angels messages on a weekly basis!  This is just something extra on the side that I enjoy sharing.

I hope to see you there 🙂

Much Love,






“To vaccinate or not to vaccinate, that is the question”

Hand holding hypodermic needleToday we have been asked to discuss quite a controversial topic, vaccinations.  The question so many parents have for us is whether or not to vaccinate their children.  Certainly, each parent is driven by the desire to do what is best for their child, though there are many varying beliefs regarding how to achieve this.  What seems to be the cause for so much confusion is the conflicting reports of the effects these vaccinations have had and are having on children and adults alike.

Before we begin, it is important that you remember that we do not hold a judgment of “good” or “bad” as we do not currently exist within duality.  Therefore we are able to simply share with you what we have observed, so you may make the best decision that is right for you.

We will first begin with a short explanation about why vaccinations were created and what purpose they were intended for. The first vaccinations were introduced at the turn of the century with the hopes of containing and limiting the devastating effects wide-spread diseases had caused in the past.  Many diseases were spread through unsanitary conditions, contaminated drinking water, and poor health of which the medical field has now become aware of.  Scientists and the medical industry as a whole have progressed and changed in many ways since the first introduction of vaccinations to the public.  They were marketed as a preventative cure for a wide range of diseases that had plagued the population for centuries; though the wide variety of vaccinations now available were not available years ago.  The medial and pharmaceutical industries have continued to create many variations through trial and error.

Vaccinations are heavily encouraged beginning at the time of a child’s birth; parents in their quest to ensure the health, safety and well-being have largely agreed with the medical industries claims however in more recent years parents have begun to question the effectiveness and safety of these vaccinations worrying that they could be responsible for doing more harm than good.  As with everything in your reality, this topic has two opposing views.

There are those who adamantly believe that by introducing the body to a small dose of the disease and allowing the body to fight it off successfully, it creates an immunity to the disease which will lessen or even prevent the body from succumbing to the disease if ever it should come into contact with it later in life.  There are others who adamantly believe that by introducing a healthy body to the contaminants that must be used in order to carry the disease into the body as well as the disease itself is harmful to the immune system and thereby weakening the once healthy body leaving it just as or even more susceptible to contracting the disease at a later time.

Now that we have shared with you the two opposing views, we will now share our own perspective.  In short, there is no power that can protect nor heal the body other than the power which created the body.  Yet the question still remains, do vaccinations help the body to fight off future larger attacks?  Our answer is yes and no.  Let us further explain.  In theory, your body is designed to and inevitably will come into contact with millions of tiny microbes, pollutants, and bacteria on a daily basis.  In fact all of you have come into contact with some of the most “deadly” diseases and yet many of you have not been the least bit affected by the contact.

The immune system is continually fighting off and removing these pollutants from your body with usually very little to no perceived effect.  There are those who try to shelter their bodies from these microbes by trying to kill the microbes with harsh chemicals and shielding themselves from other sick people, though this is not where health or sickness comes from.  In fact by trying to isolate yourself from the “germs” of others and using harsh chemicals around your living spaces you do more harm to your body than good.  How so?

Now, as we were saying, your bodies are designed to come into contact with millions of microbes that have the potential to cause illness, however illness cannot occur in a body that is in a state of balance.  The chemicals such as your harsh household cleaners, bleach, ammonia, and alcohol actually are far more harmful to you than the bacteria themselves.  Your bodies are made to protect against illnesses, it is not designed to be subjected to harsh toxic chemicals on a regular basis. Your bodies are made up of the very same elements you are trying to kill within the microbes.  This has the same toxic effect on your body as it does the microbes which you are trying to kill.

The immune system is a very advanced design to ensure that balance is also sought.  A child’s immune system is first strengthened by its mothers milk, taking on all of the anti-bodies that the mother has stored in her own immune system, as the infant grows it develops its own immunity to the environment it has been immersed in.  The body builds its immunity naturally by breathing in and ingesting millions of various germs, yet when it is introduced artificially to a disease, or illness it does not penetrate the body in the same manner.  Let us further explain.

