Private Coaching

To compliment the Learn to channel class, private coaching sessions are now available.  Once you have taken the Learn to Channel class you have the opportunity to sign up for private coaching sessions.  They will be offered in half hour and 1 hour increments.

Each session will be “one on one” so you will have my undivided attention and we can pace the coaching upon the level in which you feel most comfortable. The Angels will of course be present for  each private coaching session.  Your questions and concerns will be addressed and exercises which you can practice will be given so that you can further develop your channeling ability.

To purchase a private session click on the link below of the private coaching session you would like.


1/2 hour private coaching session – $50 USD

1 hour private coaching session – $85 USD

3  1/2 hour private coaching sessions – $125

You may sign up for as many as you like.  If you have not taken the learn to channel class but have prior experience in channeling and wish to sign up for private coaching please contact me at  We can discuss, the possibility of private coaching.

Please email directly at to schedule your private coaching sessions.  Please title your email with “PRIVATE COACHING SESSION”

All sessions will be conducted online through GotoMeeting, and I will use my webcam so that you can see and hear me regardless of where you live.  The links and contact information will be given once the purchase has been made

Much Love,


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