When a microbe, disease, germ or bacteria is naturally introduced to the body it is either ingested, breathed or transmitted by bodily fluids.  When a disease is introduced to the body artificially it is carried through a liquid which is inserted into the muscle or skin by way of a needle.  The vaccinations that are given at this time to your population do not only contain the disease itself, as there would be no way of delivering “just” the disease, rather it requires a liquid or solvent to carry and transport the disease through your body.  Where the problem lies is in both the artificial introduction of the disease to the body as well as in the liquid or solvent used to transport the disease to the body.

This is why we stated that our answer to your question regarding the effectiveness of vaccinations was yes and no.  Yes, the body would be better equipped to fight the disease off at a later time if it were to come into the contact with the disease in a natural way and the body was able to successfully fight it off.  The immunity to antibodies would be stored in the immune system so that it was more difficult for the disease to take hold of the body again.  However, when you introduce the body to any disease or illness artificially it does not react in a natural way.  Let us further explain.

Your body actually has two lines of defense.  The first line of defense are positioned in cells that are in your nose, lungs and mouth.  They are able to detect foreign matter that has the ability to harm or disrupt your body.  You actually come into contact with well-known diseases on a daily basis, they are in the air you breathe yet your body’s natural form of defense is regularly able to fight off these microbes with little to no physical effects.  When your first line of defense is not strong enough to fight off the invasion, your body’s actual immune system is immediately activated and begins multiplying your white blood cells to help fight off the illness.  When your body is able to fight off an infection that it has naturally come into contact with, you are then immune to that particular strain of that virus for life.

Now when you are artificially introduced to a disease you bypass the first line of defense, activating your body’s full scale immune attack against the invasion.  Your body can and often will over react to the disease because it has not already been weakened by your body’s first line of attack.  A vaccination can activate a temporary immunity to the disease, however it is not a permanent solution.  Your medical field is aware of this and this is why you are often encouraged to receive a “booster” or additional vaccination after receiving the first vaccination.  This is also why those who have been vaccinated for a particular illness or disease can still contract the disease later in life when the body naturally comes into contact with it.  Your researchers are just now starting to uncover the amount of people who have been both vaccinated for a particular illness and yet still contracted it years later, and we have just shared with you why that is.

It was important for us to first explain how the body actually defends itself from illnesses on a physical level before we could then go into why vaccinations have been so harmful.   Unfortunately, the effects of these vaccinations have not been well documented nor have they been brought to the public’s attention. There are certainly many children with little to no side effects from the vaccinations they have received; however there were many more who have which has not been reported by your media as of yet.  Vaccinations in do have the ability to provide temporary immunity from the disease, however the vaccinations cannot simply be a shot of the disease alone.  It must be carried in something in order to transport the disease through your body as we said earlier.  The substances that are being used to transport the disease are far more harmful than the disease itself.  Your bodies are physically built to defend against microbes, bacteria and illnesses however it is not designed to filter toxic levels of heavy metals.  The heavy metals that are contained in these vaccinations are predominantly responsible for the damage that is done to the body that has caused lasting effects, not the disease itself.  We realize this may be shocking for many of you to learn, as you have trusted your medical professionals to ensure that your children are being well taken care of, however not all of the medical professionals know what is actually contained within the vaccinations.  This is why we are sharing this with you at this time, so that you may now become aware so that you may weigh the “pros” and “cons” and decide for yourself what is best for you and your children.

We have shared our perspective of what we have witnessed in regards to the physical aspects of vaccinations, how they work, and how your body naturally responds, however it is important not to forget about the spiritual perspective to this question.

We will now share the reason why vaccines do not actually play a role in whether you will contract the disease later in life of not.  Our reply is simple; health cannot be obtained by prevention it is created by intention.  It does not serve you to fear illness; if you do not want to be sick then focus on creating health.  100 people can be subjected to the very same disease, in the very same environment; they can be similar in age, weight, and height.  They can be either vaccinated or not vaccinated and yet some will contract the disease and some will not.  Luck or chance is not responsible for your health.  It is very important to remember that disease cannot remain in a body that is in a state of balance.  Maintain balance in both your physical and spiritual body and you will not experience “dis-ease”.

We hope that we have served you in some way

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides

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A VERY strange occurrence….

This has to be one of the strangest things that has ever happened in my channeling career, maybe even in my life!  I was in the midst of posting a picture of the staircase that we had just finished redoing in our home.  I was posting a before and after picture.  I only wanted to post the picture and did not type in any words.  When the picture posted, underneath the picture was an entire paragraph written in Latin!!!! I stared at the computer screen for a moment because I couldn’t believe what just happened.  Now, certainly I have had my share of conversations with many different beings, but it has always been in English!  It’s the only language I consciously know, and it has always been through my conscious intention to do so!

So I immediately copied and pasted the message and put it into google translate.  It said Latin detected!!!  However when it tried to translate the message into English it could only translate some of the words.  My feeling is that it may be an older form of Latin.  All I kept hearing was “we do not intend to bring you harm, we intend to help.”  I do know that it is a loving message, though to be honest it scared me none the less!   Here I am peacefully sitting downstairs late at night and a Latin message miraculously attached itself to the picture I posted. It did dawn on me that the picture of the stairs represent ascension, and it was a picture of old stairs and new stairs.

When I went back to the other page that the message was posted, the message was gone!  It was still there when I left the page and went to google translate!  I luckily still had the message on google translate so I saved it in a word document. With the message erased, at the bottom of the page it said “word count 7”, but there were no words left on the screen!  It also time stamped itself one day ahead at 12:22 AM, yet the time zone is set to my time zone! I spent the next hour and a half trying to decipher the message in any way that I could.  Unfortunately I only have been able to uncover what some of the message says.   If any of you can read Latin, please message me as I would LOVE to be able to find out what this message means that was sent so mysteriously.  I have attached the message that I received last night below……

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“Are Ghosts Real?”

ghostsIn keeping with the theme of this coming holiday of Halloween as well as the Day of the Dead we have been asked to share our perspective on ghosts.  Certainly there are many who deny their existence, and we would be happy to dedicate this time to shedding some light on the topic at hand.  Many are eager to know if “ghosts are in fact real?  Are they good or bad?  Who are they?  What do they want? Why are they here? These are just some of the questions that we will touch upon in this message at this time.

There are many who question the validity of ghosts; who deny their very presence. In many ways there are mysterious legends and stories told about these beings.  Let us begin this message by stating that ghosts do in fact exist.  They are just as real as any of you are.  We do not consider all beings in the non-physical world as being ghosts, nor do we define all souls who have crossed over from the physical world into the higher realms to be ghosts.

Let us share with you our definition of what a “ghost” is as this tends to encompass a rather large category of souls. From our perspective, a ghost is simply a being who has incarnated into your physical reality however upon death they have chosen to remain attached to the lifetime rather than return fully to the higher realms of non-physicality.  Just as you create your reality with your thoughts in your physical reality, you continue to create your reality with your thoughts, fears and beliefs upon death in the non physical world as well.  These beings have such an attachment to the physical world that they refuse to release their consciousness from that particular lifetime. Now just as all of you have had many incarnations both on and off this world, so have these beings you refer to as “ghosts”.

Now in regards to why they are here, we will get to that in just a moment.  You see, each of you are an eternal divine being who has chosen to momentarily play the role of a physical being incarnated within the reality of duality.  We have mentioned many times before that from our perspective all lives are going on simultaneously.  Meaning that they are all happening right now.  There are no past and future lives, only lives which are taking place in different time periods in this now moment.  We realize that from your perspective you still perceive time to be linear and as a result your minds feel most comfortable placing each lifetime in chronological order.  Now the reason why we have mentioned this is because though these “ghosts” have become so attached to a particular lifetime that they refuse to release the role which they played, their higher self and soul is still able to devote a good portion of the over all total consciousness on many other lifetimes as well.  Each lifetime only utilizes a small fragment of the total higher self or souls consciousness.  Though we realize that you are only aware of this one particular life at this moment, your soul is more than capable of directing and overseeing many different lifetimes at once.  Please note that it is not because you are not capable of focusing on more than one lifetime at a time in this life, it’s just the rules of the game which you have chosen to partake in.   So, even though a being may not want to “let go” or release the attachment that they have to a particular lifetime, there soul is by no means trapped or prevented from experiencing many other lifetimes simultaneously.

Now with that being said, we will now briefly explain why a soul may become so attached to a particular lifetime that they are not willing to let it go.  Certainly there are many reasons however we will share with you some of the most common that we have witnessed.  Surely one of the very most common is due to a soul becoming so consumed with the material aspect of a physical life and we are not referring to only money, but all material possessions of the physical world, that they feel that they are not ready to let those go and as a result they choose to linger around the home, or place in which they lived to stay with their possessions.   Another very common reason is due to a strong feeling of injustice, or revenge that the particular personality of the soul took on in that lifetime.  Because these souls refuse to allow the higher perspective of the higher realms to re-enter their consciousness they remain focused upon the injustice that they feel has been perpetrated in that lifetime.  In other words the personality still is holding on the perspective it had as a physical being rather than regaining the state of full consciousness again.  Yet another common reason is to share information with those who have remained in the physical that they were not able to share before they departed from their physical death.  They feel a tremendous amount of urgency to ensure that their message is received before they can peacefully allow their consciousness to return to the higher realms.  There are also souls who fear death so very much that upon experiencing a physical death they choose to cling to the physical world for fear of what will become of them.  Certainly these souls are offered assistance by legions of Angels and in time they accept the reality that they are in fact an eternal being and there in fact is a reality that exists after a physical death.

Now it is important to also note that there is a distinct difference between communicating with those who have crossed over and those who are referred to as being ghosts.   Each and every one of you has the innate ability to connect with each and every soul who has crossed over into the non-physical realms.  This does not in any way mean that your loved ones are not in peace or trapped simply because you can still connect with them.  Though many view death as an end, we simply see it as being a transition from one form to another.  You are always able to connect with the higher self of any soul.  It is also important to note that even though the soul has chosen to reincarnate into another role, you are still able to connect with your loved ones as you knew them; as the role and personality that they shared with you.  Energy knows no time.

A ghost on the other hand is most often seen continuing their daily lives just as they did in the physical world or even guarding the place in which they lived as they still consider it to be their possession. Ghosts will often try to engage in the daily lives of those who still remain in the physical world, often yearning to return to physicality.  This again is very different from your loved ones who have crossed over who simply want to let you know they have not truly “left”, rather they have only changed.  They have peacefully returned to the non-physical dimensions and simply want to share their eternal love for you and continue to support and love you long after they have chosen to cross over.   They may connect with you through signs, smells, feelings, electricity or messages.  Your loved ones can always be reached.

Many have questioned us about perceiving “orbs of light”.  These images are most often captured on digital film, through a camera, or video though some are able to detect these lights with their physical senses.  Though it is most often detected with your technology simply because your digital technology is operating at a different wave length.  Orbs of light can be many things; Angels, spirits, ghosts, fairies, just to name a few.  You are simply detecting a high concentration of energy.

Humans seem to fear what they cannot detect with their 5 physical senses.  You have been taught to believe that your five physical senses can be relied upon so heavily that nothing else exists that cannot be detected by them.  Many of you are beginning to slowly regain your intuitive senses and you will find with time that these can be much more reliable than anything your physical senses can detect.  Most often when a physical being comes into contact with a spirit or ghost they are fearful, not of the being themselves, but of the unknown.  It is often the uncertainty of the ghosts intentions, the question of if they are able to bring harm to you, and why they have chosen to reach out to you that seems so haunting.  Many are freighted by even the thought of seeing or interacting with a “ghost”.  The depictions that are often played on your movie scenes are over dramatized.  It is the human collectives depiction of the fear of the unknown; death and what occurs after your physical death.   We can assure you, death is most often far less traumatic than birth, if you could only remember the two.

If ever you feel as though you have come into contact with a “spirit or ghost” whom you do not resonate with, all that you must do is request that they leave.  You may call upon Arch Angel Michael specifically to assist you in clearing an energy or presence which you do not feel comfortable around.  Most often these souls simply desire to connect with the physical world and do not wish to harm you.  Remember you will not attract negative entities if it is not your intention or desire to do so.  As in everything, you will always attract what you resonate with.

Certainly you may always call upon us and we will gladly assist you in any way that we can.  We hope that we have served you.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides